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The First Three Years …. Making a Difference. Objective Fundamentals Shortfall in Education Solution.

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1 The First Three Years …. Making a Difference

2 Objective Fundamentals Shortfall in Education Solution

3 Fact “HISD Freshman Class of 2002: 4 in 10 to finish HS!” WHY??

4 Clarifying the Issues….. Understanding The Big Picture! With respect to Education, where can we deploy limited resources ($ and time) to get the biggest NPV to the City of Houston?

5 The Fundamentals Affecting Education

6 The Demographic Revolution: Overall Population in Houston

7 The 2000 Brutal Reality in Houston

8 Formation of a Two-Tiered Economy The Economic Transformation……Slow elimination of middle class Dr. Stephen Klineberg

9 “Thirty-seven percent of Houston’s population cannot afford health care insurance.” Root Cause: Lack of Education!

10 Our City’s Future “Quality of Life” is at Risk Corporations won’t come and some may leave!

11 Early Childhood Care

12 Brain Growth vs Public Expenditures

13 Early Education Pays Off!

14 Preschool & Higher Education for All is Imperative TAKE-AWAY From Fundamentals:

15 The Economic Ladder Perception of what represents success depends on where you are on the economic ladder. Today, preschool and college are not a priority for people at, or near, the poverty line. Financial Freedom Poverty Line $18,800/yr for a family of four

16 Preschool Options

17 Head Start: Comprehensive Services Ages 3 to 4

18 Preschool Options Public School Pre-K: Age 4

19 Preschool Options Licensed Child Care: Age 0 to 5 Federal Subsidies 150% Poverty level Only 10% of the children eligible for the subsidies receive them

20 Preschool Options No Standardized Requirements for Child Development

21 Preschool Options Required Training?

22 By the time Many Students enter Kindergarten……they are already behind

23 The ISD’s in Greater Houston

24 School District Population

25 Houston ISD: Total Enrollment 211,499

26 Houston Independent School District Freshman Class of 2002 8 in 10 students economically disadvantaged 3 in 10 limited English skills 4 in 10 graduated from High School 2 in 10 pursued higher education 1 in 10 to get a higher education School spends $7,400/ADA

27 HISD 2003-2004 Enrollment (TEA)

28 Pay Now or Pay Later Average Cost for Student in School$7,400 p.a. Average Cost for Adolescent At $55,400 p.a. Juvenile Detention Center Average Cost for Adult in Prison$16,000 p.a.

29 Addressing the Issue Early If children are already behind when they enter the Public Education System……. How do we better prepare them? By making parents AWARE of the importance of “The First Three Years”!

30 The First Three Years Awareness Campaign Thru the Cooperation of Collaborative for Children and with the endorsement of many organizations in Houston, the following will be developed: Television PA in English & in Spanish (+ others) Radio PA in English & in Spanish (+ others) Print Flyers in English & in Spanish (+ others) Books and toys issued by Collaborative for Children in English and Spanish

31 THEME THE FIRST THREE YEARS Every Parent’s dream is for their newborn to grow up to be successful in school and in life. Help make it a reality. With your newborn: Talk, Read, Sing and Play…..for at least 2 hours per day. Why? Because 85% of a baby’s brain is developed in the first three years. For More Information Call 1-800-555-0500 Or visit web site www.coll... This message brought to you by The XXXXXX Company This book was published by The XXXXXXX Company (books to be issued to parents by Collaborative for Children)

32 El TEMA Los Primeros Tres Anos El Sueno de todo los padres es que su hijos crescan siendo exitosos en sus estudios y en la vida. Ayude hacer esto una realidad. Desde el nacimiento de sus hijos: Dediquen a los menos de dos horas diarias para Leer, Jugar, Hablar, y Cantar con sus hijos. Es muy imporatante. Ochenta y cinco pociento del desarollo del celebro un nino se lleva acabo en Los Primeros Tres Anos. Para Mas Informaccion LLame al 1-800-555-0500 Este mensaje fue patrocinado por The XXXXXX Company Este libro fue patrocinado por The XXXXXXX Company

33 Options to Contribute 1) Video Production Underwriter$YYYYY 2) XXX Time on TV Ads (with company name) $YYYYY 3)XXX Time on Radio Ads (with company name) $YYYYY 4)XXX Prints of Flyers(with company name)$YYYYY 5)XXX Copies of Books (with company name)$YYYY 6)Other Cities to purchase the rights to the TV Ad$YYYY 7)Other Cities to purchase the rights to the Radio Ads $YYYY

34 We need your Help. Thank You Questions?

35 Way Forward 1) Obtain initial funds to produce Public Advertisements in English and Spanish (+ others) 2)Take PA to seek endorsements from agreed to list of organizations in Houston 3)Take PA sample, endorsements, and toolkit to seek additional funding for air time, books, etc. 4)Formalize agreement between our Group 023 and the Collaborative for Children 5)Develop web site for pertinent information and useful links 6) The Message Delivery Team will develop Air Time Strategies with selected TV and Radio options 7)Post Call Team will establish agreements with useful English and Spanish Book publishers so contributing company names are on the cover. A strategy will also be developed to issue additional information to interested parents.

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