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VUC Storstrøm - Some Facts Situated in Denmark In region Sjælland In 6 towns.

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2 VUC Storstrøm - Some Facts Situated in Denmark In region Sjælland In 6 towns

3 VUC Storstrøm – More facts VUC Storstrøms mission is to offer general adult education to the adult citizens of our region. VUC Storstrøms vision is to be the natural choice for young people and adults of continued qualification for jobs, training and education, personal development and general education. A few interesting facts about the participants in the courses: About 5.000 people attend courses at VUC Storstrøm every year (similar to 900 fulltime students) there are twice as many women as men at the higher preparatory examination level most of the participants are young people under 25 A few interesting facts about the staff: We are I all 160 colleagues (120 teachers) We have 6 departments – the largest distance between two departments is 111 km – the smallest distance is 25 km

4 Main aim General Adult Education (AVU) Examinations give the same right of access to upper secondary education as examinations at basic school level for youngsters Higher Preparatory Examination (HF) General adult education at upper secondary level. The supporter: Can I help you? The women: I am writing my first e-mail and have written the letter a. How did I put a circle around this a? The supporter: Can you still see the cursor? The women: No, I am alone

5 Additionally, we gives lessons in Very basic Danish, Mathematics, English and IT subjects (FVU) Special education for dyslexic people Danish as a second language and other subjects, especially for people with an ethnic background other than Danish Specially arranged further training for a large number of public as well as private businesses and institutions in our region Competency development and retraining of unemployed people for municipal employment offices.

6 Our challenges ”We don’t need no education” Especially young men don’t want education – and if they start at our courses, they often drop out again Save € 1.3 mill. of a budget of € 13 mill. Cheaper and better education! During a recent password audit, it was found that a blond was using the following password: MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofy When asked why such a big password, she said that it had to be at least 8 characters long.

7 Fronter as e-learning platform – Blended learning – Individual start to classes – Flex-education Videokonferences Distance learning A women to the HP support: My laserprinter didn’t function! The supporter: Which model do you have? The women: It is an HP. The supporter: Yes, I understood, but is it a black and white printer? The women: No, the printer is beige


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