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Authors of the prezentation: Ducková Anna Ceľuchová Adela Čapistráková Simona Černická Iveta Dufalová Mária Eštočinová Michaela Gaľová Renáta Gladšová.

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Presentation on theme: "Authors of the prezentation: Ducková Anna Ceľuchová Adela Čapistráková Simona Černická Iveta Dufalová Mária Eštočinová Michaela Gaľová Renáta Gladšová."— Presentation transcript:


2 Authors of the prezentation: Ducková Anna Ceľuchová Adela Čapistráková Simona Černická Iveta Dufalová Mária Eštočinová Michaela Gaľová Renáta Gladšová Dominika Grudecká Mária Halžáková Michaela Horvátová Lenka Ivanková Barbara Jenčová Veronika Kanuščáková Michaela Author of the song: PaedDr. Anna Imrichová Singing: Jurášková Vargová Ištvanová Urbanová Music: Mgr. Igor Tomáš

3 Region of Prešov : – Prešov – Domaša – Sabinov – High Tatras – Stará Ľubovňa European union: – Croatia – Spain – Greece – Italy – Switzerland


5 Prešov is a beautiful city and one of the few historical sites. There are historical monuments, beautiful nature, parks, museums, theaters, galleries and much more. City center is characteristic for its colourful buildings built in wide range of styles from Middle Age to Renaissance. There are also interesting, mysterious streets that are currently in reconstruction.

6 It is a city of young people who like to spend time with their friends in the library, cinema or park where the center of the city exempts Neptune Fountain - the oldest fountain in Prešov. The city is known by the salt production, and therefore is a part of the city named Solivar. Many famous people come from this city, for example IMT Smile.

7 Domasa dam is clearly an attractive place for tourists and locals. There are many possibilities for leisure activities, including swimming, fishing or exploring the rich surroundings through tourism.

8 The Domaša dam has several beaches. This area is divided into several recreation centers. It is certainly a place of your choice. It is one of the jewels of Eastern Slovakia and not seeing it would be a pity.

9 Among the most beautiful experiences in the city of Sabinov is a historic center. There are old walls and bastions of former fortifications. The first mention of Sabinov dates from 1248 and since 1405 it has been declared a free royal city. Sabinov is a member of Pentopolitana - an association of five eastern cities (Kosice, Presov, Sabinov, Bardejov and Levoca).

10 The main part of town is the Gothic, Roman Catholic Church, which is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. On the outskirts of town is the Greek-Catholic Church, the Orthodox church and two Protestant churches. On the square are many burgher houses which were used in the movie Shop on Main Street, that won the Oscar. In the vicinity is a resort SkiDrienica where you can relax.

11 There is a tale about the establishment of the city. It's about a beautiful girl named Sabina, who saved drowning Belo IV. As an expression of gratitude he named the city in the memory of her name, Sabinov.

12 As you may know, the mountains of High Tatras are situated in the northern part of Slovakia on the border with Poland. High Tatras consist of several peaks such as: the Gerlach Peak, Krivan and Lomnicky peak. Also there are valleys, moraines and lakes, including Strbske Lake, Rocky Lake. Finally there are lots of beautiful villages with historic buildings as well as tourist resorts. With the possibility of accommodation you can take day trips into the broader equally familiar surroundings.

13 Tatras are well known not only by peaks but also by many parks, hiking trails and ski resorts. I recommend you to visit the Tatras because it is really worth it.

14 The town Stará Ľubovňa, the royal city of the 14th century, is one of the most beautiful cities in the Prešov Region. This position appears to merit a rich historical past, which are left behind just a few feet striking such Lubovniansky Ľubovňa museum or castle, which proudly boasts over it.

15 Dominant feature of this royal town is the Church. Nicholas and Provincial House, built in Renaissance style, which shows that this city will come clear to anyone interested in their architecture and history. Anyone visiting this part of Slovakia will not be disappointed and will be glad when he returns here again.


