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Smart Technology - the Double Edge Sword Presented by: E. Charles Sterling Intrinsic Technology Serviceswww. Co-presented by: Bob Janusaitis.

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1 Smart Technology - the Double Edge Sword Presented by: E. Charles Sterling Intrinsic Technology Serviceswww. Co-presented by: Bob Janusaitis Business 911www. Co-presented by: Dennis Mar k Redeemed Ministrieswww. How technology is needed in our mobile life and how it impacts us at home and office.

2 Introduction Technology is a double edge sword in our global communications environment. Parents and students need to elevate their knowledge of technology and share with others the fixes that can establish a safer environment. Family members need to ensure that GPS and other default settings are correctly set and validated periodically. Most importantly – be aware that good intentions may not have the expected result when technology changes as fast as Smart Devices do in our Mobile environment.

3 The Double Edge Sword Technology that is well intended is used to harm! This could be due to innocence or criminal action! Office, Home, Brother, Child – there are no boundaries. Oddly enough, the good tool could be used to Right the Wrong even though the tool may have created the wrong.

4 As old as the Greeks and Romans Most parents want life's problems to be easier on their children. The potential problem with the philosophy is that tools (Smart Devices) become a substitute for thinking or motor skills. Texting is a good example of communications gone deadly!

5 No limitation to the reach of technology nor the Double Edge Sword Many office technology concerns mirror the concerns at home? Is there office technology that can be implemented at home to better protect the family? How exposed is your family to today's mobile environment? What can be done to better protect your home and family? How are cyber criminals, pedophiles and traffickers utilizing technology to gain victims. Next generation firewalls, White List, Monitoring programs and practicing Best Usage Policies at home and office will help keep your office and family safe.

6 The driving technological force = Internet and Mobile devices! Laptop cameras used for “technical support”can be used like a Nanny Cam caught in a wireless Drive By. Robbins v. Lower Merion School District is a federal class action lawsuit, brought in February 2010. "WebcamGate" scandal, the schools secretly spied on students while they were in the privacy of their homes. July 2010, another student, Jalil Hasan, filed a parallel second suit. It related to 1,000+ images that the school snapped surreptitiously via his computer over a two-month period, including shots of him in his bedroom. Case of laptop support going bad!

7 Cellphones

8 Are you in danger of Phone call hacking? Many mobile phone calls in the U.S. and Europe are encrypted with a stream cipher called A5/1, which is commonly used, in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) voice communications. A5/1 is not secure. It’s been broken for years. In theory, the phone companies are moving to the far harder to break 128-bit Kasumi encryption algorithm, which is used in the next generation A5/3 voice encryption. Use encryption software on your smartphones. These programs include PhoneCrypt, Secure Voice GSM, and Gold Lock. www.

9 Is your Smart Phone safe at the repair shop? Forensic procedures expose camera images taken by Smart Phones as you scroll between menu's. The images are used to return the user to the last position. There are images beyond what the user has access which these are included but could as well be images taken of one's self while dressing or shaving..... This is a case, a “Smart Device feature” exposes the visual equivalent of PII loss. (personally identifiable information) WORKAROUND = Before turning the device over to a 3 rd party – take dozens of pictures of the floor.

10 HOW TO HAVE AN ANONYMOUS PHONE CONVERSATION Do you think your government doesn’t have the means to listen to your phone calls? Think again. “Governments from around the world, not just exclusive to North America, have technologically advanced eavesdropping programs which can capture mobile phone conversations without anyone ever knowing.” Mas Movil Roaming Prepago is a prepaid mobile phone service that was specifically designed for use outside of Panama– it works very well in the United States, South America, Spain, France, Belgium, Ukraine, and Russia. Your shiny new MasMovil SIM chip will have a unique Panamanian phone # that is NOT tied to your name.

11 Various areas of technology

12 Local school established Pen Pal Project between children & accused Pedophile WHAT?????? Thursday night (12 th ) this was disclosed on TV. What could a school / pastor be thinking about to encourage children (w/o parents knowledge or permission) to become pen pals with any criminal. In this case the pen pal is an accused pedophile. Even having forensic means does not help to retrieve the loss of privacy or the ill affects that could be inflicted on the family.

