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7/10/07Page 1 Chase Brass Partners With ® & CMX. 7/10/07Page 2 Green Dot ™ and ECO BRASS ® is a lead-free brass alloy developed by Sambo Copper Alloy.

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Presentation on theme: "7/10/07Page 1 Chase Brass Partners With ® & CMX. 7/10/07Page 2 Green Dot ™ and ECO BRASS ® is a lead-free brass alloy developed by Sambo Copper Alloy."— Presentation transcript:

1 7/10/07Page 1 Chase Brass Partners With ® & CMX

2 7/10/07Page 2 Green Dot ™ and ECO BRASS ® is a lead-free brass alloy developed by Sambo Copper Alloy Company. The alloy has superior performance and properties compared to existing silicon brasses or leaded yellow brasses. Chase Brass has the exclusive license for the distribution and production of Green Dot™ and ECO BRASS ® in North America including the United States, Canada and Mexico. It markets the products under the brand names Green Dot ™ for rod products and ECO BRASS ® for ingot products. Chase Brass is proud to announce that we have chosen California Metal-X along with Ingot Metal Company to be the sole manufacturers licensed to produce ECO BRASS ® ingot in the North America. Sambo Copper “ECO BRASS ® ” - a new alloy for the 21 st Century ® &

3 7/10/07Page 3 Industry Issues: Lead legislation Dezincification resistance Stress corrosion cracking resistance Strength characteristics Cost Global availability Growth of copper alloys through improved performance ® & Machinability / productivity Forgeability Castability Plating and joining


5 7/10/07Page 5 Examples of Green Dot and ECO BRASS machined parts, forgings and castings. ® &

6 7/10/07Page 6 Drinking water applications – rod, forgings and castings Fire protection devices Forgings or castings for ball valves (no-lead and stainless applications) Forgings for shower valve Water meter body castings Automotive parts: lead-free requirements European electrical/electronic parts: lead-free requirements Substitute for free-machining stainless steel in general applications Potential uses: ® &

7 7/10/07Page 7 Product Comparison GREEN DOT ™ Rod Properties ®

8 7/10/07Page 8 Green Dot ™ provides good machinability without lead by substituting silicon. ALLOY Copper (%) Lead (%) Silicon (%) Phos. (%) Zinc (%) C36000 (Blue Dot ™ ) ASTM B C37000 (Low lead) ASTM B – – C37700 (Forging alloy) ASTM B C69300 (Green Dot ™) ASTM B371, B124, B – max – – Rod Alloys ®

9 7/10/07Page 9 Comparison of Typical Rod Mechanical Properties For Half Hard Temper Round Rod. ®

10 7/10/07Page 10 Comparison of Typical Rod Mechanical Properties ®

11 7/10/07Page 11 Product Comparison GREEN DOT ™ for Forging Applications ®

12 7/10/07Page 12 Hot Compression Test Results Forging Temperature (from left). 1060F, 1150F, 1275F, 1380F, 1500F Forgeability of Green Dot ™ is rated at 95% of C37700 while forging tensile strength is about 20% higher. C69300 Green Dot ™ C37700 ®

13 7/10/07Page Temperature (F) Forging Pressure (ksi) Green Dot ™ C37700 Forging pressures for Green Dot ™ are similar to C37700 forging alloy. ®

14 7/10/07Page 14 Forgeability of the Green Dot water meter cap is 95% of C37700 ® Forgeability Data Production volume: 1,650,000 Forgeability rating: 95 – 100% Forging cracks: Fewer than C377 Forging pressure: Higher than C377 Productivity: ~ 95 % Forging tool life: No change from C377 Slugging tool life: Sharpen every 20,000 slugs Slugging productivity: 12 per minute vs. 17 for C377 (1.575” rod)

15 7/10/07Page 15 Machinability of the Green Dot water meter cap is % of C37700 ® Machinability Data Production volume: 1,650,000 Machinablility rating: 90 – 95% ID Turning parameters: 1500 rpm, 0.005”/rev Tool regrinding: 2,000 forgings Tool life: 70% of C377

