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Current status of AMoRE-10 cryostat

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1 Current status of AMoRE-10 cryostat

2 Cryostat for AMoRE-10 (Contracted & manufacturing)
Cryogen-free Dilution Refrigerator for AMoRE 10 Leiden Cryogenics Pulse Tube based CFDR Model : CF-1200-Maglev Minimum Temperature : <10 mK Cooling-power : 1.4 mW at 120 mK Cool-down time : ~ 20 hours with LN2 precooling without any extra load Contract informations December, 23, 2013 Price : 420,000 euro Delivery : shipped within September, 26, 2014 Delay penalty : 630 euro/day, Max. 10%

3 Experimental space of AMoRE 10 cryostat
Single LTD cell 35 CMO crystal (10 kg) 5 layers, 7 columns CMO crystal, 2 MMC, 2 SQUID, and copper holder. 408 mm 550 mm M. C. bottom to 50 mK shield top 60 mm 70 mm Cu shield, lead blocks, and S/C shield inside the M. C. Outer-most dimension Including Cu holder Installation : possible, but tight

4 Arrangement of single cells
Shape of single cell present will be tested Arrangement of cells 35 single cells are installed on the mounting unit Mounting unit is surrounded with the superconducting shield Superconducting shield including mounting unit will be supported by string string SC shield String type loading : vibration and thermal connection of M.C. plate Mounting unit Under developing of prototype

5 Lead shield in the MXC Lead shield inside the refrigerator
700 Kg Lead shield in M. C. 100 kg lead shield in M. C. Cool-down time to base temperature Expectation : 1 week with LN2 pre-cooling Lead bricks will be installed at the bottom of the M.C. plate Additional Lead bricks for surrounding detectors : under discussion Customization Materials (IVC can, OVC can, thermal shield, etc) IVC can & thermal shields : high purity copper internal radiation Lead bricks IVC can : fabricating (welding) so difficult Dr. Li-Jin is searching proper company Each temperature plate : OFE grade copper under discussion

6 Activation by the air transport (for reducing delivery time)
Activation during the air transport  Copper of Aurubis company  The copper components in the AMoRe10 refrigerator are made with this test block 1 : delivered by airplane (10 × 10 × 3 cm, 2.44 kg) will arrive Y2L by tomorrow test block 2 : shipped (03/ 03/ 2014) (10 × 10 × 3 cm, 2.44 kg) coming soon - Using a Ge detector of Y2L, Dr. J. H. So will measure and compare the activation degree of two test blocks delivered by airplane and ship - Based on the result, the transportation way of AMoRE 10 refrigerator will be decided.

7 Loading a cryostat Base frame for CFDR loading
Lead shield CFDR Base frame for CFDR loading Solid enough to load our system  safety evaluation Thickness of lead shield 100 mm  150 mm

8 Loading a cryostat move All lead shields are designed that it can be
move for the experimental space  1.5 m experimental space Person have to do a work on the base-frame : two persons possible

9 A5 Lab in the Y2L The maximum height of LTD Lab : 3.7 m
270 mm space between ceiling and the top of the lead shield Muon veto or other stuffs have to be set between the 270 mm space. Very tight

10 Arrangement in A5 Lab Pump E-rack station Refrigerator Detector 193 mm
AMoRE-10 Fridge LTD office Additional Fridge AMoRE-10 refrigerator : will arrive at middle or late October 2014 Additional refrigerator : under contacting will be ordered early or middle June

11 Arrangement in A5 Lab Refrigerator, E-rack, pumping station, and compressor : 2 set Exhaust, air conditioning, and arrangement : more discussion Electrical power, coolant flux : determined All of construction : depends on “”””“ Dr. K. S. Park ”””””


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