13 The technology behind the Zimmerman arrest video ABC Newsthen contacted Forensic Protection of Van Nuys, California, to enhance the grainy video released by the police to see whether there was anything not shown in the original regarding an injury to Zimmerman’s head. He explained that the process involves finding a known object in the scene, and clarifying that object to the highest level possible. In the case of the Sanford police video, the selected object was a police officer’s badge, which was clarified by correcting motion blur to the point of legibility of the badge Clarity versus Alteration – in this case the Best video approach is on focus. Secondary double edge sword to alter video when presented in court.

14 Home security – direct connection to ISP Simple connection, attach computer to modem and you are on the Internet. About the limit of Level-1 support's ability. Problem, old school - simple firewalls are fairly easy to get across. Secure, upgrade or install Next Generation Firewall. Hardware vs. Software firewalls – hardware physically inline first offers better defense.

15 Botnets: The Dark Side of Cloud Computing. Not all clouds are good. Botnets pose a serious threat to your network, your business, your partners and customers. Botnets rival the power of today’s most powerful cloud computing platforms. These “dark” clouds, controlled by cybercriminals, are designed to silently infect your network. Left undetected, botnets borrow your network to serve malicious business interests. The cloud offers many benefits to businesses including lower capital & operational expenditures related to hardware & software ownership & maintenance. On the other hand, cybercriminals control some of the most formidable cloud computing platforms in existence today. These “dark” for-profit cloud computing networks, known as bot­nets, can run millions of infected computers, called bots, which spread malware. Undetected, botnets can steal enough computing power to bring down your network and your business. www.

16 Researchers Confirm Flashback Trojan Infects 600,000 Macs, Used For Click Fraud Kaspersky’s researchers reverse-engineered the Flashback malware and created a fake “command and control” server for collection of hijacked PCs, intercepting and analyzing their connections. As they’ve detailed in a blog post, they were able to map out the machines’ locations: 300,000 in the U.S., 95,000 in the Canada, 47,000 in the United Kingdom, and 42,000 in Australia, for instance. This is particularly concerning in that most Smart Devices run some form of a Linux Distribution operating system. The MAC OS is the BSD Linux distribution. The potential impact is that Smart Homes, Smart Grids and future Smart Devices will be penetrated more like the massive penetration of the Windows OS.

17 Cameras everywhere – Invading or Aiding Soon the US will have as many cameras in its intersections and malls as the UK. Some consider this an invasion of privacy – and I'd agree should the information collected be used improperly. Missing toddler found dead near home grim discovery was made after a volunteer launched a camera-equipped, radio-controlled airplane that captured images of “red”. Like the red of the shirt the missing boy was wearing– in the corner of a pond. EquuSearch founder wants special master for deposition Miller is suing Casey Anthony for searches his group coordinated back in 2008 for Caylee Anthony. Use or Abuse of viable resources!

18 Human Trafficking 2 nd largest business on the planet! Human trafficking now tied for second place with the Gun trade, leaving Drugs as the #1 global industry.

19 Human Trafficking Traffickers use technology every day to outsmart law enforcement, non-profit organizations, government agencies and concerned citizens around the world. Human trafficking is a highly lucrative business - the third largest organized crime following drug and arms trafficking. It is time that we take a collective stand against this horrendous crime against humanity. If traffickers can use technology to run their illegal business, why can't we use it for good - to thwart them and prevent human trafficking? Human trafficking is being better identified, more completely cataloged and is growing daily.

20 Technology Use Among Human Traffickers and Counter Human Traffickers With the use of online and mobile technology, trafficking of persons is even more difficult to identify because criminals exploit victims through technological means. Thus, law enforcement officers stipulate, “sex trafficking itself has ‘moved online’”. “Unlike the flow of information on the Internet, domestic law enforcement are restricted by national boarders. Because of this, domestic law alone cannot suffice to thwart international criminal activity such as tracking via Internet” Organizational efforts such as INTERPOL, the G8 Sub-group on High-Tech Crime, the Virtual Global Taskforce, and the Internet Watch Foundation collaborate with international law enforcement agencies through the use of technology to share intelligence, information, and resources. Technology significantly contributes to collaboration with anti-trafficking efforts. It provides a common database for information sharing and creates an instantaneous way for agencies to communicate with one another to break down barriers of time and distance. A global problem with global support!