16 7/10/07Page 16 Product Comparison ECO BRASS ® Casting Alloys

17 7/10/07Page 17 ECO BRASS ® casting alloy chemistry is the same as for rod. ALLOY Copper (%) Lead (%) Silicon (%) Tin (%) Phos. (%) Zinc (%) C C C C % Se, 1.9% Bi C % Ni, 2.2% Bi * C C87850 ASTM B30, B584, B max Rem. * C83600 version

18 7/10/07Page 18 Comparison of Typical Sand Cast Mechanical Properties – Leaded and Lead-Free Alloys

19 7/10/07Page 19 ECO BRASS and Silicon Brass Typical Mechanical Properties

20 7/10/07Page 20 Liquidus and Freezing Range Temperature Comparisons

21 7/10/07Page 21 The microstructure of cast ECO BRASS ® vs. C ECO BRASS ® C83600

22 7/10/07Page 22 FOUNDRY PROPERTYSIMILAR TO: Permanent Mold CastingLeaded Yellow Brasses Dross FormationC87800 Fluidity- FumingC83600 Shrinkage and CrackingShort Freezing Range Alloys Shrinkage AllowanceC84400 (3/16” per foot) General Comments on ECO BRASS ® Casting Behavior.

23 7/10/07Page 23 Samples of ECO BRASS castings Low Pressure Permanent Mold CastingGreen Sand Casting Since 2000, over five million ECO BRASS water meter bodies have been cast and put into service in Japan. No leaking or corrosion defects have been experienced.

24 7/10/07Page 24 Chase Brass & Copper Co. Inc signed sub-license agreements with California Metal-X of Los Angeles, CA and Ingot Metal Company of Toronto to produce and sell ECO BRASS Ingots for the North American marketplace. CMX has been a manufacturer of brass and bronze ingots for over 25 years. They have a monthly capacity of over 4+ million pounds producing over 30 alloys including silicon brasses.

25 7/10/07Page 25 Machinability Information ® &

26 7/10/07Page 26 The microstructure of Green Dot ™ results in excellent machinability and surface finish. ά Green Dot ™ Rod (C69300) Blue Dot ™ Rod (C36000) ά Lead 100X 400X 100X 400X κ+γκ+γ ® &

27 7/10/07Page 27 C69300 Green Dot ™ ROD C69400 Silicon Red Brass ά The C69400 microstructure is from the Copper Dev. Assoc. Website. Nominal Composition of Sample: Cu , Si , Zn , Fe 0.20, Pb 0.30 Approximate magnification of both micrographs is 400X The multiple phases in Green Dot ™ result in higher machinability (70-80%) than conventional silicon brass (30%) κ+γκ+γ ά ® &

28 7/10/07Page 28 Green Dot ™ RodFree-Cutting Brass60 Cu – 40 Zn The kappa and gamma phases in the alpha matrix create small, Type 1 chips, similar to lead in C ® &

29 7/10/07Page 29 Machinability of Green Dot ™ is 70-80% of C36000 (1) (1) Plunge tests: AISI T15 high speed steel, 5% Cimperial 1070 cutting fluid; drill test: high speed steel, straight oil. ® &

30 7/10/07Page 30 Cutting Force, Drilling Force and Surface Finish – Relative Values. (1) (1) Based on data from Sambo. Relative values calculated using best value as denominator. ® Machining Parameters Turning – 1575 ipm; ipr; 0.039” cut depth Drilling – 0.138” dia.; ipr; 1250 rpm Surface Finish – 4330 ipm for brasses; 1970 ipm for 303;

31 7/10/07Page 31 Compared to 303 stainless steel, Green Dot requires 60 – 70% less force to turn. ® Coolant: Blasocut 40NF Top rake: 18º: lead angle: +2º; side clearance 5º Insert: Manchester Tool MTC-PT (M43 with TiAlN coating)

32 7/10/07Page 32 Machinability Comparison Between ECO BRASS, Leaded and Lead-Free Copper Alloys

