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Insulated distribution poles jerol ® helps create safe workplaces.

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1 insulated distribution poles jerol ® helps create safe workplaces

2 jerol ® distribution poles provide ver. 2013-01-22 safe climbing

3 Challenge Climbing in a Jerol pole must be as easy as climbing in a wooden pole. Climbing must be safe in all weather conditions.

4 Problem identification Standard safety line, without extra gripping equipment, can become slippery with the Jerol pole. Blunt spikes and severe frost might result in poor grip for the climbing shoes.

5 Must have Good grip on the Jerol pole Firm bite onto the pole Using standard approved climbers and safety equipment

6 The Solution A strap with a Jerol Gripper to improve grip against the pole

7 The Jerol Gripper Developed in co-operation with C2 Vertical Safety Tested with a dummy in C2 Vertical Safety’s training and testing facilities Tested at Björklinge Energi in field conditions

8 C2 Vertical Safety Torbjörn Larsson, Safety Engineer, Vattenfall Service Syd: "C2 Vertical Safety is our main partner in training, safety equipments and material inspections. Together we have developed the ”EBR-method” to resque climbers in distress."

9 C2 Vertical Safety Patrik Polgar, Training and Technical Solutions Manager, C2 Vertical Safety: “Since we don’t interfer with existing safety equipment, but merely use the Jerol Gripper to protect the safety strap, we will probably not require additional approval for the equipment”.

10 Test procedure at C2 A 70kg test dummy was set to hang from a rope mounted on the top of the Jerol pole. A strap with a Jerol Gripper was then placed round the pole and hooked to the dummy’s standard safety line. The supporting rope was then cut to produce a free fall of the dummy. The safety line had to carry the entire weight of the dummy. Dummy set up

11 Test procedure and result Prior to the test the position of the Jerol Gripper is marked. After the test the distance between the Gripper and the mark is measured. Result: The Jerol Gripper on the strap grabs within 1 cm. Patrik Polgar: “The result is suprisingly good! The Jerol Gripper makes climbing in the composite pole safe regardless of weather conditions.” Test with dummy

12 Field test A field test to verify lab result was conducted by linemen from utility company Björklinge Energi: Weather conditions: Temperature -16⁰C with snowfall The linemen found that the Jerol Gripper worked well even in tough winter conditions


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