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Product Support Jason Nelson N. America Product Support Manager Major Accounts.

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1 Product Support Jason Nelson N. America Product Support Manager Major Accounts

2 Agenda  Customer Website – Technical Information –Public information –Private website – My Tools Engine News SIS Web PartStore Link Warranty Registration Process Technical and General Information

3 Agenda (Continued)  Cat ® Parts Solutions –Gas engine upgrades –Gas and diesel overhaul kits –Diesel engine upgrades –Remanufactured components  Training

4 Customer Website

5 Latest News & Press Releases Latest Parts & Service Information Select a Product by Industry or Application Locate a Caterpillar Dealer Anywhere in the World Search Tool

6 Offshore Drilling Industry Page Entire Product Line-up for Offshore Industry

7 Land Drilling Industry Page Entire product line-up for Land Drilling Industry Entire Product Line-up for Land Drilling Industry

8 Well Service Industry Page Entire Product Line-up for Well Service Industry

9 Gas Compression Industry Page Entire Product Line-up for Gas Compression Industry Gas Engine Rating Pro (GERP)

10 Gas Compression Product Page Features & Benefits Brochures Specification Sheets Warranty Statement Upgrade Information

11 My Tools

12 Getting Access to My Tools  My Tools Available on  Requires a Login ID – Caterpillar Corporate Web Security (CWS)  “My Tools” Includes Access To: –Engine News –SIS Web access –PartStore access from single link –Technical and General Literature –…more to come  Available to Caterpillar Oil and Gas Customers… contact us

13 Login Login to My Tools

14 Login with Username and Password Login to My Tools

15 My Tools Section My Tools Access

16 My Tools Website

17 Engine News

18  Provides Technical Updates on Product and Parts  Weekly Articles Archived Online  Notification Subscriptions  Paper Copies No Longer Available

19 Enter Address for Notifications Archived Articles

20 Engine News Update Descriptions NEW! Engine News articles will now be published on a daily basis, as needed and posted online. Your notification will continue to be once a week, but you will be able to access the latest issue online without waiting for the notification. Article highlights will also be included in your notifications. October 20 Highlights:  Torque for the Fuel Cooler Connections for C9 and C15 Engines  A New Version of Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) Better Supports G3400 and G3500 Engines October 23 Highlights:  New Procedure for Disconnecting the Battery Cables on Generator Sets  A New Drive Idler Shaft Must Be Used on Some 3408 and 3412 Engines

21 Technical Issue Resolution  Local Cat Dealer Involvement  Dealers Populate Global IT Systems with Information  Caterpillar Uses 6 Sigma Methodology to Resolve Issues Based on Facts and Data  Working to Maximize Your Uptime

22 SIS Web

23 Service Information System (SIS)  Access to 1 Million Part Numbers, 1.3 Million Graphics, and Thousands of Parts and Service Documents  SIS Includes… –Operation & Maintenance Manuals, Parts Manuals, Safety Information, & Engine News Access through My Tools

24 1. Enter Engine Serial # Service Information System (SIS) 2. Click on Document Structure: Op. & Maint. Manuals, Parts Identification, Engine News

25 Service Information System (SIS) Parts Lookup

26 PartStore TM

27 What is PartStore TM ?

28 PartStore TM = Ordering Parts Online Saved Part Lists

29 PartStore TM = Ordering Parts Online Create New Lists

30 My Cat ® Dealer PartStore TM  Customer access to multiple Cat Dealer PartStores From a Single Link on  ONE Login ID and Password!

