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Programs: BOD Elections Description: conduct annual BOD election process. Major Activities: -Create election process - Advertise nomination window - Create.

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1 Programs: BOD Elections Description: conduct annual BOD election process. Major Activities: -Create election process - Advertise nomination window - Create election slate - Host election at member meeting - Swear in new BOD Supporting Chapter Objective(s) All Goals/Objectives supported. What Help is Needed from AFCEA International? Charter/By-law approval Example election processes Swearing in of new officers Director of Programs: Sam Moore BOD Elections: Ken Hirlinger EventDateComment LuncheonThurs., 8 Dec 2011 Identified Maj Mike Zink for Volunteering Was position ever identified for him with Teacher Tools, Wounded Warrior, or Adopt a School?

2 Programs: Corporate Sponsorship Description: Major Activities: -Create an environment where corporations want to sponsor AFCEA events (table sponsors, golf, JWC, other) - Appreciation Letters - Leadership meet and greet/pictures - Platinum benefits; 5 minute company presentations and/or a rotating seat at the head table (both done by lottery) Supporting Chapter Objective(s) Retain at least 90% of our current chapter members who remain in our geographic area as AFCEA members in good standing. Continue to cultivate large and small business interests. What Help is Needed from AFCEA International? Examples from other chapters? Scott AFB does company presentations and seats at head tables, lessons learned from this? Additional recognition in Signal magazine (i.e., there is corporate and local support) Cultivation of SB sponsorships Director of Programs: Sam Moore Corporate Sponsorships Lead: Mr. Charlie Smith EventDateComment

3 Programs: Joint Warfighting Conference (JWC) Description: Tidewater Chapter support to JWC 2011 Major Activities: -28 Tidewater volunteers supported registration desk and first time chapter booth -Featured Twisted Botz robotics team and live demos promoting STEM – Gen Odierno stopped by! -VISA gift card & poker set raffle promoted membership signups at our booth and adjacent AFCEA Int’l; Sold $300 in new chapter coins - YAC social - Written hotwash input still due to AFCEA Int’l Supporting Chapter Objectives -Partner with AFCEA International through support to Joint Warfighter Conference (JWC) and other AFCEA events -Continue JWC support through strong volunteer support in partnership with Hampton Roads Chapter and integrate various chapter activities for Tidewater Day -Support Science/Math/Engineering/Technology activities to promote educational value … What Help is Needed from AFCEA International? Greater emphasis on senior Air Force speakers at JWC Involve Chapter(s) early in planning EventDateComment JWC 201215 – 17 May 2012 Director of Programs: Sam Moore JWC Volunteer Lead: Mr. Mark Peterson JWC Social Lead: Name

4 Programs: Golf Description: Conduct annual golf outing Major Activities: Increase participation and/or revenue by 5% over the previous year’s tournament. Conduct a large business, small business, and military outstanding support recognition at the awards ceremony. Explore hosting an additional golf tournament with a focus on Langley AFCEA related units. This informal tournament would promote camaraderie and encourage membership. Consider linking with the chapter social. Another consideration is to raise funds for a “Speaker Scholarship Award” (award given to a deserving candidate in honor of our guest speakers). Supporting Chapter Objective(s) Expand outreach through the Annual Chapter Golf Tournaments. Continue to cultivate large and small business interests EventDateComment Golf TournamentFriday, 22 Jun 2012 What Help is Needed from AFCEA International? Advertisement Integration with other entities such as AFA “ACC/A6 CC conference rescheduled to 19-21 Jun, pushing golf tournament to 22 Jun. Tournament at Langley -- was able to negotiate them down to regular golfing rack rates, saving us approximately $2500 in green fees that we'll target back to scholarships... rest of the tournament will be the same.” Golf Committee Chair: Mr. Bill Marion

