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Engineering Design and Development Justifying a Problem Academically of Ethically.

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1 Engineering Design and Development Justifying a Problem Academically of Ethically

2 Is the problem that you have identified really worth solving? There are three standards or pathways to answering this question. 1) Is there a large volume of evidence supporting my claim that this is in fact a problem and it is worth solving? 2) Would solving this problem help people? 3) Can I prove that there would be a market for a product that solves this problem?

3 Two Pathways to Justification Academically or Ethically Market Research Both are valid. Both are important. However, in almost all disciplines of engineering you will find the organization that governs that body is dedicated to the public interest and the moral responsibility of engineers. It is our hope that engineers want to make the world a better place. Justifying Problem Selection

4 Academically / Ethically In this course, projects that can be justified ethically through academic research represent the highest order of achievement. This should be the starting point for all groups. Justifying Problem Selection

5 Market Research Some problems worth solving have no research to draw on. Once you have documented your search of the academic pathway, you might find that a better justification could be showing that there is a market for your product. We will discuss this option in the next steps of the process. Justifying Problem Selection

6 Where are we in the research phase? Step 1 (individual) – Areas of Interest Step 2 (individual) – Large problems within area(s) of interest Step 3 (individual/team) – Manageable problem(s) within area of interest Step 4 (team) – Preliminary research Step 5 (team) – Justify the problem Step 6 (team) – Concise problem statement. You problem statement will continue to evolve as you become an expert. Step 5

7 An Engineering Design Process - Research 1. Define and Justify a Problem Brainstorm possible project problems. Research and select a valid problem. Become an expert on the problem. Justify the problem through research. Academic Market Write a problem statement. Document and analyze prior solutions. Identify design requirements. Create a Project Proposal.

8 Getting Started Justifying Problem Selection Academically / Ethically Who in fact says your problem is a “problem” that needs to be solved. Provide varied sources and different arguments for the problem. “I Feel” or “I Think” has no place in engineering design and development. Remove the “language of affection”. Use the “language of report”. Assume no one believes you. Prove every point with the facts.

9 Getting Started Justifying Problem Selection Academically / Ethically From this point forward, it is critical to always capture two things. –What was said? (Information) –Who said it? (APA Citation) Where should you look to find the best justifications for your project?

10 Types of Justification Justifying Problem Selection Academically / Ethically Periodicals & Academic Journals Printed Electronic Databases Microfiche Books Refereed Articles General Reference Documented Communication Expert Interviews Surveys Newspapers Multimedia (video, audio) Commercial Internet Sites Peer Reviewed Editor Reviewed Credentialed Expert Editor Reviewed

11 Problem Statement Legal Issues People are suing because… Health & Safety People are hurt or killed by… Technical Problems People a complaining about… Economics Lack of a solution to this problem costs… Educational Strategies for Brainstorming Revisited Five Common Attack Paths to Justifying a Problem Education programs exist to prevent… Justification

12 Quantity and Quality of Sources Justifying Problem Selection Academically / Ethically A diverse spread of acceptable sources makes for a better case of justification. An argument is best made by presenting sound, multiple, and documented sources. 5 Good sources is usually enough Using 3 different attack paths 4 GREAT sources will do Providing 4 different attack paths Justification

13 A Systematic Approach to Research Justifying Problem Selection Academically / Ethically You instructor will introduce you to the research tools available to you at your school. Some common places to start are –Google Scholar –Databases such as; Academic Search Premier ERIC Statistical Abstract of the United States

14 Image Resources Microsoft, Inc. (n.d.). Clip art. Retrieved from iStockphoto. Retrieved from Dimension Printing. Retrieved from Thanks to EDD teachers who shared images of student prototypes

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