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Roads Service Managing and Improving Corporate Performance Barry Jordan Head of Strategic Planning The Northern Ireland Best Practice Scheme.

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1 Roads Service Managing and Improving Corporate Performance Barry Jordan Head of Strategic Planning The Northern Ireland Best Practice Scheme

2 Introduction Executive agency within DRD. Budget £300m per annum. 2300 employees. Responsible for management, maintenance and development of 25,000 km road network. Corporate Performance Management as key organisational improvement tool.

3 Corporate Performance Management Rationale To ensure that organisational objectives are being achieved. The need to be accountable to a range of stakeholder interests. The need to be competitive.

4 Corporate Performance Management Framework Agree Objectives End of year review of objectives, targets and performance Monitor Performance Set Agreed Targets

5 Corporate Performance Management Framework Agree Objectives End of year review of objectives, targets and performance Monitor Performance Set Agreed Targets Consider: Available resources Performance trends External benchmarking information Consider: Performance against target Benchmark comparators

6 European Foundation for Quality Management. (EFQM)

7 Recent Performance Highlights Strategic Route Improvements achieved include: A3 – Northway, Portadown A26 – Antrim to Ballymena dualling A8 – Belfast to Larne A5 – Newtownstewart bypass A6 – Toome bypass A2 – Limavady bypass A5 – Strabane bypass A1 - Improvements

8 Recent Performance Highlights (cont’) Anticipated Strategic Road Improvements (2008-11) include: M1/Westlink and M2 upgrades A4 Dungannon to Ballygawley – dualling A1 Beech Hill to Cloghogue – dualling

9 Recent Performance Highlights (cont’) Investment of £1.5 billion in maintenance and development of public road network. Resurfaced over 10,000 Lane kilometres of public road. Surface dressed over 90 million sq metres of public road. Contributed to increased road safety by delivering 476 collision remedial schemes 2125 traffic calming measures 145 school safety zones

10 Independent Validation The EFQM Business Excellence Model Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) Investors in People (IIP)

11 Partnership Working “I would like to make reference to current initiatives nationally on improving the procurement of construction services, which rely heavily on the existence of a partnering culture and the ability of organisations to improve. Significantly this culture exists within Roads Service.” Guy Spence (External assessor, CPA)

12 Selected Areas Procurement Strategy -Ronnie Wilson Partnership Working - John Humphreys

13 Term Contracts Procurement Strategy Review

14 Ronnie Wilson Engineering Policy Branch

15 Main Topics Achieving Excellence in Construction Benefits to Roads Service and Contractors How it used to be New Strategy – What we do now Conclusions Opportunity for questions and discussion

16 What is Achieving Excellence? OGC - Long Term Action Plan Launched in 1999 Targets for 2003/2005 4 key areas - Management / Culture Change - Measurement - Standardisation - Integration

17 - Improve value for money - Promote innovation and best practice - Promote industry competition and efficiency - Improve confidence long term within industry in RS Procurement - Promote partnering ethos and non adversarial approach Potential Benefits to Roads Service

18 Potential Benefits to Contractors Commercial health of supply side (profit/turnover 10% annually) Improved Safety (-10% reduction)

19 Minor Improvement Works Asphalt Resurfacing Bitmac Resurfacing Small Scale and Responsive Gully Emptying Repairs to Structures Street Lighting Maintenance Surface Dressing Road Markings and Studs Weed/Grass Control How it used to be “One Off” Contracts generally used for Projects from £100k to £500k Extensive Carriageway Realignment/ Widening Works Specialist/ Bridge Works Motorway and Trunk Road Resurfacing Measured Term Contracts were used for Work Orders up to £100k

20 How it used to be One Contract for each work category for each Section Area. 24 Section Areas

21 Approx. 250 contracts in place at any time Up to 150 Measured Term Contracts let annually Measured Term Contract values ranging from £1k - £1million Measured Term Contracts generally awarded with an initial term of one year with an option to extend by one year Tenders generally assessed on lowest tender price How it used to be

22 NEW - Term Contracts Strategy 7 Key Principles - Multi Function Contracts - Larger Area Contracts - Longer Term Contracts(3-5years) - Revised Tendering Procedures - Partnering - Phased Implementation - One off Contracts to remain Opportunities for all quality contractors

