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Neutrinos in CHIPP Allan Clark Neuchâtel Meeting 21-22 June 2004.

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1 Neutrinos in CHIPP Allan Clark Neuchâtel Meeting 21-22 June 2004

2 Plan Welcome What and why CHIPP? A word of caution - a bad strategy is worse than no strategy - physics motivation The present - why do we need a strategy? Reaching a CH strategy for the period 2005-18

3 What and why CHIPP? (1) 1.Institutes in CH involved in research and/or teaching in particle physics 2.Coordinate a cohesive research strategy for research, based on physics motivation 3.Coordinate and enhance teaching in particle physics in Switzerland (doctoral school etc) 4. Why is this needed? CH wants to be at fore-front of main experimental developments, but resources limited. Future initiatives may be CHIPP (not institutional) initiatives An initial CHIPP initiative has been a study: “Particle Physics in Switzerland: Status and Outlook of Research and Education”

4 What and why CHIPP? (2) Recommendation 1 - LHC The physics exploitation of the LHC is the first priority of the particle physics programme in Switzerland. CHIPP recommends that resources are provided to exploit the physics data of the LHC and to cover the maintenance and operation costs of Swiss participation in the LHC experiments in an optimal way Recommendation 4 – Approved Neutrino Physics Programme CHIPP recommends that the necessary funding be provided for the maintenance, operation and physics exploitation of the OPERA and ICARUS neutrino experiments using the CNGS beam for at least 5 years from 2006. Recommendation 5 – Neutrino Physics and the Near Future The neutrino programme (J-PARC neutrino) in Japan should allow significantly improved measurements in the neutrino sector from about 2008 for at least 5 years. CHIPP recommends that an active and visible contribution by Swiss groups should be investigated Recommendation 6 – the interface with cosmology CHIPP recommends an urgent scientific reflection by the physics community in Switzerland on the key fundamental questions such as dark matter, dark energy and space-time that are within the domain of particle physics. Recommendation 7 – accelerator R&D CHIPP recommends that the Swiss delegation to CERN actively encourages CERN to fund the necessary accelerator R&D towards demonstrating the feasibility of a multi-TeV e + e - linear collider (CLIC technology) by approximately 2007. CHIPP also recommends that CERN should adequately fund the R&D studies now necessary to allow a decision on the construction of a high intensity proton source following the completion of the LHC.

5 A word of caution 1.Tendencies: protagonists of long term programmes forget the wider outlook and often the other priorities - wisdom is an asset 2.A 10-year strategy is only useful if there is a common consensus of physics merit/opportunity. No strategy is better than a bad strategy. A good strategy is better than both. 3.We talk here of physics results, not longer term accelerator research C. Hill, HCP 2004

6 The present - a vibrant programme (1) 1.What is the 15-year instrumental benefit of the existing programme What is the expected contribution to the neutrino outlook from the existing programme?

7 The present - a vibrant programme (2) 1.Guiding principle: any mid-term commitment would normally involve the definition and construction of part of the detector, and the exploitation of that detector for the full collaboration The next question? sin  13 ? Where? USA, Japan? Europe? Enormous range of excellent activities, next step is bigger, must be done in international context

8 Reaching a CH strategy for the period 2005-18 1.Guiding principle: CHIPP wants to play a visible and respected role in the next generation of lepton flavor studies 2.The real purpose of this workshop because of the interest, many workshops, development plans -US, JP, EU measurements of sin  13 and improved precision on  m 2 13,  m 2 23 are the immediate goal, then …. 3.Any collaborative CHIPP physics strategy/program can only succeed if all are behind it, and if it is physics-motivated (no territorial interests) To what degree is a common programme achievable/desirable, does it exist If so, is it a CHIPP program with participation throughout CHIPP institutes A personal comment: -any discussion of a Generation 3 superbeam, or neutrino factory, is of enormous interest/ importance, but I believe beyond the major conclusions of this meeting -any such development programme should not have adverse effect on CURRENT 2005-18 programme. Within Switzerland, funding for accelerator research should be from PSI, CERN, EU budgets (which is important) -If consensus reached on programme to 2018, priority will be to find funding for it - CHIPP’s job Another personal comment: -I am looking forward to the result of this workshop, and thanks again to our friends outside Switzerland

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