31 My Cat Dealer PartStore TM Single link to all your Dealer PartStores

32 How to Register for PartStore TM Access  Log into “My Tools” on  Click on PartStore TM Registration  Select Cat Dealer  Continue Registration Process –A notification will be sent by the Cat Dealer PartStore TM Admin when registration completed  The “My Tools” login ID is now Registered for PartStore TM

33 Online Engine Warranty Registration

34  Why? –Challenge to know when products go “in service” –Challenge to know where the product is delivered  Solution: –Customer enabled online warranty registration –Provides Caterpillar with the in-service-date –Minimizing confusion and downtime

35 Online Engine Warranty Registration





40  Engine/Transmission is Now Registered  In-service Date is Now Established  Downtime is Minimized

41 Technical and General Literature


43  G3600 Best Practices Document –Operation and Maintenance Focus –Simplified information


45  Engine Storage and Preservation Guide

46 In Summary  Caterpillar is Committed to Providing you Access to Technical Information  Web Access to Information Through “My Tools” – –SIS Web, PartStore, Engine News, Technical and General Information –Specific product information applicable to your fleet

47 In Summary  Information Intended to Enable You to Work with the Local Cat Dealer  Please take a My Tools Automated Registration Card  Contact your Cat Dealer or Account Manager Today

48 Caterpillar Parts Solutions Isaac Fox Caterpillar Global Petroleum Product Support

49 Agenda  Solutions Created to Meet Customer Needs  Caterpillar Parts Solutions –Gas Engine Upgrades –Gas and Diesel Overhaul Kits –Diesel Engine Upgrades –Remanufactured Components  Please let us know if you have other needs!

50 G3500 Engine Controls Upgrade  Upgrade from EIS Electronic Ignition System to ADEM™ A3 Engine Electronics with Air-Fuel Ratio Control and NOx sensor  Upgrade from A3 with O 2 Sensor to A3 with NOx Sensor  Improved Control of NOx Emissions  Improved Diagnostics and Interface NSPS Reconstructed NSPS 7/ EIS w/AFRC A3 w/AFRC (O2 Sensor) A3/NOx NOx Emissions, g/bhp-hr “NSPS:” Relating to emissions limits dictated by the US EPA New Source Performance Standards for Spark Ignited Engines, 40 CFR Parts 60, 63, 85, et al.

51 G3508 Upgrade – Single Turbo  Upgrade to A3 Engine Electronics with Air-Fuel Ratio Control and NOx Sensor  Improved Altitude, Turn-down, Ambient, Power  Improved Control of NOx Emissions  Improved Diagnostics and Interface NSPS Reconstructed NSPS 7/ EIS w/AFRC A3 w/AFRC (O2 Sensor) A3/NOx NOx Emissions, g/bhp-hr “NSPS:” Relating to emissions limits dictated by the US EPA New Source Performance Standards for Spark Ignited Engines, 40 CFR Parts 60, 63, 85, et al.

52 G3500B Upgrade – Ultra Lean Burn  Upgrade to G3500B  1.0g NOx and 0.5g NOx Ratings Available  Increase hp per Site  Improved Fleet Flexibility  Improved Fuel Economy, Altitude Capability (1.0g Rating)  Significant Upgrade –Includes heads, pistons, air system, more –Upgrade performed with major overhaul EIS w/AFRC A3 w/AFRC (O2 Sensor) A3/NOx NSPS Reconstructed NSPS 7/07 ULB DFW NSPS 7/10 NOx Emissions, g/bhp-hr ULB “DFW:” Emissions limits set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for counties in the Dallas / Fort Worth area “NSPS:” Relating to emissions limits dictated by the US EPA New Source Performance Standards for Spark Ignited Engines, 40 CFR Parts 60, 63, 85, et al.

53 G3500 Advisor Panel Software Upgrade

54 Upgraded Advisor Panel Allows End Users to Take Advantage of a Wide Variety of Setup Parameters  Timing Control – First desired timing – Second desired timing  Speed Control – Low idle speed – Minimum engine high idle speed – Maximum engine high idle speed – Engine acceleration rate – Rated engine speed – Desired speed input configuration – Governor type setting – Engine operation type – Governor gain factor – Governor stability factor – Governor compensation factor – Engine load timing map  Engine Load Calibration – Full load intake manifold pressure – No-load intake manifold pressure  Air/Fuel Ratio Control – Emissions feedback mode configuration – Desired engine exhaust NOx level setting – Air/fuel proportional gain – Air/fuel integral gain  Start/Stop Control – Starting system type – Driven equipment delay time – Crank terminate RPM – Engine purge cycle time – Cooldown duration – Cycle crank time – Engine overcrank time – Engine speed drop time – Engine pre-lube timeout period – Engine post-lube duration – Engine prelube  Monitoring and Protection – High inlet air temperature engine load set point All configurable parameters can be protected by a PIN (numerical password)

55 Configure the Engine without Cat ET  Configuration Menus Allow Adjustment of Engine Settings  User Configurable Password Protects Configuration Menu  No Need to Bring a Laptop with Cat ET!

