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9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory1 Course Paper/Final-Presentation.

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1 9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory1 Course Paper/Final-Presentation

2 9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory2 The remainder of Spring 2014  Have looked at 68000 architecture and method for analyzing an architecture.  Have applied that method to the Intel Core architecture and that was discussed in class.  What is next? Lets look at Arm. Information can be found at

3  The site 9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory3

4 The Processors  Cortex-A50 Series Energy efficient 64-bit execution state that operates alongside an enhanced version of ARM’s existing 32-bit execution state. 2 processors – the A57 and A53  The Cortex-A Series Several processors in family Cortex A17, A15, A12, A9, A8, A7, A5 9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory4

5 The “final”  The final will consist of working in groups of 3 to prepare a report similar to the midterm on a cortex processor.  Each group will pick an architecture (FCFS – first come first served) – one of the A50 or A series processors (there are 9 of them).  I will limit the number of groups (which should be about 12) that can choose a specific architecture to 2.  The paper will be due April 16.  Starting on the Friday the 18 th we will have each group do an in-class presentation of their report. We may start presentations on Wednesday the 14 th. 9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory5

6 Questions to address  What is unique about this processor  What features are common to family  What is AMBA4 ACE coherency? What is big.LITTLE  processing? 9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory6

7 The rest of the classes  This week and the first two weeks of April  This week Wed – no class – work on assignment Fri – class discussion of ARM classic processors Write a 3-5 page report on ARM classic processors by Friday  Next week – Mar 31, Apr 2,4 Mon – continue classic processor discussion Wed & Friday – discussion of ARM M Series  The next week – April 7,9,11 Mon, Wed, Fri – discussion of ARM R,A Series  The wrapup – April 14 9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory7

8 Where to get information  Information can be found at  Google searches  Wikipedia inquiries  For ARM processors you can also indicated the type of device that ARM architecture is used in. Which ones are in cell phones? Which are used in the myriad of processors in a modern car? 9/20/6Lecture 14 - Dynamic Memory8

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