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Dr. Yosry A. Attia TAASI Corporation

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1 Dr. Yosry A. Attia TAASI Corporation
Aerogels Pristina TM Quality TAASI PristinaTM aerogel technologies Recent Developments with Aerogel Technologies Aerogels World Summit 2008, October 15-17 Dr. Yosry A. Attia TAASI Corporation

2 Consider the following…
"Aerogel is predicted to be one of the most important materials of the 21-century.” TAASI Corporation has developed a range of engineered Aerogel materials for commercial applications under the trade name of Pristina™ Aerogels. Page 2

3 What is an aerogel? Features of Aerogels Lowest solid density
Aerogels are advanced man-made nanophase materials, having high porosity and surface area, varied chemical structures, and fascinating useful properties. Thus, Aerogels are materials with a vast potential for improving our daily lives. Features of Aerogels Lowest solid density Highest porosity Very high surface area Low dielectric constant Low refractive index Versatile compositions Page 3

4 How are Aerogels formed?
An Aerogel is formed when a wet sol-gel upon drying, releases entrapped liquid while maintaining a gel structure, thus resulting in a highly porous, air-filled gel. Aerogel was first prepared over 65 years ago by Samuel Stevens Kistler, and although this was an extraordinary scientific achievement, industry found it troublesome to work with Aerogel based on its fragile form. Aerogel was also difficult to market commercially because of a cost limiting process. Page 4

5 PristinaTM Aerogel Embedded in Polyethylene Sheets
Page 5

6 Zinc Selenide Flexible Aerogel Sheet

7 Fluorinated Polyimide

8 Silica Aerogel Tiles: 1mm x 1mm x 0.9mm

9 Polyethylene Aerogel: Density: 0. 03-0. 06g/cc
Polyethylene Aerogel: Density: g/cc Thickness: Several mm to less than 1mm

10 Computer Wafers: Thickness: 0.4mm & 0.9mm

11 Aerogels In Food Processing
Aerogels were used to increase the wettability of food powder products such as Slim Fast in order to improve processing cost. The Slim fast containing 1% Aerogel powder improved wettability 60% compared to Slim fast without Aerogel.

12 Airglass® Double Window Pane with Aerogel Inside for Anderson Windows
Page 12

13 PristinaTM Aerogel Cigarette Filters
Page 13

14 PristinaTM ST31 Aerogel for Selective Adsorption/Removal of Specific Volatile Compounds from Cigarette Tobacco Smoke Volatile Compound Adsorption/ Removal% Methanol 83 Acetaldehyde 61 Methyl Cyanide 77 Acrolein 86 Furan 35 Propionaldehyde 74 Acetone 85 Acrylonitrile 69 Volatile Compound Adsorption/ Removal % Isoprene 42 Butyraldehyde 79 Butanone 87 Butadione 83 Crotonaldehyde 44 Benzene 19 Toluene 50

15 PristinaTM Tricat Aerogel Catalyst
Function: Adsorption, Catalyst Application: Conversion of CO in assisted breathing masks.

TIME, MINUTES A-INLET, CO%(PPM) B-OUTLET, CO%(PPM) CONVERSIONCO% [(A-B/A)100] I- Aerogel Tricat-A2: 2:30 0.2 (2,000) 0.03 87.5 Repeat Tricat-A2: 2:15 0.3 (3,000) 0.10 66.7 II-Commercial P.M. Catalyst: 2:15 0.18 41.7 Airflow rate = 30LPM; 28-30C ; RH 85%; Test period = 2:15 & 2:30 minutes Page 16

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