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$200 $300 $400 Final Jeopardy $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 This is What They Said Saint Nick--sall.

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2 $200 $300 $400 Final Jeopardy $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 This is What They Said Saint Nick--sall

3 The name of the organization that conducted the Adult Learner Persistence Study C1 $100

4 What is the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL)? C1? $100

5 The group of states in which the study was conducted C1 $200

6 What are the New England states? C1 $200

7 Two of the four supports that the study identified as having an impact on learner persistence C1 $300

8 (Name two) What are: Managing positive and negative forces Building self efficacy Setting clear goals Seeing progress? C1 $300

9 Name of the largest type of adult learners identified in the study C1 $400

10 What are: Intermittent Learners? C1 $400

11 NCSALL’s proposed definition of learner persistence that recognizes and accommodates the “stop out” phenomenon Timer The final Jeopardy answer is: C1 final

12 What is: Adults staying in programs for as long as they can, engaging in supported self study or distance education when they must stop attending program services, and returning to program services as soon as the demands of their lives allow?

13 C2 $100 The main question that Belzer wanted to answer in her study

14 C2 $100 What is “how do adult learners feel about leaving our programs?”

15 C2 $200 Name given to the cycle of enrolling, leaving, and re-entering adult education programs

16 C2 $200 What is “stopping out?”

17 C2 $300 Beder stated that these two issues were the most understated problems in adult education

18 C2 $300 What are continuous enrollment and mixed skill level classes?

19 C2 $400 Tom Sticht says persistence increases in these types of classes

20 C2 $400 What are classes where the focus of students and classrooms are more closely aligned?

21 C2 $500 Intermittent learners describe this as the reason for their early departures

22 C2 $500 What are “factors beyond their control?”

23 This Jeopardy template was created by Dr. Robert Pettis, Director An Adventure of the American Mind, University of South Carolina Spartanburg This Jeopardy game was created by Kathi Polis

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