5 Programs: Guest Speakers and Events 2011/2012 POC: Col Glenn Powell, VP DateEventLocationMain POC/SpeakerSpeaker Contact PointsPOC Contact PointsComments 2/23Member LuncheonLangley ClubBrig Gen Peter Gersten ACC/A5 ANGELA C. HOLLIDAY ACC/A5 Executive Assistant DSN 574-2323, CMCL 757-764-2323 Thursday at Langley Club. 3/14Member LuncheonBayview Commonwealth Center (BCC) Dr. Mark Maybury AF Chief Scientist Wednesday at BCC. 4/12Member LuncheonBCCGen Hostage COMACC Krisnow, Sylvia G Civ USAF ACC/CCS 764-3204 KRISTIN "Duchess" GOODWIN, Lt Col, USAF Executive Officer to the Commander Thursday at BCC. 5/15- 5/17 JWCVa BeachNo Langley Luncheon in May. 6/21Member LuncheonBCCThursday at BCC. Sam not available to support. 7/19Member LuncheonLangley Club JulyChapter Volunteer Social Langley Club AugNo LuncheonNANo Langley Luncheon in August. 9/13Member LuncheonLangley Club 10/11Member LuncheonLangley Club 11/8Member LuncheonLangley Club 12/6Member LuncheonLangley Club

6 Potential Guest Speakers ContactedRationalComments Gen Brundidgeformer Langley – AOR and Theater User, changing operational space Col FinnAFSPC ops perspective; 50th Network Operations GroupWilling to do. Ken Heitkampformer Langley, broad perspectives of IT and NetOpsI’d be happy to do this, but I want to be sure I have a message worth their precious time. Col HennesseyAETC perspective on our themeIncorrect address Scott Jackformer Langley and broad perspective Col Langenderferbroad and interesting perspective – also an AOR user Lt Gen Lordthe Boss of Bosses Gen Matthewsleadership and broad perspectiveI'll get back to you soon Essye Millercivilian leader coming from Hill IT Directorate back to Staff - broad perspective Congressman Rigelfiscal conservative and a Hawk and spoke at HR Chapter Jake Spiveya VMI grad with some Reserve Navy backdrop (Maritime Expeditionary Security Force). I know some others that might be of interest in the “reserve” and/or “guard” role. Might be a way to get us a broader perspective. Interested in doing. Col StickleyGuard and former Langley, and operational IT support to Air Defense MissionInterested in doing Jan. Col Stinsonan AFMC perspective on IT support and came from the Comm Group before going to Staff. TDY dollars are tight, but may be able to tie a visit to you with some other event Rob Thomaseducation, leadership and broad perspectiveConfirmed for Dec. Gen UhrichACC/A6Per Col Powell would be great option for Spring Lt Col Rowdy Yatesformer INOSC-West, broader, younger perspective Maj Gen Boera (ACC/A8) Maj Gen Lyon (ACC/A3)

7 Programs: Monthly Member Meeting (Luncheon) Description: Monthly Luncheons Major Activities: -Announce luncheon - Collect attendance information - Coordinate with Club on numbers - Fill table seating - Setup/Teardown Room - Coordinate base access with SF - Coordinate script Supporting Chapter Objective(s): Outreach, Retention, and Recruitment Providing opportunities for distributing recognition/awards Continuing to cultivate large and small business interests What Help is Needed from AFCEA International? Guest speaker support Key note addresses during the luncheons Through Membership Team, continue to provide:  Giveaways (highlighters, pens, etc.)  Membership Applications Corporate Individual Student Director of Programs: Sam Moore Member Lunch Committee Lead: Sam Moore EventDateComment LuncheonThur., 23 February Langley Club Speaker: Brig Gen Gersten (A5) LuncheonThur., 14 March Bayview Commonwealth Center (BCC) Speaker: Dr. Mark Maybury, AF Chief Scientist LuncheonThur., 12 April BCC Speaker: Gen Hostage (COMACC) JWCMayNo Luncheon at Langley in May LuncheonThur., 21 June BCC Speaker: TBD - BCC Key Support Staff: SrA Patrick Wellerr / Mr. Steve Simkins Entry Authorization Letter (EAL) Mr. Will Allen / SrA Andrew Hill / A1C Nathan King Visitor Center Access Mrs Lynne Mills / Mr. Tim Harschutz Mrs. Anna Schriebl Sign-in SMSgt Clemons / MSgt Paul Kammerman Raffle

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