21 Child & Family safety Child Victims, 12.7%, < 3 yrs. old

22 Child Victim Demographics 2010 From the Children Bureau www.

23 “Guard Child” statistics www. 48% of young Americans from 12–17 say they’ve been in a car while the driver was texting. 71% of teen girls and 67% of boys who sent or posted sexually suggestive content say they sent it to a boyfriend or girlfriend. 70% of children 7 to 18 years old have accidentally encountered online pornography, often through a web search while doing homework. Girls are more likely than boys to be the target of cyber bullying. The largest group of Internet porn consumers is children ages 12–17. 86% of girls claimed to be able to conduct online chats without their parents knowing, 57% could read their parents’ e-mail, and 54% could conduct a cyber relationship. 20% of teenaged Internet users have been the target of an unwanted sexual solicitation (requests for sexual activities, chat, or information). 41% of unwanted sexual solicitations, 29% of unwanted exposure to sexual materials, and 31% of harassment occurred when children were online with their friends. We are expanding the classroom to Cloud based education – which while on the school network is protected but there is NO means to control a Jail-Broke or Hacked or Rooted smart device.

24 “Polaris Project” Our vision is for a world without slavery Polaris Project is a leading organization in the United States combating all forms of human trafficking and serving both U.S. citizens and foreign national victims, including men, women, and children. We use a holistic strategy, taking what we learn from our work with survivors and using it to guide the creation of long-term solutions. National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline 1.888.3737.888 Tools for Service Providers and Law Enforcement For resources and assessment tools built for professionals who encounter potential victims of trafficking. www.

25 FBI info, April 2011 Cyber Threats Against the Private Sector Cyber criminal threats to the U.S. result in significant economic losses. But the threat against financial institutions is only part of the problem. Serious concern are threats to critical infrastructure, the theft of intellectual property, and supply chain issues. Cyber Threats to U.S. Critical Infrastructure U.S. critical infrastructure faces a growing cyber threat due to advancements in the availability and sophistication of malicious software tools and the fact that new technologies raise new security issues that cannot always be addressed prior to adoption. The increasing automation of our critical infrastructures provides more cyber access points for adversaries to exploit. New “smart grid” and “smart home” products, designed to provide remote communication and control of devices in our homes, businesses, and critical infrastructures, must be developed and implemented in ways that will also provide protection from unauthorized use. Otherwise, each new device could become a doorway into our systems for adversaries to use for their own purposes. Industrial control systems, operate the physical processes of the nation’s pipelines, railroads, & other critical infrastructures, are at elevated risk of cyber exploitation.

26 Eric Toth Added to Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List An alleged child pornographer is the newest addition to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitive List. Eric Justin Toth, also known as David Bussone, is a former private school teacher in Washington D.C. He is accused of possessing and producing child pornography. www. Immediate&utm_medium=email&utm_source=extras&utm_content=87598

27 Global Fund for Women announces grant opportunities The Global Fund for Women supports women's groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. The Global Fund for Women strengthens women's right groups based outside the United States by providing small, flexible, and timely grants ranging from $500 to $30,000 for operating and program expenses. The Global Fund for Women values local expertise and believe that women themselves know best how to determine their needs and propose solutions for lasting change. Below is the Grant application webpage. www.

28 Spain to Use DNA database to Track ‘Stolen Babies’ Spain’s government announced Thursday it will set up a DNA database to help track down thousands of babies allegedly stolen by nuns, priests and doctors since the Franco era. There are no clear numbers of the number of children who were snatched from their mothers during General Francisco Franco’s 1939-75 dictatorship and up to the end of the 1980s. Estimates range from hundreds to tens of thousands of victims of a practice that began as a policy to remove children whose “moral education” was at risk and allegedly developed into financial trafficking. DNA finding lost children as well securing criminals away! http://

29 Today and Tomorrow

30 Cindy Crawford's Son Used as Cybercrime Bait Internet criminals have begun rigging Google Image results of the 11- year-old heartthrob to direct traffic to corrupt Web pages, the security firm Websense reports. This cyberscam is called a drive-by download. Unlike cybercrime ploys that require you to explicitly download attachments or enter your credit card info, drive-by downloads can infect your computer without your complicity or knowledge. Drive-by websites have been around for quite a while. They are just as destructive now as ever. They are designed to be illusive. Generally, whatever they are going to do is well on its way before you realize that you are involved in a drive-by website.

