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1 Presentation by Rob van Serveen
Specialized consultant demand planning in apparel & footwear industry at A3 Forecast Solutions Supported European organizations with implementing A3 software for a demand driven planning process.

2 USD 720 million annual turnover
45 countries, 4 continents 300 Mexx stores, 800 Shop in stores 8.000 independent retailers

3 Every year 6 cycle sales 300 designers design 12 new collections per year for 5 divisions Sport XX Men Youth Women

4 Steps in time of the collection development, sales and delivery process

5 Round table budgeting Top management (finance) & Regional Sales organization & Product division

6 Consolidated ranking of panel members

7 Historical top/flop structures

8 Plan quantity based on budget, top/flop structure and panel ranking

9 More info or questions? Call Rob van Serveen at +31 621.541.249
Rob van Serveen at Visit our website on

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