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Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad.

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1 Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad

2 Problems related to file security  What is asset register  How to analyze asset  Grading of algorithms  Solution of problem  Conclusion

3  Many of the breaches making headline news are caused by the loss or theft of laptops and other portable devices.  How to encrypt data present in file according to their criticality and sensitivity.  How to decide the criticality and sensitivity of file.  How to select a algorithm which would be most suitable to encrypt data prevailing inside file.

4  To protect themselves from financial and reputational damage, Asset register encryption technologies can reduce risks by ensuring the information on such devices is secure when users are on the move.

5  Anything that has value to the agency that can be communicated or documentary material, regardless of its physical form or characteristics is called an Asset.  Includes, but is not limited to, paper, electronic, digital, images, and voice mail.  Information technology hardware and software are not information assets for classification purposes.

6 Priority is determined on the basis of following parameters :  Confidentiality level (c, 1-10)  Integrity level (i, 1-10)  Availability level (a, 1-10)  Number of user (n) Then, Priority=(c+ (1/n * 10) + i + a)/ (no. of question)

7 Algo IdAlgo NameBrute Force AttackBEnPercentileAlgo Grade A1Caesar Cipher2501412.51.25 A2Monoalphabetic Cipher 26! Or 4*10 26 31487.58.75 A3Playfair Cipher4*10 7 21462.56.25 A4Rail Fence Ciphere x ( x is message length)11437.53.75

8 S. NoFile NameConfidentialityIntegrityAvailabilityNo. of UsersPriorityAlgo Id 1.Cust_Info683104.50A3 2.Withdrawl_Info77545.37A3 3.Deposit_Info77545.37A3 4.Cust_Form33710003.25A4  According to above table, files having different priorities may be encrypted with corresponding algorithm on the basis of Algo Grade.



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