31 Google Image Poisoning Leads to Exploit Google Image search returns poisoned pictures when searching on celebrity child "Presley Walker". We first found on Monday that all the image search results took users to a notorious exploit kit – Neosploit. Later, it changed to redirecting users to rogue AV sites. As we publish this blog, the search results are still poisoned and are leading to Neosploit again. First step is to select the bait, then poison the bait, expose the bait and then let the sucker take the bait! http results-poisoned.aspx

32 Draw A Stickman This is a display of how a website can interact with the user and the user's computer. As you follow the simple instructions you will effectively DRAW on the website – which means that the website is monitoring the exact movement of your mouse! There is no reason why this code could not be altered to function in such a way that it would not be visible to the user. www.

33 Predictions for 2012 TARGETED ATTACKS GROW MORE DAMAGING AND COMPLEX The past two years have marked a breakthrough in incidents of targeted attacks that were made public. This is most likely due to hacktivist groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec as well as the rise of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) being used against commercial organizations. In the past year we’ve seen these kinds of attacks go to the next level, as large, global organizations and government agencies were attacked for commercial, political or military reasons. ILLICIT SOCIAL MEDIA SCAMS ESCALATE Social media has emerged as one of the primary ways for consumers and businesses to communicate, interact and share on the Web. Unfortunately these services are also magnets for cybercriminals. MOBILE MALWARE MENACES USERS AND ORGANIZATIONS In 2011, the most prolific cybercrime platforms, Zeus and Spyeye, developed malware for the Android platform in order to intercept the SMS-based security controls deployed by banks to protect their customers from banking Trojans. This is a good example of the constant “cat and mouse game” between the attackers and defenders. Android has become the most-targeted platform for malware, surpassing Symbian in the first half of 2011. Another area of mobile malware that has just started to emerge includes the use of mobile devices as bots in the bot networks that are so widespread on desktop computers. As more devices/computers become networked, attackers will attempt to comprise these resources for their own use. www.

34 Browser defense Ghostery is a good, free add-on, to your browser to identify and block hundreds of sources stealing browsing history or Personal information from your computer. This add-on will allow you to control a notification bubble which will identify each of the sources attempting to acquire your information. Ghostery is currently blocking 884 sites. www. Steven Gould's Cleanup program is a great way to clear iKaKa (Internet debris) from your computer. Steven provides the program as a free product. Save your login cookies via the Options section, run the program and what the performance of your computer increase. www.

35 SecureWorld Expo 2012 inclusions Comments from other sessions! Policies & Procedures must compensate for BYOD and Personal Data on Smart Devices. Know what you want to put in the Cloud, classify your data. Encrypting everything is not the solution, isolate data from users. Policies & Procedures must include steps like inspecting a device at anytime. Smart devices are much less structured and stable in design or software maturity than computers – expect the worst.

36 Vendor references Powerful Online Privacy and Security With the Click of a Button. www. Astaro Gateway (now owned by Sophos). Home (free) & office equip. www. Choosing a next-generation firewall: Vendor comparison http:// generation-firewall-Vendor-comparison Keylogging Comparison Chart www. Best Invisible Spy Software www. Monitoring software (comparison chart) http://

37 Family Safety resources Safe Internet Browsing for Parents www. Online predators: Help minimize the risk www. it's not a con … a blog about security and online safety www.

38 Child Safety resources Safe Internet Browsing for Kids www. DOJ Office for Victims of Crime www. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children www. Crimes Against Children Research Center www. Child Exploitation Enforcement www. Protect Every Child www. Kids Net Australia www. Well Spring Living www. Invisible Children www.

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