23 Resurfacing Structures Environmental Maintenance incorporating Grass Cutting/Weed Control/Gully Emptying Surface Dressing Surface Treatments incorporating High Performance Surface Dressing/ SlurrySealing/ Microsurfacing /High Friction Surfacing What we do now 1. MULTI FUNCTION CONTRACTS

24 Street Lighting Works incorporating Street Lighting Maintenance/ Street Lighting Civil and Traffic / Street Lighting Painting Small Scale and Responsive Work Orders up to £10k Minor Improvement Works Work Orders £10k - £250k Road Markings and Carriageway Studs

25 2. LARGER AREA CONTRACTS Previous Contracts covered areas with a total road length 500km - 2000km New Areas will have a total road length 2000km - 5000km

26 3. LONGER CONTRACT PERIODS Three years with an option to extend by a maximum of two further years 4. REVISED TENDERING PROCEDURES Restricted Procedure Assessment based on Quality/Price 5. PARTNERING Introduce partnering concepts to Maintenance

27 6. PHASED IMPLEMENTATION PROGRAMME 2 Stage Process 7. “ONE OFF” CONTRACTS TO REMAIN Approx. 30 Contracts awarded annually

28 Past Current Small Scale & Responsive 24 12 Minor Improvements 24 12 Resurfacing 48 9 Surface Dressing 31 8 Repairs to Structures 16 9 Street Lighting 10 8 Roadmarkings 24 8 Environmental Maintenance 70 8 Total No of Contracts 247 74

29 Conclusions Quality Product/Reduced Defects Improved Planning/ Allocation of Resources Scheme Cost Delivery - VFM Demonstration Procurement Savings Efficiency Savings

30 Term Contracts Procurement Strategy Review Questions / Comments

31 Working in partnership with 24 January 2008 John Humphreys Head of Roads Service Consultancy

32 Main Topics Today  Background  Details of Partnership Contract  Our Partner  Key Benefits  Opportunity for questions ….and discussion

33 Roads Service Consultancy Tasked with the delivery of Roads Service’s extensive programme of work.  In house Resources  External Consultants Achieved through the utilisation of:

34 Workload & Resources

35 Contract Award  August 2004 we advertised for an external consultant (European wide competition)  4th April 2005 Owen Williams Consultants were appointed as our Consultant Partner  Contract awarded for a 2 year period with the option to extend up to a maximum of 4 years


37 Our Partner Owen Williams


39 BELFAST OFFICE Its Belfast Highways Office is dedicated solely to the delivery of services to Roads Services  44 Technical Staff  10 Part time  1 QSE

40 Scope Of Service  Surveys ( Traffic, TIA’s, cycling,bus usage, St lighting )  Scheme design (full range)  Environmental assessments (badgers, bats, otters)  Site supervision (maintenance, private streets, major schemes)  Specialist design (bridges, piers)  Staff

41 Contract Management  A single clear line of management  Quality Management Systems  A means of Monitoring programme delivery  A method of measuring service quality You need:

42 Contract Management Management of the contract is carried out on 3 levels LEVEL 1 Consultancy Services Programme Board LEVEL 2 Partnering Management Group LEVEL 3 Programme Delivery Managing Group

43 Quality Management Systems

44 Programme Management The Joined Up Programme (JUP) The JUP contains the agreed full works programme and allows us to;  Monitor the full programme of work  Individually monitor each scheme  Identify early programme issues (RAG)

45 Scheme / Service Quality The 4 main performance indicators:  Quality of finished Product  Quality of Service  Absence of Defects  Health & Safety Awareness

46 KPI Comparison Survey 2006/07 Key Performance Indicator RSC Average Score 2006/07 O W Average Score 2006/07 Client Satisfaction – Service8.6 8.0 Client Satisfaction – Product8.98.3 Client Satisfaction – Defects9.08.7 Client Satisfaction – Health & Safety9.08.9 Average 2006/078.98.5

47 Customer Satisfaction

48 KEY BENEFITS OF A PARTNERSHIP  Increased Capacity  Partnership Ethos  Sharing of knowledge and Expertise  Flexibility

49 Work Produced

50 Glenroan Bridge Replacement

51 Innovative Bridge Construction Pre-cast and delivered flat to site Raised by crane to position Final position with joints fixed

52 Conceptual Route Alignment Strabane By-Pass

53 A4 Sligo Rd, Belcoo – Sightline Improvements Bann Rd, Ballymoney Footway/Bridge Widening

54 LEARNING DAY June 2008

55 Questions / Comments

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