17 Croatia or the Slovak Sea, as it is known in Slovakia, is a charming country. Located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea and in many islands in the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has 4.4 million inhabitants. The main and largest city of Croatia is Zagreb with 779 thousand. population. Zagreb is the economic, transport, cultural and scientific center of the earth, is the national symbol of the State.

18 Croatia boasts many interesting places that are worth a look. It is very difficult to say which are the best. I tried to choose the places, that in me produce beautiful memories of magnificent surrounding scenery: Lokva Rogoznica: The quiet town offers beautiful beaches potted in sun, mostly rocky nature. In addition, the sea is clean. The area is planted with pine groves, so that the bays with beaches always find enough shade. This little town has all the right options for family holidays, and close to private and family apartment house is located post office, shop and restaurant.

19 2. Podgora: Podgora is called the Princess of Dalmatia. Beautiful, relatively narrow pebbly beach, sand, with much greenery. The water really pure joy to fly, you see a lot of fish and seafood. Pleasant night walks to more pleasant sparkling sea. Podgora has good conditions for water sports: windsurfing, sailing, diving, water skiing, but as for other sports: tennis, basketball, little digging, beach volleyball.

20 3. PLITVICE LAKES: This is a very beautiful place and I think,“who did not see Plitvice Lakes, has not been in Croatia“. Visit the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, is a real experience. The highest falls in the water more than 70 m deep pit. The beauty of these lakes are among the most beautiful national parks in Europe, the German filmmaker učarovala. Those around the lakes of the films shot Winnetou. Plitvice Lakes National Park lies at an altitude of 500- 640 m. Water lakes have different colors, from emerald green to deep blue. Pllitvických the lakes you can swim, and relax while your feet comfortably tickle fishes.

21 Historically rich Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula. The whole breathes with a pleasant atmosphere. Spaniards are full of energy and are able to fully unleash. Me personally like most of Catalonia, with its capital Barcelona. It is full of beautiful buildings, churches and streets.

22 The city is known for its biggest football club FC Barcelona in Europe, twice winner of the Champions League. But also for his sights. They are the work of famous artist Antoni Gaudi. Sagrada Familia is a beautiful temple, which is still under construction. Should be completed in 2026 and completed the highest tower measuring 170 m. Sagrada Familia is to have 18 towers representing the twelve apostles, four Lutherans, Mary and Jesus Christ.

23 One of the countries that took me is Greece. It is a country located in southern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula and south of the Peloponnese. The largest city is Athens, which is the main and largest city of Greece. The city is named after its patron goddess of Athens - also it is almost divine - find it a large number of works of art are irreplaceable aesthetic value.

24 The second largest city is Thessaloniki. This is a capital Greek region of Macedonia and is located on a small plain surrounded by mountains, which was established in Axios river delta and Aliakmonas.. Besides these two, I think you will find interesting places in Greece also plenty of other interesting places, whether the various islands with interesting recreational centers and various cultural monuments, also in this country can have a beach. Sure it's a beautiful country to which travel is paid to each of us.

25 Italy, a country that has its charm won many admirers of the infinite, which seems so obvious, it is a shame to ever remember. It is a place where nature meets the most beautiful works of beauty created by artists. It is perhaps the dream of almost every tourist to see the works of famous artists, scattered throughout Italy, whether the massive peaks of the Dolomites?

26 If you agree with this view, your attention should focus on the Italian places like Rome, with its Square St. Peter, if Trentino region, south of the main ridge of the Alps, where the largest number of these beauties. More works of art and a paradise for climbers - this is just a few of the many terms to describe Italy.

27 Switzerland is a good place for tourists at any time - spring, summer, autumn, winter - the latter will be a wonderful friend every season. Fabulous panorama, and cut the cards, will please your eye when looking at all directions. Clean snow, clean air - all this can occur in the Swiss mountains.

28 Is there someone who doesn´t know the mountains Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, and lakes surrounding the cities of Zurich, Zug and Geneva? Switzerland also offers numerous sights and attractions. Beautiful Lake Geneva as the geyser, but still only a drop in the ocean Swiss beauty.

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