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PHASE-II District Workshop Rajasthan UID Project PHASE-II District Workshop Department of IT & C Government of Rajasthan.

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1 PHASE-II District Workshop Rajasthan UID Project PHASE-II District Workshop Department of IT & C Government of Rajasthan

2 IntroductionEnrolment ProcessDistrict ImplementationRoles and Responsibility of EA Agenda

3 Introduction

4 Glossary Enrollment Exercise of collection of demographic data and biometrics, and the allocation of the UID number Enrollment Agency (EA)The Agency appointed by the Registrar/District Registrar for conducting UID enrollments Enrollment Center (EC)Refers to the premises located in the area where the enrollment is being carried out. One Enrollment Center can host multiple Enrollment Stations. Enrollment Station (ES)Refers to an individual enrollment booth/enclosure inside the Enrollment Center. KYR FieldsKnow Your Resident Fields, Mandated by UIDAI KYR+ FieldsExtra data fields collected by State PoAProof of Address PoIProof of Identity Registrar The Agency of State Government with whom the UIDAI has entered into a MoU for covering issues related to the implementation of the UID Project. DoIT & C, GoR is one of the Registrars for UID Project in Rajasthan. District Registrar The Agency of State Government at district level who will be responsible for implementation of the UID Project at district level. District Collector (D.C.) of respective districts will act as District Registrar UIDUnique Identification UIDAIUnique Identification Authority of India

5 Aadhar is brand name associated with UID 12 digit Unique random number One Aadhaar = One Beneficiary with biometric attributes to ensure Uniqueness All Residents including Children get UID Number Voluntary enrolment with special focus to reach marginalized residents Only Identity: No Guarantees to Entitlements or Rights of Citizenship Free for residents What is Aadhaar ?

6 What Aadhar Is Not? Another Card One per family Establishes citizenship and is only for Indians Individuals can obtain multiple Aadhaar Aadhar will replace all other IDs UIDAI information will be accessible to public and private agencies

7 Benefits of Aadhaar Current ProblemsAadhaar Solutions Exclusion of people with no identity documents Aadhaar will provide identity and address proof Duplicate/non existent beneficiariesAadhaar biometric de-duplication will allow genuine beneficiaries Lack of choice and mobilityAadhaar can provide mobility as it can be used anywhere Data in SilosAadhaar will work as glue PaymentsBanking services through Micro ATM/BC

8 Project Implementation Structure An Empowered Cabinet Committee headed by Hon’ble Chief Minister has been constituted for implementation, monitoring and policy decisions State Level Advisory board under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, Rajasthan to oversee and guide the implementation of the UID project across the State. A committee of secretaries (State level Joint working Group ) under chairmanship of Principal Secretary, IT has been constituted, for minor decisions for smooth functioning and regular monitoring of the progress of biometric and demographic data collection. Department of IT&C, GOR has been designated as the nodal department as well as State Registrar for the UID project in State. CORE, a committee of registrars has been formed under chairmanship of Secretary & Commisioner, IT for inter registrar coordination. District Collectors have been appointed as the District Registrars

9 UIDAIDoIT & C (State Registrar) District Collectors (District Registrar) Enrolment AgenciesResidents Functional Structure

10 District Machinery District Level Committee o Nodal Officer : ADM o Technical Officer : ACP / DIO o IEC Officer : PRO o Finance Officer: AO / Treasury Officer Tehsil Level Committee o Nodal Officer : SDM o Tehsildar, BDO and other officers

11 Timelines Project Duration : 20 Months Round I : 14 months (Involve permanent, stationary and mobile enrolment stations) Round II : 6 Months ( involve permanent stations only)

12 Enrolment Process

13 Enrolment Kit Details 12 3 456 1 2 3 4 5 6 Item-wise description Laptop with enrolment client 2 nd monitor for live data verification by resident Camera for photo capture Iris scanner Fingerprint slap scanner Enrolment kit box

14 Enrolment Centre

15 Information to be Collected KYR Fields – Name, Address, Gender, DOBPhoto & Address VerificationPhoto10-fingerprints on Slap scannerIris Scan 15 KYR+ Fields (basis Registrar requirements)



18 Identity and Address Verification Document BasedHead of Family Based POI : 19 Documents Passport PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card Ration/ PDS Photo Card Voter Identity (ID) Driving License Government Photo ID Cards NREGS Job Card Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institution PDS Card MNREGA Job Card CGHS/State Government/ECHS/ESIC Medical Card Pension Card Army Canteen Card Passport Any other Central/State Government issued family entitlement document Address card having Name and Photo issued by Department of Posts PoA: 34 Documents Passport Bank Statement/ Passbook Post Office Account Statement/Passbook Ration Card Voter ID Driving License Government Photo ID cards Electricity/Water/telephone Bill (not older than 3 months) DoB: Birth Certificate Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) Book/Certificate Passport Certificate of Date of Birth issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead

19 Enrolment Process for Resident Reach Enrolment Centre with PoI, PoA, DoB, HoF documents Fill Enrolment Form Get original documents photocopied for free by EA Get EF and documents verified by Verifier Provide Photocopied documents and EF to operator Undergo Enrolment Sign acknowledgement slip Enrolment Successful !!!

