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Motivating students at AS & A2 Dominic I ain't no hollaback girl.

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1 Motivating students at AS & A2 Dominic McGladdery @dominic_mcg I ain't no hollaback girl

2 How to start...? Slowly. These students did their GCSE in May. Now it's September. How much will they remember? Even the good ones will be rusty.

3 Where to start...? The Scheme of Work. Is it inspiring? Is it fun? Is it text book based? Why? Why not?

4 LISTENING TV APPS Using smartphone or tablet download an app France TV TOP TV (Spanish) German TV Get students to watch a random channel for 5 minutes and write about or feedback to the class what they have seen.

5 LISTENING Slow German podcasts

6 LISTENING French. Lots of listening and video exercises for independent revision.

7 LISTENING Spanish. Lots of listening and video exercises for independent revision from Jose Picardo Eye on Spain website

8 LISTENING German. Surrey University links A word file of lots of links for all levels of German


10 LISTENING Youtube The best internet resource for finding songs in the TL. BBC World Service News broadcasts in 27 languages

11 LISTENING Give students a tapescript to start with. Reduce this to a summary of points. Eventually, wean them off this support.

12 READING There is a wealth of foreign language newspapers and magazines available on the internet. Try to find articles relating to the specification you use. Sites like and are updated regularly. For French try Put links on your VLE, blog or wiki

13 READING Any article can be copied and pasted into word and turned into a reading comprehension or gapfill exercise. or Use to make a text jigsaw.

14 READING Download and use Tarsia to create puzzles. See Clare Seccombe's excellent guide to making Tarsia

15 SPEAKING Use all the ideas from my “squawk to talk” workshop. Remember that everything that works with Year 7 works just as well with year 13.

16 SPEAKING GAMES Students choose or are given a random number. This is the exact number of words (or syllables!) they must use in their answers to questions. Students are given a random word which they have to include in any answers they give. Their partner must try to guess the mystery word.

17 SPEAKING GAMES Use Dave Reed's random letter generator to generate 3 or 4 random letters. Students have to come up with the longest word in the TL. Cheddar gorge – a parlour game. Working with a partner students have to create a sentence taking turns to say one word at a time.

18 DESERT ISLAND DISCS Each student chooses 3 songs and prepares some notes. They tell their partner which songs they chose and the reasons why. The partner then asks questions to elicit further information and makes notes. This could be something like "Why do you like this song?" or "Where were you the first time you heard this song?" The pair then change roles. Each student then gives a short summary to the group.

19 THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH Students a read out a text which contains 3 or more errors to the group. The group has to find the errors. They win points if they spot the mistakes and lose points if they wrongly claim a mistake has been made.

20 ONLY CONNECT Connections The students are given up to 4 clues and have to decide on the link between the clues. They are shown each clue separately and earn 5 points if they guess the connection after one clue, 3 point after 2 clues, 2 points after 1, and 1 point for guessing after receiving all 4 clues. Clue 1Clue 2Clue 3Clue 4 allertomberpartirentrer

21 ONLY CONNECT What's the 4 th word? Students have to guess what the 4th word is. Scoring is the same as Connections. It might look like this: Clue 1Clue 2Clue 3Answer chatchienoiseau

22 ONLY CONNECT The connecting wall unchaisegrandchat superdeuxtablecrayon stylonultroussecinq troischienpetittortue

23 ONLY CONNECT Missing vowels Give students a list of key words and/or phrases with the vowels removed. e.g. Spanish TV vocabulary tlvsnprcbl (televisión por cable) cntndsdcrzn (contenidos de corazón) hrrdmxmdnc(horario de máxima audiencia)

24 DUBBLER Dubbler is an itunes and android app which allows users to record their voices and upload the results to twitter and facebook. The students can change their voices before posting. Very silly, but lots of fun.

25 WRITING Fakebook from Use fakebook to create an imaginary facebook account for a character from a work of literature or a flim the group is studying.

26 WRITING Twister from Use twister to create imaginary tweets. I've used this for students to create a timeline for a character from the work of literature or a film the group is studying.

27 WRITING Toondoo A website and app for creating comics. I use this for students to recreate scenes from literature and film at A2. Ideal for summarising stories and articles.

28 WRITING Toondoo From Deux Amis by Maupassant

29 Motivating students at AS & A2 Dominic McGladdery @dominic_mcg I ain't no hollaback girl

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