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1 bizhub 222 / 282 / 362 Compact communication in black & white.

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1 1 bizhub 222 / 282 / 362 Compact communication in black & white

2 Agenda Introduction Positioning Basic Specification Functionality Configuration bizhub 222/282/362 vs. bizhub 250/350 Function Enhancement 1

3 3 Introduction

4 Reliable mono mid volume systems Adding to the Infoline line-up

5 Introduction Successor model of bizhub 222 { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": "Introduction Successor model of bizhub 222

6 Introduction Finally, a complete “Infoline office line-up” From 22 to 75 ppm in B&W From 20 to 50 ppm in Colour

7 7 Positioning

8 CRD Department Workgroup SOHO Positioning bizhub 163 Konica Minolta A3 bw office portfolio bizhub 211bizhub 250bizhub 350bizhub 360bizhub 420bizhub 500bizhub 600bizhub 750 bizhub 361bizhub 421bizhub 501bizhub 601bizhub 751bizhub 362bizhub 282bizhub 222

9 bizhub 222/282/362 Copier oriented product with printing, faxing and scanning capability Lower cost to support non-solution commodity sale Up-sell possibility from bizhub 210/211 bizhub 361/421/501 More sophisticated product concept – solution oriented Targetted for Major Account business ‘ Advanced ’ version [Box, IT Features, OpenAPI] = Positioning

10 Market situation All three models will enter the same market segment Cat. 20-39 like their predecessors With 55% share of the total A3 B&W market in 2008 this category Cat. 20-39 is by far the largest but the most competitive segment Konica Minolta has a strong installed base in this segment to be upgraded

11 11 Basic Specification

12 Basic specification Well known Hardware Laser based engine Simitri polymerised toner Emperon print controller MFP architecture Standard functionality Copy Print Scan Optional functionality Fax Box

13 Basic specification Copy / print speed A4 222 = 22 282 = 28 362 = 36 Copy / print speed A3 222 = 15 282 = 17 362 = 20 Copy / print speed duplex 100% Scan speed 70 opm @ 200dpi 41 opm @ 600dpi

14 Basic specification First Copy Out Time 222 = 5.3 282 = 5.3 362 = 4.8 Warm up time 222 = 24 sec 282 = 24 sec 362 = 24 sec Resolution Copy/print/scan/fax 600 x 600 dpi Gradation 256

15 Basic specification Memory 192MB standard 320MB max 40GB HDD (Highly recommended for spooling and box functionality) Paper capacity 1,150 sheets standard 3,650 sheets maximum Paper sources 2 trays + bypass standard 4 trays + bypass maximum Paper size & weight A5 – A3 60 – 90 gsm from all cassettes 50 – 210 gsm from bypass

16 Basic specification Volumes monthly 222Max. 19k 282Max. 28k 362Max. 48k Lifetime engine 2220.5M 2820.8M 3621.2M Toner Yield at 6% 17.5k Lifetime drum / developer 22265k 28280k 362100k

17 Basic specification Print Controller Emperon 300MHz PCL 6 PostScript 3 Standard 10Base-T/100 Base–TX Ethernet USB 2.0 Parallel IEEE1284 optional Windows NT4.0/ 2000 / XP / 2003 / VISTA MAC 10.x Linux / Unix / Citrix

18 Basic specification Dimensions 677 x 710 x 718mm System Weight 74kg

19 19 Functionality

20 bizhub 222/282/361 offers similar functionality to the bizhub 250/350 but with enhanced ease of operation

21 Functionality Scanning Up to 70 opm @ 200dpi via ADF Up to 41 opm @ 600 dpi via ADF Scan-to-eMail/FTP/SMB/iFax std. TWAIN scan & Scan-to-Box opt. PDF /TIFF (single/multi page) LDAP Support Up to 540 Scan/Fax destinations

22 Functionality Fax (optional) Super G3 (33.6kbps) MH/MR/MMR/JBIG 2nd line Fax optional No PC-Fax via driver available at launch Becomes available with Function Enhancement 1 Scanner Unit SU-501 Bundled with Fax Unit (FK-503) and available separately IP address fax, PC-Fax, IP Scanner, received fax sorting, IP relay fax, IP/G3 Auto Select

23 Functionality Box (optional via Hard Disk Drive) 999 user + 1 public box Storage of copy/print/scan jobs on HDD Re-print of data from HDD Re-send of data from HDD Download of data from HDD Change printer settings (per job only) Common management of copy, print, scan jobs

