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Asamblea de fin de año Invocation A successful end of Second Semester !

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1 Asamblea de fin de año Invocation A successful end of Second Semester !

2 Lord Jesus, Teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve you as you deserve: To give and not to count the cost, To fight and not to heed the wounds, To toil and not to seek for rest, To labor and not to seek reward, Except that of knowing that I do your will. Nuestra Señora de Belén: ¡REZA POR NOSOTROS!

3 Suscipe Toma Señor, es tus manos toda mi libertad, mi memoria, mi entendimiento y mi voluntad. Todo lo que yo poseo, Tú me lo has dado. Yo te lo devuelvo y te lo entrego para que dispongas de ello conforme a Tu santa voluntad. Dame Tu amor y gracia; con ellos soy bastante rico y nada más deseo. Nuestra Señora de Belén: ¡REZA POR NOSOTROS!

4 Some accomplishments… Classes going smoothly… Congrats! Successful activities! Honor Society, 8 th … ISSF luncheon M S Spanish Invitational- 2nd place Terrific records in sport events to be celebrated on Friday, May 18 th ! 100% participation of our athletes in dress uniform

5 End of the year… Follow through until the last day of exams… Use your time wisely! Order in the hallways & central patio Remain respectful and courteous – Remain honest – if it is not yours… it does not belong to you!

6 FINAL GRADE First semester work grade + exam = FIRST SEMESTER GRADE Second semester work grade + exam = SECOND SEMESTER GRADE AVERAGE OF 1st AND 2 nd SEMESTER S= FINAL GRADE!

7 Summer School Must go to summer for 1 F Must go to summer if less than a 2.0 and a D Must participate in MAGIS mentoring program if on Academic Probation (less than 2.0) ------------------------------------ An F on more than 1 subject or a third Academic Probation = immediate withdrawal

8 SECOND SEMESTER EXAM 20% of your semester grade! REVIEW CONTEST – BRAIN BRAWL MAY 21 Homeroom –All subject test! Highest 5 scores in each grade will compete as finalists! MAY 23 Master in Command for 6 th May 24 for 7 th and May 25 th for 8th PRIZE - Exam Exemption for “Master in Command”

9 PREPARE YOUR AGENDA Final Exam Schedule on the web, Main Office Bulletin Board--- Date, subject, room #. Know exactly what material is going for the exam in each of your subjects.


11 ORGANIZE ALL YOUR BOOKS, NOTES, HANDOUTS Take books home last day of class. Books, notes, handout papers in separate piles by subject. Review each subject to make sure you have ALL the material that will be going on each exam.

12 Study in a proper place. Concentrate on your review. Don’t understand? ASK FOR HELP! No memorizing without understanding. Get ready now, not later!

13 THE DAY OF THE EXAM Have a good night’s rest and breakfast. Have 2 sharpened #2 pencils with excellent erasers. Have 2 black/ blue ink pens. Leave your home early! Arrive early! Go to the proper classroom.

14 Follow proctor guidelines. Take only pencils/pen to your desk! Name on all your papers immediately! Take your time. Minimum of one hour! Answer all. Do not leave blanks. Check your work. Do not let anyone rush you! You have 1hr. and 45 minutes.

15 Do honest work! CHEATING = 0 FINAL EXAM + Summer School + A LOT MORE TROUBLE…!


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