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Ken Glassey Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand & MBTOC member.

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1 Ken Glassey Ministry for Primary Industries New Zealand & MBTOC member

2 Montreal Protocol The most successful international treaty ever, signed by 197 countries Aim to phase out PRODUCTION of ozone depleting gases Methyl bromide added in 1992 Phase out of non QPS use in developed countries was required by 2005 and developing countries by 2015 After those dates required to apply to the UNEP with a critical use nomination QPS is exempt controls but countries asked to reduce use


4 History of use Peak of nearly 70,000 tonnes of methyl bromide use in early 1990’s Many countries have totally phased out methyl bromide use Reduced to 12,665 tonnes 2012 Quarantine and preshipment is now 70% of the world use 50 countries reported QPS use in 2012 Figures Source: Ozone Secretariat Data Access Centre, April 2014

5 QPS use v Non QPS use

6 Non QPS use

7 QPS use A5 = developing, non- A5 = developed countries

8 Main categories of MB use for QPS # Category of useA5Non-A5Worldwide Grain & dried foodstuffs18% 8%14% Sawn wood and WPM*12% 8%23% Logs29%17%21% Soil in situ 0%30%14% Misc. and other16% 7% 8% Total identified uses75%70%80% The main four uses amount to over 70% of the MB consumed for QPS Technical Economic Assessment Panel estimates that % of these top four consumption categories (grain, logs, soil, WPM) can be replaced immediately with commercially available alternatives * WPM – Wood packaging material; # - TEAP Progress Report 2011

9 AFAS Countries

10 Oceania & Pacific

11 North Asia

12 Asia non AFAS


14 Caribbean

15 Central America

16 South America

17 Middle East

18 Africa

19 IPPC Replacement or reduction of the use of methyl bromide as a phytosanitary measure (2008) Recommends a number of things to do to: 1. Replacement of Methyl Bromide Use as a Phytosanitary Measure 2. Reducing Volumes of Methyl Bromide Use as a Phytosanitary Measure 3. Physically Reducing Methyl Bromide Emissions 4. Recording Methyl Bromide Use as a Phytosanitary Measure 5. Guidelines for Appropriate Use of Methyl Bromide as a Phytosanitary Measure

20 Record MB use in Categories Bulbs, corms, tubers and rhizomes (intended for planting) Cut flowers and branches (including foliage) Fresh fruit and vegetables Grain, cereals and oil seeds for consumption including rice (not intended for planting) Dried foodstuffs (including herbs, dried fruit, coffee, cocoa) Nursery stock (plants intended for planting other than seed), and associated soil and other growing media Seeds (intended for planting) Wood packaging materials Wood (including round wood, sawn wood, wood chips) Whole logs (with or without bark) Hay, straw, thatch grass, dried animal fodder (other than grains and cereals listed above)

21 Categories of MB use Cotton and other fibre crops and products Tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts etc.) Structures and equipment Buildings with quarantine pests (including elevators, dwellings, factories, storage facilities) Equipment (including used agricultural machinery and vehicles), empty shipping containers and reused packaging Other items Personal effects, furniture, crafts, artefacts, hides, fur and skins


23 Information on alternatives on the Ozone programme web site Technical and Economic Assessment Panel (TEAP) annual progress reports Four yearly TEAP Assessment Report Guideline for methyl bromide quarantine and preshipment use

24 RankCountry 2012 tonnes 1 United States of America1, China1, Viet Nam838 4India Australia Japan New Zealand Mexico Republic of Korea Egypt439 11Thailand Indonesia202 13Malaysia Myanmar El Salvador Chile108.21

25 17Singapore Brazil Argentina United Arab Emirates Lebanon50 22Philippines Turkey40 24Turkmenistan40 25Guatemala37 26Sri Lanka Dominican Republic Iran (Islamic Republic of)25 29Uruguay Pakistan Cameroon23 32Honduras21.41

26 33Nicaragua Fiji Saudi Arabia15 36Jordan12 37Israel Morocco10 39Costa Rica4.9 40Jamaica2 41Canada Solomon Islands1.2 44Kyrgyzstan Trinidad and Tobago1 46Zimbabwe1 47Vanuatu0.4 48Swaziland Barbados0.2 50Belize0.08


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