20 Overview of enrolment process

21 21 Resident can track status of Aadhaar letter Post- Enrolment by quoting Enrolment Number to the Contact Center Key features of an Enrolment Number Enrolment Number is a 14 digit number represented as a 4/5/5 digit combination – First 4 digits is the EA code – Next 5 digits is the Station ID – Last 5 digits is the Serial number of enrolments done by that station The resident can call 1800-180-1947 for status information The contact center will then let the resident know about the status of the Aadhaar application and letter delivery

22 The Letter Gets Delivered to the Resident

23 Biometric Exceptions Missing Eye, Finger etc.

24 District Implementation

25 State and Non State Registrars DoIT&C is State Registrar Two types of NSR : – Working within premises (Deptt. of Posts, SBBJ etc.) They can setup ES within 500 mtrs of NSR branch/office – Working outside premises (SBBJ, BoI etc.) State has allotted specific tehsils to NSR working outside premises Sweep strategy to be followed


27 Revised Minimum ES & Target Population S.N.State EADistrict Total Population as per RFQ (A) Min ES as per RFQ Target Pop of area awarded Revised Minimum ES 1 ALANKIT FINSECSawai Madhopur 13,61,687 9510,81,66975 2 ALANKIT FINSECTonk 14,77,020 10311,88,22683 3 ALANKIT FINSECBundi 11,73,426 818,94,04562 4 ATISHAYBikaner 20,40,927 14213,25,88192 5 ATISHAYChuru 23,45,197 16316,46,432114 6 ATISHAYDausa 16,05,493 11112,41,07586 7 DATASOFTJhunjhunun 23,32,776 16214,60,352101 8 DATASOFTSikar 27,88,800 19414,38,118100 9 DATASOFTJodhpur 35,18,634 24425,07,668174 10 DATASOFTPali 22,18,875 15415,44,399107 11 TECHSMARTNagaur 33,82,778 23522,56,311157 12 TECHSMARTAjmer 26,59,442 18520,71,123144 13 TECHSMARTBhilwara 24,54,798 17020,46,637142 14 TECHSMARTChittaurgarh15,44,39210712,31,83885 15 TRANSLINEDungarpur 13,50,213 9411,97,20183 16 TRANSLINEBanswara 18,30,429 12715,78,120109 17 TRANSLINEPratapgarh 8,61,471 607,75,32454 18 VAKRANGEEBarmer 23,95,123 16620,71,980144 19 VAKRANGEEJalor 17,66,251 12312,37,70986 20 VAKRANGEESirohi 10,37,495 726,13,49343 21 VAKRANGEERajsamand 12,03,177 847,85,27855 22 VAKRANGEEUdaipur 32,09,994 22323,29,908162 23 VAYAMTECHGanganagar 21,81,297 15117,44,821121 VAYAMTECHHanumangarh 18,50,439 12915,85,499111 VAYAMTECHKota 19,12,025 1337,11,33149 VAYAMTECHBaran 12,45,390 868,98,84362 VAYAMTECHJhalawar 14,38,806 10011,66,68181 Total 5,31,86,3553,6943,86,29,962 2682

28 Main Steps TimelinesActivity Say TIssue work orders T+15Accept PBG and Sign Contract Agreement T+ 4 weeksEnrolment Starts on field with 25% ES T+ 8 weeksEnrolment Starts on field with 50% ES T+ 12 weeksEnrolment Starts on field with 100% ES T+14 MonthsRound 1 Completed with Complete Coverage & Start of Round 2 T+20 MonthsRound 2 Completed

29 Identification of Verifiers Role of verifiers? Who may act as verifier? o Serving and retired government officials, Panch, Sarpanch, ANM, Aanganwari workers, gram sehyogi and ASHA Seyogni Incentive for verifiers ( Rs 2/Successful Enrolment ) Verifier code o District census code + 4 digit number No Introducer Concept (HoF is allowed)

30 Space for Document Storage Documents o PoI, PoA, DoB, Enrolment Form, Acknowledgement Slip Need to store resident documents – Only till the time UIDAI makes scanning mandatory EA responsibility for transfer of documents Safe storage

31 Identification of Enrolment Centre Location Location which can house 3-5 ES Lockable with basic electricity connection Suggested locations o Panchayat HQ, Polling Station of Rajasthan legislative assembly, Community Center or some other appropriate building EA Responsibility o Standby generator sets, electric extension cord, table, chair, electric fan etc.

