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Unreformed A Levels Geography Geology Maths Law Film

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0 The Cottesloe Sixth Form

1 Unreformed A Levels Geography Geology Maths Law Film
Physical Education Design Technology French Health & Social Care

2 Advanced Level Examinations
Un Reformed A levels Two Year Course Public examinations at the end of Year 12 and 13 Some subjects have a coursework element Results are graded A* to E

3 Advanced Level Examinations
Un Reformed A levels Year 12 AS Level 50% of Final A Level Grade Year 13 A2 Level 50% of final A Level grade

4 BTEC/Cambridge Technical Level 3 Qualifications
These are equivalent to one A Level They are graded at Pass (Equivalent to an E at A Level) Merit (Equivalent to a C at A Level) Distinction (Equivalent to a B at A Level) Distinction* (Equivalent to an A at A Level)

5 Advanced Level Examinations
Reformed A Levels Psychology Sociology Biology Chemistry Physics Art English Language & Literature English Literature History

6 Reformed A Levels AS Level and A2 Levels are now separate qualifications – They have been ‘decoupled’ An AS exam result in a subject will no longer contributes to the final A2 grade A full A Level is now a two year course with the grade based entirely on exams at the end of Year 13

7 BTEC/Cambridge Technical Level 3 Qualifications
They are a two year course and assessment is based entirely on coursework and have no terminal exam. Students will complete six individual units (Three in each year)

8 Reformed A Levels After consultation with Universities and other Sixth Forms we have decided that next year we will follow the common model which is to only offer the full A2 course in the reformed subjects

9 Implications Students will still select 4 courses
That will (normally) include a maximum of three reformed ‘A’ Levels They will need to drop the unreformed subject at the end of year 12. None of the Reformed ‘A’ Levels can be dropped once they have been started

10 BTEC/Cambridge Technical Level 3 Qualifications
Students can study a maximum of three of these courses plus an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) They can be done in conjunction with other A Levels The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) can only be done in addition to three other courses

11 Example Student A Student B History (Reformed) Psychology
Physics (Reformed) Chemistry (Reformed) Geology (Unreformed) Geology will be dropped at the end of year 12 Psychology Physical education Forensic Science Geography Student will drop either Physical Education or Geography at the end of year 12

12 Example Student C Student D Film Physical education ICT Geography
Sociology (Reformed) Physics (Reformed) Chemistry (Reformed) Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) EPQ will be completed at the end of year 12 and student will continue the other three subjects into year 13 Film Physical education ICT Geography Student will drop either Physical Education, Geography or Film at the end of year 12

13 Example Student E Forensic Science Business Studies Travel & Tourism
EPQ EPQ will be completed in Year 12 All other subjects are continued into Year 13

14 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
Extends abilities beyond A Level specification Carries extra UCAS points - an AS Level Self directed project, rather like a dissertation, which encourages critical, reflective and independent learners Develops decision making, problem solving and presentation skills Increases motivation as students study a topic of personal interest

15 Student Interviews

16 Where do you want to go in life?

17 What are the right courses?
Ones that help you get where you want to go University Apprenticeships Further education Full time work

18 What are the right courses?
Ones that you are likely to succeed in

19 Where can I look? Universities – The Russell Group
Apprenticeships – Check Sixth Form website Universal job match website

20 What else? Current working levels compared to target grades
Current working level compared to entry criteria Mock exam results Attendance Attitude to learning

21 Option Blocks Built on a ‘best fit’ principle according to the students initial requests Nearly all will get at least their first three choices One or two may have two clashes Students can change their minds up until they start the course in September

22 Applying To University

23 Looking Ahead from Year 11:
Laying the Foundations for a Competitive HE Application

24 Choosing A levels: Some Guidelines
If the choice of a post-A level course or career is not yet clear it is best to choose a balance of A levels that will be enjoyed. However: Certain career and course options after A level will require particular A levels The more competitive universities have identified some A levels as not being a suitable preparation for some of their more academic courses if more than one of them is taken.