24 Functionality Security ISO 15408 EAL3 certification with (Function Enhancement1) Volume/Copy track (1,000 accounts - ID, password, volume tracking) User Authentication (via Active Directory or on MFP) Combination of User Authentication + Copy track (100 accounts) HDD memory encryption & password lock HDD data erase (manually) SSL Encryption (https) IP Filtering Password control for Box Penalty for authentication failure (after 3 attempts)

25 Functionality Application Support CS Remote Care (not via Fax, same as bizhub 250/350) PageScope Net Care Device Manager PageScope Account Manager (without upper limit) PageScope Data Administrator PageScope Box Operator Print Status Notifier PageScope Workware (Trial) PageScope EMS Plug Ins HDD Twain driver HDD Backup Utility

26 26 Configuration

27 Standard 500 sheets universal x 2 150 sheets bypass 250 sheets output tray Emperon Controller 10Base-T/100 Base–TX Ethernet USB 2.0

28 Configuration Options FK-503 fax card bizhub 250/350 ML-502 2nd fax interface bizhub 250/350 SU-501 Scanner Unit bizhub 250/350 HD-250 Hard Disk (40GB) bizhub 250/350 EM-303/304/305 Extension memory (32/64/128MB) bizhub 250/350 SC-504 HDD security chip bizhub 250/350 EK-502 Parallel Interface Kit bizhub 250/350

29 Configuration Options DF-620 Automatic Document Feeder new OC-510 Original Cover new PC108 1x 500 sheets universal tray new PC-206 2x 500 sheets universal tray bizhub 361/421/501 PC-407 2500 sheets large capacity tray bizhub 361/421/501 DK-506 desk bizhub 362/421/501

30 Configuration Options JS-502 Job separator for 250 sheets bizhub 361/421/501 FS-530 staple finisher embedded type New SD-507 saddle unit for FS-530 bizhub 361/421/501 MT-502 mailbin unit for FS-530 bizhub 361/421/501 OT-602 3rd output tray for FS-530 bizhub 361/421/501 PU-501 Punch Unit for FS-530 bizhub 361/421/501

31 Function enhancement with Hard Drive (HD-250) Copying Overlay functions, Watermark Multi-jobs (Job Stock: reservation of the next 5 jobs) File memory Printing PDL spooling (spools jobs on HDD during printing) Print to HDD (Store Print job on HDD for reprinting afterwards PCL & PS Font downloading (permanent) Scaning Scan to HDD (Scan-to-Box) Scan to URL (in case of e-mail notification + Scan-to-HDD (Box)

32 Configuration HD-250

33 Function/Option Matrix FunctionHD-250FK-503ML-502SU-501SC-504 Copy--- PCL/PS Print--- Fax---Yes--- Dual line fax---Yes --- Scan-to-eMail/FTP/SMB--- Scan-to-Box/HDD/ TWAIN Yes--- HDD Data encryptionYes--- Yes IP-address fax--- Received fax sorting, IP relay Fax, IP/G3 Auto select --- Yes---

34 34 bizhub 222/282/362 vs. bizhub 250/350

35 Hardware 22/28/36 ppm New newly added bizhub 222 Infoline Design New options (design!) Partially compatible with bizhub 361/421/501 Same panel and display Same internal hardware Same function level Hardware 25/35 ppm Just two products Old style Same panel and display Same internal hardware Same function level

36 36 Function Enhancement 1(FE1)

37 FE1- PLEASE NOTE Function Enhancement Upgrade Objective to add new functionality which was not possible to include at the time of launch Our recommendation would not be to sell future functionality as an upgrade but to wait for this functionality to be integrated into future engine releases. FE1 as it is a hardware upgrade is likely to incur a cost. Function Enhancement Upgrade- PLEASE NOTE This presentation shows the features we expect to have with the function upgrade, but it is not guaranteed that all these features will be available when that Function Enhancement becomes available

38 FE1 Changes FE1 for bizhub 222/282/362 will be provided by summer 2009, but can only be accomplished by hardware changes, not by FW upgrade! Function changes Konica Minolta PC-Fax function (via driver) becomes available Improved PDF print performance File name for forwarded by TX/RX can be changed to “Sender’s Fax Number_Receiver’s Fax Number_Time Stamp.tiff” When Manual Direct Input for Scan Send is prohibited, it will be switched to LDAP search

39 Hardware change CPU clock speed will be changed from 300 to 400 MHz; the board will be changed from FE1 and introduced in production This will also lead to an improved PDF Print Performance, by 10 to 20% (depends on file type) In order to upgrade a 282 series machine to FE1 hardware, it is necessary to change the controller board as CPU clock is different. FE1 firmware only applies to the new CPU clock 400MHz FE1 Changes

40 Thank you!

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