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New colour A4 desktop MFP Griffin-C1 (MP C305 SP/SPF)

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1 New colour A4 desktop MFP Griffin-C1 (MP C305 SP/SPF)
±15min. New colour A4 desktop MFP Griffin-C1 (MP C305 SP/SPF) Kickoff presentation Launch Status Meeting, 18 July 2011 PMC, Ricoh Europe

2 Table of contents Product introduction and launch objective
Target market development Sales strategy and approach Key specifications Launch preparations

3 Product introduction Introducing Ricoh’s first colour A4 desktop MFP completing the MFP product portfolio, no predecessor replacement Single speed (30cpm), two models; MP C305SP & MP C305SPF Model MP C305SP has optional ARDF or Platencover Model MP C305SPF includes ARDF and Fax as std. Equipped with new GW+ controller similar to new A3 MFP’s Using “SPR-E” toner and QSU technology for No 1 TEC value in colour A4 desktop MFP segment New 4.3 inch tiltable colour touch panel

4 Completing Ricoh’s MFP product line-up
The MFP product lineup of Ricoh is focused on A3 MFPs at this moment, and Ricoh has made a great success with this lineup. On the other hand, when seeing the lineup from the viewpoint of A4 MFP, we have desktop copier based BW MFP (Stella-C4.5) and floor type copier based color MFP(Zeus-C1) at this moment and no A4 color desktop. From the viewpoint of competition , we are facing the necessity of A4 color desktop MFP which can compete in the market. Black and White Full Color MT-C4 60-90 ppm V-C3 60-75 ppm Shinka-MF1 40-50ppm Al-C1.5 40-50 ppm AP-C2.5 45-55 ppm R-C5.5 28-33 ppm Zeus-C1 30-40ppm Rinmei-MF1 28ppm AT-C2.5 30-35 ppm A4 color desktop PR-C1 25ppm Panache-MF2 20ppm  Di-C1.5 20–25 ppm K-C3.1 15-21 ppm Perseus-MF2 20ppm S-C4.5 20ppm A3 MFP A4 MFP A3 MFP A4 MFP

5 1. Replacing competitor’s A4 LPs
Launch objective There are 3 objects for launching Griffin-C1. The main point is replacing competitors LPs such as HP and Lexmark. Also Griffin-C1 is B2C conversion model. To maximize profitability of after sales, replacing mono A4 MFP such as Stella-C and Kir-C range of A3 MFP is also important. As you know B2C model of Kir-C is Diana-C, but we believe still there are Kir-C MIF that we can replace by Griffin-C1. 2. Replacing mono A4MFP Replacing Stella-C range A4MFP. 1. Replacing competitor’s A4 LPs 3. Replacing mono A3MFP Replacing Kir-C range A3MFP.

6 Target market development
Total colour-MFP market in Western Europe is increasing A4 ratio has increased to 20% in Q1 of CY11 A4 Colour MFP 26+ growth has been accelerated since CY10 Q3 by KoM bizhub C35 and Kyo FS-C 2x26.

7 Sales strategy 5 SMA MA Medium Business Small Business Griffin-C1’s target market is MA and SMB. The followings are our strengths in order to consolidate Single Function Printer, Fax and LP for both MA and SMB market: Small footprint and all in one functionality of Griffin-C1. Total lineup (A3 mono/color, A4 floor type and desktop mono/color) Common controller function with A3 MFP Device optimization proposal + TCO & Solution Proposal Replace standalone copier, printer, scanner, fax or MFP together with other A3 MFP by offering features which is common with A3 MFP. In addition, Ricoh will offer its effective solution with strong service/support, SDK, device management etc.. Main machine for small office With its compact size and all in one functionality, Griffin-C1 can be utilized as a main machine in small office. Vertical/Horizontal Approach Pharmacy, hospital and bank, where A3/DLT are not frequently used and scanning are used in their work flow. In addition, installation space is limited. Model Color ratio Average monthly PV Max. monthly PV Monthly duty Griffin-C1 20% 2K 5K 20K

8 Device Optimization Sales approach TCO Solution Workflow Solution
5 Griffin-C1 will have an advantage with the connectivity with A3 MFP line ups, and the advanced controller specs are almost the same with A3 MFP. With the Device optimization proposal , Ricoh will strengthen the Solution proposal in the future to meet customer expectation. TCO Solution Workflow Solution Compliance Solution A3MFP Printer Device Optimization Device Management etc) Security Solution A4MFP Environment Solution Competitor’s A4MFP attack

9 Enhanced GW Controller (GW+) No 1 TEC value in A4 colour MFP
Major Selling Points 7 Griffin-C1 major selling points are as follows: Enhanced GW Controller (GW+) 1 Easy to use on the desk 2 No 1 TEC value in A4 colour MFP 3 Machine Enhancements 4

10 Enhanced GW+ controller
7 By adopting the GW+ controller, the controller specs have been dramatically strengthened. <Workflow Improvement> Customizable Home screen MFP Full Browser (opt) External USB Keyboard support QWERTZ layout support Greek/Brazilian Portuguese support Homefolder over LDAP Expanded User Code (500=>1000) Import/Export of Preference settings Scheduling of Quota management Duplex Copy/Print of custom paper size Auto Job Promotion Scheduled Print *with HDD New color profile support (POP display mode) JBIG2 compression mode support Reduce/Enlarge scan Enhanced Batch scan <TCO> Remote FAX (opt) <Environment> Eco-Friendly Counter <Compliance> Scan to PDF-A/digitally signed PDF <Security> Unauthorized Copy Control (PCL6/PS) Mandatory Hold Print mode *with HDD Mandatory security information print Weekly timer for output of received FAX Enhanced Encryption level (AES256bit, SHA-2) *Detailed information of each new function will be provided in Package 3 of PPLI 2nd.

