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Photosynthesis By Jane Horlings. Source of Energy.

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1 Photosynthesis By Jane Horlings

2 Source of Energy

3 Summary Equation

4 Two Stages

5 Comparison to Aerobic Respiration Membranous organelles, enzymes ATP, electron carriers Water, C0 2, 0 2, sugars

6 Light Dependent Reactions

7 Light Independent Reactions

8 Requirements:

9 3 carbon C3 Plants, C4 Plants, CAM Plants

10 Photosynthetic Prokaryotes

11 Procedure for Lab A 1.Zero adjust empty

12 Procedure for Lab A 2. Set wavelength 3. Blank adjust to zero 4. Read sample

13 Procedure for Lab A 5. Reset for next wavelength 6. Rezero with blank 7. Read sample

14 Procedure for Lab A Run sample at all wavelengths of visible spectrum……

15 Results of Lab A Graph results

16 Results of Lab A

17 Procedure for Lab D

18 Important! Pigment (green line) must be ABOVE the solution (fluid) in the bottom

19 Results of Lab D


21 End

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