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Products Training -- DGUS LCM

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1 Products Training -- DGUS LCM
Beijing DWIN Technology Co., Ltd. Products Training -- DGUS LCM Presenter:Lily. Xu

2 Content 1 What is the DGUS? 2 Tools & References 3 Development Steps 4
Basic Functions

3 1. What is the DGUS? DGUS (DWIN Graphic User System) is a new GUI software platform developed by DWIN Technology. Based on the K600+ Kernel hardware platform, GUI design, combined with a simple command interface, can be achieved quickly, eliminating the need for complicated programming and expensive development environments. DGUS

4 1. What is the DGUS? Unlike the previous LCMs, which adopted commands-oriented or timing sequence to manage GUI, DGUS module performed based on real-time variables with programmable file configured, transmitting via UART or SD card. Software flow chart of different development methods for temperature controller is shown as above.

5 1. DGUS- Memory Space

6 1. DGUS- Memory Space Maximum 128 variables

7 1. DGUS- Memory Space

8 1. DGUS- Memory Space

9 1. DGUS- Data Format For example, consists of 4 integers and 2 decimals > The format should be long integer. BACK

10 2. Tools & Reference DGUS SDK Configure touch and display functions.
Generate UI project. Generate Font library, ICON library. Convert Images

11 2. Tools & Reference C Series LCMs
Tools, Accessories, Instructions and FAQ Commands Illustration Accessories Selection Illustration Other application references, such as curve display, RTC display BACK

12 3. Development Steps 1)Variables Scheme 2)Interface Design
3)Configuration 4)Debug Test 5)Archive

13 Step 1: Variable Scheme Two Principles
Variables addresses should be assigned continuously considering convenience of write/read; Two Principles Address of parameter description variables and data variables should be separated and no cross-connect. Variable Behavior Memory Address Length(byte) Voltage 0010 2 Current 0011 4 Power 0013 Operating Power 0014 Operating Speed 0016 Output torque 0017

14 Step 2: Interface Design
Tools Photoshop Other graphic design software Interface

15 Step 3: Configuration Interface design. Add all the images to generate configuration files via DGUS_SDK.

16 Step 4: Debug Test DGUS LCM
Download DWIN_SET composed by config. file, images, font, icon library etc. to DGUS LCM via SD card for debugging and adjustment (Step 2&3); Connecting with use's host by serial port to process up data transmission. DGUS LCM

17 Step 5: Archive Config. file, images, font, icons library etc. that involved with module works were saved in an SD card for mass production. BACK

18 4. Basic Functions RTC Display and Setting, Image Animation
VP, Variable Data/Text Input & Display, Basic Touch Control Commands 0x80 to 0x83, SP Incremental Adjustment, ICON Generation, Variable ICON Table display, Slider, Return Key Code, Animation ICON Dynamic Trend Curve, Basic Graphic Display, 0x84 BACK

19 How to communicate? Register Curve Buffer 0x80 0x81 0x82 0x83 0x84
Data Frame: Frame of data via serial are composed by 4 parts of data DATA 1 2 3 4 5 Definition Frame Header Length of data Command CRC CHECK & Data Length N Note Definition of R3:RA in CONFIG.TXT Length included command, data and 0x80~0x84 CONFIG.TXT determine if R2 in configuration file are started Both commands or data are hexadecimal. As for word(2 bytes), high byte in priority is transferred (MSB) Register Variable RAM Curve Buffer 0x80 0x81 0x82 0x83 0x84 Unit based byte Unit based word Unit based word

20 Command via Serial port and data return
Command:VP_0x0100=64H(VP0100 values to 100) Command 0x82:Write data into the specified variable SRAM 5A A5 05 82 01 00 64 Header: R3:RA Length Command VP address Data Command 0x83:Read data from the specified variable SRAM Access to register units as Word 5A A5 04 83 01 00 Response from the DGUS module RD_LEN 5A A5 06 83 01 00 64 RD_LEN Data

21 Beijing DWIN Technology Co.,Ltd
Thank You!

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