11 Remote FAX option What benefit will it bring to customers?
7 <same network> Machine: B w/o Fax option Machine: C w/o Fax option Fax Receiving On Line Fax Sending Center Machine: A with Fax option Machine: D w/o Fax option *: Remote Fax options are required for Machine device A,B,C and D. What is “Remote FAX”? By utilizing Remote Fax function, users can send or receive fax documents from GW+ machines without FAX options via the other GW+ machines with FAX options. What benefit will it bring to customers? Users can share the FAX function on the same network, they don’t have to buy multiple FAX options and can reduce existing FAX lines if some FAX lines are not used heavily. Therefore, they can reduce not only the initial cost for FAX options but also the running cost of maintaining multiple FAX lines.

12 Customisable Home Screen
7 Programmed Icon Customisable area Customise home screen for each user 経理 Salesman Account Planner What is “Customisable Home Screen”? The displayed function icons and their order are customisable, and a bitmap data such as users’ corporate logo can be inserted at the upper right corner of the screen. In combination with user authentication, each user can have their own personal home screen. What benefit will it bring to customers? Each user can customize his/her personal home screen that only displays those icons that he/she uses. Also a program short cut can be set on the home screen. Users can program and set a frequently used job operation on the home screen so that they can execute an operation with 1 step that used to take several.

13 MFP full browser option
7 *: MFP Browser option must be installed for using this function. What is “MFP Full Browser”? This function enables users to browse external web sites and print out the displayed page directly from the operation panel of MFP. Web page addresses can be registered as bookmark icons on the home screen. What benefit will it bring to customers? Users can access various web contents such as Google maps or Yahoo news, and they can print out displayed web pages directly, so they can get root maps, e-tickets and coupons easily without a PC. If Ricoh’s support web pages are bookmarked on the MFP, users can check the device’s manuals from the operation panel.

14 New design and operation panel
7 New Color / New Form White and gray matches other office equipments Dark gray is used for operational parts that are frequently used: operation panel, top board and inner tray. Simple cube design will fit to any office space. New Operation Panel (Tiltable) Ease of use for everyone by changing the angle of the operation panel on demand. Home button is newly added. You can return to the home screen from anywhere. 3 function keys are available which you can assign your own designated function. SD/USB slot is placed on the right side of the panel. (std)

15 Quicker time to achieve
New QSU and No1 TEC value 7 Griffin-C1 has implemented the new QSU fusing system. By downsizing the fusing unit and adopting new architecture, TEC value has dramatically-improved. Of course, recovery time from sleep mode and warm up time will be also improved. 《New QSU》 ◆Fusing Pat ◆Heater ◆Fusing Belt ◆Pressing roller 1.Reduced the parts by integrating the functions Low cost Downsizing 2. Achieved immediate high temperature by low heat capacity heat capacity(image) Low heat capacity Quicker time to achieve high temperature Reduction of TEC Brand Product name CPM TEC RICOH Zeus-C1a 30cpm 3218 Wh Griffn-C1 1360 Wh KnM bizhub-C35 6600 Wh HP CM3530 5900 Wh Current generation Next-generation

16 Unique in segment; optional 1-bintray
7 First model supporting 1-bintray in A4 desktop MFP Griffin-C1 is the first model to support 1-bintray in A4 desktop MFP. Competitors do not have 1-bin tray for A4 desktop MFP.

17 Competitor spec comparison
Griffin-C1 Kyocera FS-C2126MFP+ HP Color LaserJet CM3530 MFP KoMi bizhub C35 Productivity (A4) 30cpm 26cpm Scan Speed(FC/BW) 30/30 ipm (200dpi) /30 ipm (300dpi) 25/35 ipm (300 dpi) × Up to 30 ipm (200dpi) 30 ipm (300dpi) Dimension (W*D*H)mm with ARDF 498×534×505 514x550x580 543×519×560.5 530×508×550 Weight(kg/lb) with ARDF Less than 45/99 37/81 48/105 39/86 Operational panel 4.3inch color touch panel (with tilt) Keypad 8.1inch color touch Panel 4.3inch color touch panel Paper Output Capacity*Std. 100 sheets 250sheets 250 sheets First Copy Time (BK/FC) 7sec/11sec 10sec/12sec 11.3sec/12.5sec 10.1sec/12.0se c Warm Up Time 30sec 29sec TBA 45sec TEC 1,360 Wh 5,900 Wh 6,600 Wh

18 Sales plan Sample unit: planned to arrive in December 2011
MP schedule (SRD, China): planned to start February 2012 Market release: planned for 9 April 2012 Target sales quantity: approx. 4 – 5K units p/month Pricing: TBC

19 Launch preparation SP Materials: new materials will be created
Product training: TBD Technical training: TBD Options: Several new options, some compatible with other existing B/W MFP’s (Orval-C1, R-C5.5/Al-C1.5 and St-C4.5). Supplies: New high (12K) and a normal yield (8K) monochrome toner, new single colour toner (4K). Parts: No parts list received yet. Sample unit: order placed with RCL

20 Thank you!

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