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To Kill a Mockingbird Setting and Mood.

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1 To Kill a Mockingbird Setting and Mood

2 Agenda Bell work Word work Reviewing Chapters 4-5
Skill Focus: Setting and Mood with practice Reading Together Chapter 6 Practice with Chapter 6 Homework Exit Slip

3 Bell Work #3 (A) 4/15 For chapter 4, Number the following events first in the order in which Scout narrates them to you, then in sequential order: 1. Scout hears someone laughing in the Radley house. 2. Scout and Jem find the Indian -head pennies. 3. Scout finds the chewing gum. 4. Dill claims to have helped his dad on the train on his way to Maybomb. 5. Dill arrives. 6. Atticus catches the children making fun of the Radleys. 7. The children make up a play about the Radleys. 8. Scout rolls in the tire into the Radley yard.

4 Word Work Complete the following chart for KIM K= Key word
I = Information M = Memory Clue palate Roof of the mouth desolate ramshackle eerily

5 Review Ch. 2 Exit Slip (A3) Dill leaves. Jem takes her to school.
Scout is spanked. Scout knows how to read. Scout learns to read in church. Scout can write. Cal taught Scout to write. Walter doesn’t have lunch. Walter Sr. pays Atticus in goods. Scout explains why Walter doesn’t have lunch.

6 Review Ch. 2 Exit Slip (A4) Cal teaches Scout to write. Dill leaves.
Walter is honest and does not have lunch. Scout explains why he doesn’t have lunch. Walter paid Atticus for lawyer fees. Scout go rulered. Dill leaves. Scout gets in trouble Scout gets in trouble for learning how to read. Scout learns from watching her father. Scout can write.

7 Setting and mood Setting refers to  both the world in which the story takes place and the changing scenery that serves as the backdrop for each scene or chapter.  Setting includes what the characters see, hear, smell, and can touch in their environment.  The sights might include: time of day seasons of the year plants and animals Natural features weather landscape buildings or other structures

8 Setting and mood The setting of a story affects how we and the characters feels about their surroundings.  This feeling is called mood.  The setting can make things seem pleasant or create an air of foreboding that hints that something bad is about to happen.

9 SETTING AND MOOD For example: The description of Radley’s house is a good example of creating mood. Let’s read this section together ( page 10 50th edition). What did you feel? Notice that, expect for the town of Maycomb and the Radley place, so far Harper Lee has spent a lot more words on the description of the people and situations than the setting.

10 Reading chapter six Now we will read aloud chapter six. Turn to page 67 (50th edition) This chapter might be entitled : “Jem Loses his Pants..and Recovers Them.” Purpose for Reading: Think about how the setting affects how we and the characters feel about their surroundings.

11 Skill practice: using chapter six

12 Mood Remember , mood is the feeling the story creates in you. To understand it better, think about how movies use music to create a feeling of anxiety (fast, high-pitched violins), sadness (slow, low notes on a solo saxophone), or excitement (loud rock band or full orchestra).

13 Mood practice Re read the “Pants” section of the chapter on page What words or phrases convey the feeling, or mood of fear in the passage? FEAR

14 Viewing Pants scene As we view the “Pants Scene”, how does the movie use music or lighting to create the mood?

15 Read chapters 7 and 8 and complete the homework sheet.

16 Exit slip Select one the following phrases. Write a paragraph using the setting to establish the mood. Halloween night Spring Break on the beach A trip to the emergency room Going to a concert by your favorite artist

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