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2 BODY HORROR Definition: This is a sub-genre which focuses especially on using the graphical deterioration on a body (or bodies) to engage the audience. Characteristics include: Body horror is not necessarily the showing blood and guts after the brutal killing of that random civilian walking along the street who looked too much like Kim Jong-un, but in fact can be obvious bodily deformities such as the well known film Teeth. This sub-genre is all about graphical depiction of bodies, lots of blood and gore so not made for the squeamish. The camera angles used would be close ups of the body to show what is happening with the body as the main feature of the film. There would be lots of screaming, possibly the sound of someone being tortured. Unlike most horror films body horror would be put together with many long cuts to show the pain being endured.

3 BODY HORROR FILMS The Human Centipede Set on a dark night in the middle of nowhere a psycho scientist uses 3 human bodies to recreate some sort of centipede monster that he has fantasised about. This film involves all of the obvious characteristics the use of some sort of torture on bodies that is beyond the normal imagination, with lots of slicing, sewing, blood and even more blood, fitting perfectly into this category.

4 SUPERNATURAL HORROR Definition: This is the sub-genre of horror that delves into the world of ghosts, devils, paranormal, haunting and demons. It is the idea of something that is not normal and entirely unexplainable, a fabrication of the unknown questions of life. Characteristics include: The purpose of these films are to frighten and scare the readers as the storyline can be believed to happen in real life, there is a lot of play on the every day occurrences such as strange (yet some how normal) noises you hear at night. These films are expected to be full of suspense whether it is a super natural horror or not.

5 SUPERNATURAL HORROR FILMS Paranormal Activity This well known film focuses on the unknown. The doors slamming shut and not because of the wind, something creeping around under the covers that is definitely not those bed bugs and the unexplainable noises at night all set in your average American household (supposedly crawling with demons). The key feature in this film is that it is filmed like a reality show creating a more realistic atmosphere for the viewers.

6 GOTHIC HORROR Definition: This genre combines both horror and romance. This genre is based on the thought of fear or terror being of somewhat pleasuring to the characters in the film. Almost known as a fantasy film. Characteristics Include: Typically set in a beautiful abandoned building or some sort of architecture which can be seen to reflect there emotions. The film can also be set in a certain period of time. The genre can focus both on physical or psychological terror to get the audiences pulses racing

7 GOTHIC HORROR FILMS Let The Right One In A story of a bullied 12 year old boy Oskar that all that changes when he meets Eli a 12 year old girl who moves in next door. Not only does she bring joy and love for Oskar but a sudden series of unexplainable disappearances and murders which Oskar finds fascinating then becomes a part of as he does not want to jeopardise he’s romance with Eli. This film capitalises on a love story to evolve into a series of crimes being committed. This film is set in what looks like a beautiful forest in freezing temperatures that Eli can handle as she is a vampire.


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