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Capability Development Group Brigadier Kathryn Toohey – DGICD.

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1 Capability Development Group Brigadier Kathryn Toohey – DGICD

2 DGICD (BRIG Kath Toohey) Director Joint C4 Projects (Mr Doug Fitzgerald) Director Joint ISREW Projects (CAPT Don Burningham) Director Joint Force Integration (COL Haydn Kohl) Director Project Support (Ms Michelle Jones) Deputy DG Monitored Projects (Mr Gary Pianegonda) Integrated Capability Development (ICD) Branch

3 Mission JFID is to assist project managers in identifying and managing joint integration requirements IOT enable the delivery of integrated and coherent Joint Force capabilities. Integration by design System of systems Focus on C4, BA and Log Integration Joint Force Integration Directorate (JFID)

4 Proposed JFID Integration Framework Level 3 (Portfolio-DCP) Enterprise architecture for C4 and BA Identification and enforcement of common standards for C4, BA and Log Level 2 (Program-DOEF) Umbrella OCD set based on DOEFs Identification of program level needs Consistent environmental scan to form the basis for project OCDs Level 1 (Project) Risk based approach: Project Integration Needs Studies (PINS) Part 1 and Part 2 and Project Integration Risk Assessments (PIRA) Identification of Joint C4, BA and Log opportunities during project initiation

5 Project Integration – Risk Assessments Joint LD Branch L121-4 JP2048 C2 BA Log Require Link 16 Availability of diesel L C2 BA Log Common Veh Architecture L121-3B C2 BA Log Trailers L75-4 C2 BA Log Avail of systems for test JP2072 C2 BA Log Scheduling risks CA52 (Pers Eqpt) C2 BA LogSoldier system undefined CN17 (Tobruk) C2 BA Log Sea transportability CA15 (Chinook) C2 BA Log Air Transportability ProjectsIn-Service fleets CAF06 (C130) C2 BA Log Air transportability Integration Risk Summary Extreme High Medium Low5

6 Program Integration – Umbrella OCDs Aim To identify program/ DOEF level needs and requirements 12 x UOCD Groupings Intent Guidance to PMs on integration design factors HCS endorsed V1.0 in Dec 13 Seeking feedback on V1.0 in advance of release of V2.0 in mid 14

7 Portfolio Integration – “Integrating the Integrators” Defence Committee Chief of Service Committee Joint Warfare Council Governance Influence Strategic Guidance Joint Concepts DOEF Enterprise Architecture Standards Capability Needs Statement Project Document Suite PIRB-I CGRB First Pass CGRB Second Pass Joint Force Integration & Interoperability Requirements Umbrella OCDs (JFID) PINS Part 1 and Part 2 (if required) (JFID) PIRA (if required) (JFID) Operational Concept Documentation (Project Manager) Function & Performance Specification (FPS) (PM) Test Concept Documentation (TCD) (PM) Linkages & Dependencies (PM with input from JFID) Risks & Issues (PM) Level 2 Level 1 Level 3

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