56 G3600 A3 Upgrade  Introduced in 2002 – Hundreds Converted!  Improved Reliability Compared to Engine Supervisory System (ESS)  Significantly Improved Uptime  Improved Troubleshooting  Expandable/Retrofittable  Available for All G3600 Models

57 G3600 VTC Turbo to TPS Turbo Upgrade  Upgrade Introduced in 2005  Reduced Fouling Risk  Longer Life  Improved Uptime  Upgrade Turbo, Aftercooler, and ECM with Latest Software to Get 0.5g NOx

58 G3300 Overhaul Kits  One Part Number  Competitive Pricing  Genuine Parts  Backed by Cat Gas Engine Parts Warranty

59 6.25" Bore Overhaul Kits (D379, 398, 399)  Multiple Configurations Available to Suit Customer Preferences  Competitive Pricing  Genuine Parts  Backed by Cat Parts Warranty

60 D3600 Mechanical to Electronic Injection  Reduced Maintenance Costs –Eliminates mechanical synchronization of the injectors –Eliminates governors/actuators maintenance  More Efficient Engine Operation* –ADEM A3 enables customer programmable features –Improves fuel economy  Reduced Emissions* –Reduces NOx emissions with optional software upgrade –IMO-II compliant with hardware/software upgrades *Not applicable to some engine configurations

61 Reman – Video

62 Reman – Oil & Gas Product Offerings  Cost-effective Solution – Typically 40%-60% of New Price  Designed to Complement Dealer Offerings  Worldwide Warranty Coverage from Caterpillar  Products Include: –Generators –Short blocks –Cylinder heads –Starters –Crankshafts –Cylinder packs –Engine Control Units (ECUs) –Alternators –Oil coolers –Turbochargers –Unit injectors and fuel nozzles –Fuel injection pumps and governor groups –Water pumps –Oil pumps

63 IMO Certification Status of Reman Parts  Reman Products Provide Cost-effective Solutions  IMO Certifications Have Restricted Availability to Offshore Applications  Caterpillar Has Been Working with Certification Societies to Make Remanufactured Parts Available to Offshore Customers –First GL approval, then ABS and DNV –GL certification of most components has been received for 3600/3500/3400 –Certification of key facilities is expected this year

64 Products Created to Meet Your Needs  Global Petroleum Creates Solutions to Meet Customer Needs  We are Constantly Evaluating Opportunities –Diesel upgrades –Aftertreatment retrofits –Remanufactured products  Contact your local Cat Dealer with requests * More information available from and your local dealer

65 Training

66  Cat Dealers and Caterpillar Offer Training to Customers  Challenges to Complete Training Exist –Identifying classes –scheduling people –finding locations –tracking results, etc…  Caterpillar is Committed to Improving Training Options

67 Training  Training Available Today  Instructor Led Training (ILT) and Web Based Training (WBT) –ILT typically has multiple WBT prerequisites –WBT available from ALL Cat dealers –ILT available from Cat dealers and Caterpillar  Cat Dealers Administer All Training Options

68 Training Need Example…  Customer Needs Five Technicians to Obtain Training on Electrical and Electronic Diagnostics  Solution: Caterpillar Offers ILT Class #26679 Electrical/Electronics –36-hour instructor led class –Prerequisites include 7 WBT classes (12 hrs 40 min of material)  Customer Contacts the Local Cat Dealer to Get Started

69 Training  In Response to Customer Requests  Simplified Current Course Offerings  Please Take a Copy of the Menu

70 Thanks!

71 Information contained in this publication may be considered confidential. Discretion is recommended when distributing. Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, ADEM, PartStore, “Caterpillar Yellow” and the “Power Edge” trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission. LESW (11/09)  2009 Caterpillar All rights reserved.

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