32 Approval of Enrolment Plan EA will prepare Enrolment Plan (EP) for Project o Location of enrolment centre, catchment area, number of enrolment stations per enrolment centre and schedule / timelines Guidelines for approving EP o Permanent, Temporary and Mobile (Max 10%) EC o Two Rounds o Maximum 3 Sweeps in Round 1 (One sweep is preferred) o Coverage strategy Monthly EP will be submitted by EA for approval

33 Workshop and Training To facilitate and familiarize the enrolment process Three levels of Workshops o State Level o District Level o Tehsil/Block Level Joint venture of UIDAI, Registrar, District Registrar and EA

34 Awareness Generation State level District level o Hoardings and standees, Wall writing o Nukkad nataks, songs, dramas, loudspeakers o Quizzes, debates, extempore, speech competitions o Ads in local cable networks, cinema halls etc. o Enrolment Centre IEC Kit Formats of IEC material will be provided Funds will be transferred to Districts

35 Multiple Registrar Coordination Around 11 Registrars working in State DoP will restrict to post office premises CORE has allocated 17 Tehsils to different NSR Ensure that registrar/EA covers whole population of an area say village/panchayat etc.

36 Manpower RoleEA Manpower Station SupervisorOne per enrolment centre Technical PersonnelOne (per five enrolment stations) Helpdesk operatorOne per enrolment centre Enrolment Station OperatorOne per enrolment station RoleGovernment Manpower VerifierOne per enrolment centre RoleEA Manpower Project ManagerOne per District Assistant Project managerOne per District (DC Office)

37 Other Tasks/Issues Law and Order o Limited capacity of EC and aggregation of large public o Sensitive areas Flexible Timing o Mass scale program o Weekends should be used due to availability of masses o Early morning and late evening enrolments may be allowed Helpline with phone facility o To handle grievances of residents o To disseminate information regarding UID project o To provide information to government officials about enrolment process, roles and responsibility o To coordinate between EA, District Registrar and residents

38 Financial Support Enrolment Expenditure o Contract Rate for successful enrolments Incentive for BPL Individual o Rs 100/ successful enrolment IEC Budget o Amount will be transferred (subjected to approval) District Project Expenditure (subjected to approval) o Rs 4 / successful enrolment o Rs 2 : Verifier o Rs 1.5 : Administrative Expenditure o Rs 0.5 : Incentive for District officials

39 Incentive Policy State Level Policy* (subject to approval) o Performance based Incentive Policy has been proposed by Registrar o All district officials covered under policy Aadhar governance award for application o Cash prize of Rs.3 lakhs, followed by Rs.2 lakhs for the second place and Rs.1 lakh for the third place. The cash received from the award will go directly to the respective District Collector’s office. o The District Collectors would be given a medal and citation for the honour.

40 Payment Structure Monthly Payment Staggered Payment on basis of actual number of successful enrolments S.No.ActivityPayment 1Successful Generation of UID90% 2Data submission with Registrar10%

41 Penalty Structure Liquidated Damage o Rs. 300/- per Enrolment Station per calendar day upto 10% of contract value SLA Minimum ES Data Transfer within 7 days Rejection of data by UIDAI Rejection of data by Registrar Failure to deploy administrative staff by EA Failure to deploy helpdesk operator Failure to adhere to enrolment plan Failure to submit electronic MIS report

42 Enrolment Plan Location, catchment area of EC, number of ES/EC, schedule / timelines Mix of permanent, temporary and Mobile EC Polling Booth / Panchayat wise sweep Saturation approach Multi-Registrar concept


44 Roles and Responsibilities of Enrolment Agency

45 Roles & Responsibilities Ensure availability of required hardware, software, manpower and other infrastructure for enrolment process Print Enrolment Forms Setup Enrolment centre’s as per work plan Conduct enrolment by capturing demographic and biometric data Handle issues and concerns of operators and residents Collect and submit residents document’s copies with District Registrar

46 Roles & Responsibilities Continued… Enable successful data transfer to CIDR and Registrar Take corrective action in case of process/quality deviations Ensure UIDAI processes & standards are followed Ensure Registrar/District Registrar guidelines are followed Assist District Registrar in enrolment publicity & awareness Assist District Registrar/Nodal Officer in conducting enrolments smoothly

47 Thank You !!!  For updates, visit at:    (To be launched soon)  You can contact over mail & phone » Mr. Aakash Tomar : (94140-55255) » Mr. Arun Chauhan: (94133-87349) » Mr. Vijay Chandrawat (97846-33323) » Mr. Trilok Chauhan (75973-69198) » Mr. Hansraj Yadav (99283-66998 )

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