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Course Outline AP Spanish

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1 Course Outline AP Spanish
Sra. Verdugo

2 What are we doing this year?
Listening – Podcasts, short dialogues, long narratives Speaking – Group discussions, presentations, personal interviews Reading – authentic articles, literature, essays Writing – messages, letters, note-taking, essays All of these activities are designed to mimic the AP exam format

3 AP Exam Practice Most classes will begin with exam practice
Brief message – interpersonal writing Short Dialogue – followed by multiple choice questions for comprehension Reading – authentic articles, comprehension and note-taking Interpersonal Conversation – Semester 1 in class, Semester 2 in IMMRC Long Narrative – comprehension and note-taking

4 Reading List Eduardo Galeano – Selected Excerpts
Isabel Allende – Dos palabras Julio Cortázar – La noche boca arriba Gabriel García Márquez – Un día de estos Juan Rulfo – No oyes ladrar los perros Tomás Rivera – Y no se lo tragó la tierra

5 Poetry Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz - México
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – España José Martí – Cuba Antonio Machado – España Pablo Neruda – Chile Alfonsina Storni – Argentina Rubén Darío – Nicaragua

6 What do you need for class
A three ring binder with loose leaf paper Five dividers Comprensión – Lectura y audio Interpersonal – Oral y escrito Presentación – Oral y escrito Música Suplementos It is essential that you maintain an organized binder. Please do not throw anything out of your binder. We will revisit material often during the year.

7 Optional (but highly recommended) Items
A Spanish/English Dictionary 101 Spanish Verbs 501 Spanish Verbs

8 How will you be evaluated?
Comprehension – 30% Interpersonal – 30% Presentational – 30% Participation and Work Habits – 10%

9 Attendance You must keep absences to a minimum
If you are absent, you have one day per absence to make up the work and must use an “Ausente” tag (It is up to you to know the date of your absence) It is your responsibility to check Share Point and talk to classmates or attend Block 7 for what you missed I will forget you have been absent and will forget the complete agenda if you ask me at the beginning of class!!!!!

10 Late Work You will lose one “Work Habit” point for each day that the assignment is late You may not turn in late work after the due date for the next month’s homework packet Ex. If you are late with Sept. assignments, you have until the due date for Oct. for late credit You will receive one extension per semester, but must have 3 of 6 assignments done

11 I want to see your writing, not that of others
Plagiarism You may not copy and paste sources from the internet without citing the source You may not use online translators for whole sentences (single words only) You may not simply translate something that is in English into Spanish and claim it as your work Native speakers may not provide significant help I want to see your writing, not that of others

12 Procedures for leaving the class (bathroom and lockers)
Ask permission in Spanish and use one of the hall passes that are hanging by the door If leaving class becomes a habit, I will first talk to you and then start to deduct participation points You may not leave class during whole group activities

13 Classroom Rules All OCHSA rules apply
You must be in the classroom at the bell No Cell Phones! iPods and other technology will only be allowed when I explicitly say so (otherwise we will have class music playing) Food will be allowed as long as it is not a distraction and no trash is left behind

14 Sra. Verdugo’s Rules Be Independent (self-advocate and take responsibility) Work Hard (come to class prepared and participate) Be Nice (respectful and kind to others)

15 Syllabus and Plagiarism Letter
Both the syllabus and plagiarism letter will be posted on Share Point You and your parents should read them completely Both you and your parents will sign the confirmation sheet You must turn in the confirmation sheet to me by September 23rd

16 ¡Échale Ganas!

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