25 University Application Process: Route ahead
Application process starts in earnest after AS exams but start thinking and planning earlier than this. You apply online for up to 5 universities through UCAS by 15 January except for some art courses (24 March) For Medicine, Vet Science/Medicine or Dentistry you only apply to 4 universities (plus one other course) with a 15 October deadline Oxford and Cambridge have a 15 October deadline. Apply to one or other not both IMPORTANT: apply early in September/ October period

26 Some University Courses will Require Particular A levels
Generally, medical schools require Chemistry at A level and often ask for Biology as well. Some may accept two science AS levels in place of one A level science subject. One other science subject is also often required, for example Physics or Maths. Dental schools require Chemistry at A level and often ask for Biology as well. Vet schools vary in their requirements but you will probably be expected to have Chemistry as an AS or A level together with two from Biology Physics or Maths.

27 Not surprisingly, many degree courses will require that the subject itself has been studied at A level! eg Maths There are some courses at university for which studying that subject at A level is not necessary. Law and Psychology are examples of this

28 UK Universities There are 340 institutions currently offering full degree courses in the United Kingdom alone. There are expected to be 38,000 courses available for the next application round

29 Applying to High Status Universities: The Russell Group
The Russell Group is an association of 24 research intensive universities committed to maintaining the highest standards of research, education and knowledge transfer. The Russell Group was formed in 1994 at the Russell Hotel in London. Many of the most competitive and prestigious courses will be found at Russell Group universities However, some competitive and prestigious individual courses might well be in other institutions. The Russell group represents  12% of the higher education sector Beware!!! They do not always offer the best courses. Check Guardian & Times league tables foe specific course ratings

30 The Russell Group Universities
London School of Economics Manchester Newcastle Nottingham Queen Mary, London Queen’s University Belfast Oxford Sheffield Southampton University College, London Warwick York Birmingham Bristol Cambridge Cardiff Durham Edinburgh Exeter Glasgow Imperial College, London King’s College, London Leeds Liverpool

31 What do the Russell Group Say about A level Subject Choice?
An excellent downloadable PDF guide to post-16 subject choice



34 What Qualities are Universities Looking for?
Self motivation and commitment to the subject That you have done more than the syllabus demands That you can think critically and independently Ability to think conceptually and can engage with ideas ‘Students who stick up for themselves stand out. What we are looking for is a student who can address issues in a logical fashion, reason from premises to conclusion. Even if a student is hesitant or shy, how well they think will still be evident.’ Professor Thomas Noe, Oxford

35 Apply online through UCAS
(Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) in Cheltenham

36 The competitive advantage
Gaining a place at university or college has three stages: Research Start now!! The UCAS application Consideration by HEIs

37 We offer a structured programme of preparation for HE
A structured Programme of Preparation from the start of Year 12 University interview preparation and practice An Oxbridge/Russell group Application Programme The EPQ Session for parents Extracurricular activities University visist and University Fair

38 Oxbridge/Russell Group Application Programme
We have a partnership with Pembroke college Cambridge and Somerville College Oxford. Only available to non selective schools Member of staff with responsibility for this cohort to advise on course and college choice Visits to Oxbridge Specialist advice

39 Other HE support UCAS Days – during Year 12 and early Year 13. Personal statement writing, application process Specialist Russell Group application conferences Interview preparation and ‘mock’ interviews Additional material on applying for competitive courses

40 Sessions for Parents To help parents help support students
September and February Information of the programme, process, finance etc

41 A Proven Record of HE Success
Matthew A*AA Material Sciences Imperial Adam AAB Geology at Birmingham James AAAB Natural Sciences Durham Teodora A*A*AB English at Goldsmiths Serena A*A*A Philosophy at Bristol Zoe ABB Law at Southampton Alice A*AAA Chemistry at Southampton Sophie A*AAB Law at Durham Abi ABB History UEA Kelly AAB Law at Exeter

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