33 7/10/07Page 33 The CuZnSi particles which improve machinability do not cause warm brittleness cracking ® &

34 7/10/07Page 34 Corrosion Resistance ® &

35 7/10/07Page 35 Corrosion depth after ISO6509 dezincification test (12.7 g/l CuCl 2. 2H 2 O for 24 hrs. at 167F ). Maximum corrosion depth of C360 and C377 = 0.04" (1.0mm) while Green Dot ™ is almost zero. C69300 Green Dot ™ C36000 This type of performance applies to rod, forgings and castings. Phosphorus and lower zinc levels in Green Dot ™ give it measurably superior resistance to dezincification. ® &

36 7/10/07Page 36 Comparison of ISO 6509 test results shows ECO BRASS excellent dezincification resistance. ® Cross-hatched bars indicates dezincification occurred. Solid bars indicate there was general corrosion only. Corrosion Depth (μm)

37 7/10/07Page 37 Silicon, low zinc, high strength levels: These give Green Dot ™ high stress corrosion cracking resistance. JIS A Test: (Japanese Industrial Standard) NH 4 OH (11.8% min.), 2 hrs., 68F; 1500 kgf torque CES A Test: (Communication Equipment Standard - Japan) NH 4 Cl + NaOH (pH 10), 72 hrs., 68F; 1500 kgf torque Mattsson Test: (ASTM G ) (NH 4 SO 4 + CuSO 4 -5H 2 O + NH 4 OH), no minimum time, 68F, 1500 kgf torque ® & No cracks

38 7/10/07Page 38 Maximum corrosion depth of ECO BRASS ® in various corrosive environments. ® &

39 7/10/07Page 39 Corrosion rates in hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. ® &

40 7/10/07Page 40 Joining and Plating ® &

41 7/10/07Page 41 Resin fluxes and solder pastes containing chlorine compounds are required for the best solderability. SOLDER TYPE 97 Sn – 3 Sb 95 Sn – 5 Sb Bridgit Solder Sn – 5 Sb – 3 Cu – 0.2 Ni ® &

42 7/10/07Page 42 Brazing tests proved that Green Dot and ECO BRASS can be brazed using commercial brazing alloys BRAZING ALLOY TYPEAmerican Welding Society Designation 30% Cu – 28% Zn - 40% Ag – 2% Sn (AWS A5.8, Class BAg-28) Cu – 5%P – 15% Ag(AWS A5.8, Class BCuP-5) Cu – 7%P – 6% Ag (1) (AWS A5.8, Class BCuP-4) Cu – 6%P – 5% Ag (2) (AWS A5.8, Class BCuP-3) Cu – 6%P – 2% Ag (2) (AWS A5.8, Class BCuP-6) (1)Most popular in the faucet industry (2)Produced braze with C11000 tube that had the same breaking force as with C36000 ® &

43 7/10/07Page 43 Polishing, buffing and plating characteristics of this alloy are excellent Green Dot machined parts & forgings and ECO BRASS castings have been: 1) Polished and buffed 2) Chrome or nickel plated 3) Teflon coated Pre-cleaning: acid or caustic systems work well. A copper strike helps pass more stringent corrosion tests, e.g. 96 hour CASS (ASTM B368-97) but is not required for cosmetic plating ® &

44 7/10/07Page 44 Never mix Green Dot ™ or ECO BRASS ® scrap with leaded brass alloys. Precautionary Statement 1.Green Dot™ and ECO BRASS ® uses silicon instead of lead to attain good machinability and excellent mechanical and physical properties. 2.Because of its silicon content, Green Dot™ and ECO BRASS ® scrap must never be mixed with leaded brass scrap because of contamination and safety problems. If silicon is found in leaded brass scrap, the load will be immediately rejected and will jeopardize the total scrap stream. 3.To highlight its difference from leaded brass rod, a special, green tag will be attached to every bundle of Green Dot™ and ECO BRASS ® with a precautionary statement, disposal and recycling information. 4.We are in the process of establishing sources which will buy your Green Dot™ and ECO BRASS ® scrap. ® &

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