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Report on WP-A2 to AstroGrid consortium NeSC, Edinburgh, 2001-12-17 Guy Rixon.

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1 Report on WP-A2 to AstroGrid consortium NeSC, Edinburgh, Guy Rixon

2 Last quarter: resources used 40% of GTR (70% if we include architecture work) ~6 sw of programmer time gratis ex CASU (J. Irwin working on portal) No charged input from other AstroGrid staff (but lots of friendly help: thanks folks)

3 System architecture Architecture defines criteria for evaluating technology Much thought; initial diagrams and notes produced Generating disagreement already, so must be working!

4 Investigations started SRB XML/XSLT/RDF etc. Globus Spitfire

5 Portal experiment Portal exists Useful experiment into metadata, ergonomics, visualization Possibly of use in later evaluations of technology

6 ADASS Portal experiment described as poster and demonstration Paper in proceedings Useful contacts with people and projects

7 Current state of progress

8 Planned for next quarter Processing architecture:needed for report to GSC in March? Data architecture, including interoperability work: to meet our AVO commitments Authentication investigation: to support the architecture work First/second look at some technology: to sanity-check the architecture work Meetings ad nauseum

9 Architecture More-detailed look at areas of current diagrams: Authorization, resource tracking Resource discovery Resource mapping UML version Interoperability work: Formats Semantics standards

10 Technology investigations XML etc. Spitfire UCD/AstroRes/ASU/GLU Globus Vizier/Aladin/Simbad

11 Meetings The usual… Interoperability meeting, CDS, 18/19 th January GGF4 in Toronto? GGF5 in Edinburgh?

12 People David Giaretta, ~4 sw? Bob Bentley’s locum, ~7sw GTR 10 sw Nothing from new hirelings

13 Issues Architecture definition and technology evaluations have circular dependency Less effort than expected. MSSL question: hard to delegate work to unknown workers.

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