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NOTRE DAME INSTITUTE (NDI) Alumni Endowment Foundation(NDIAEF),Inc. An Endowment Foundation created by 1948-2008 alumni of Notre Dame Institute of Aringay,

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1 NOTRE DAME INSTITUTE (NDI) Alumni Endowment Foundation(NDIAEF),Inc. An Endowment Foundation created by 1948-2008 alumni of Notre Dame Institute of Aringay, La Union, Philippines


3 INVITATION January 14, 2007 Dear Fellow Alumni, Hello everyone. Here's our temporary website set up in our attempt to establish a foundation for the purpose of raising funds solely to benefit and enhance the image and prestige of our alma mater, the Notre Dame Institute. During our meeting with the faculty, administration officials and ANDIA leadership last month in conjunction with our Class Golden Jubilee reunion, we identified a number of issues, concerns and problems that can effectively be addressed through an alumni foundation Please help us in this endeavor by volunteering to be one of the initial incorporators and identify all other alumni who will be willing to help in any capacity. It is our ardent hope that each alumni group from 1948 to 2006 will be represented. It is only through the cooperation of every alumnus that we could push through this philanthropic undertaking. It will be a foundation that will be organized and managed by all NDI alumni through a Board of Directors. The ad hoc committee formed above is only temporary to explore the initial phase of the establishment of the foundation and to draft the articles of incorporation and subsequently apply for 501 C3 tax exempt status in the United States. ANDIA, Inc. could be a subsidiary ( in the Philippines. We encourage anyone who wants to be part of the committee to join and share with us your input. We are sure you are aware of the tax advantages derived from such a tax exempt body. Again, please bear in mind that the whole idea about this plan is for the benefit of our Alma Mater alone, nothing else. Can we count on you? Thank you so much, Ad Hoc Committee

4 FOUNDATION INITIATORS Ad Hoc Committee Created: December 11, 2006 Ms. Lourdes B. Estonactoc Superintendent, Com. on Diocesan Schools Mr. Silverio Mangaoang, Jr. President, ANDIA,. Inc Ms. Donna Pimentel External Vice President, ANDIA Ms. Victoria Gaskill Internal Vice President, ANDIA Alumni Nelmedio Madarang Benigno Cotillon Eligio Abellera Maximo De Vera Alfonso Calub Teresita Parintela Aida Torres Ad Hoc Committee ceased to exist June 18, 2008 when Foundation was incorporated in State of California, USA


6 NDI PAST HISTORY In 1947 when the Philippines was just coming out of the ravages of World War II, the late Rev. Fr. Enrique Dulay, then parish of priest of Aringay with a trusty group of conscientious town leaders in the persons of Mr. Francisco Abena, Dr. Juana D. Diaz, Atty. Enrique Calub, Mrs. Esperanza Pulido, Mrs. Gregoria D. Yaranon, Mr. Demetrio Bautista, Mr. Alipio Diaz, then Mayor Antonio de Vera and Mr. Isidro Floreza, founded the first high school of the town.

7 NDI HISTORY CONTINUED The birth of the new school coincided with the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes and it was only appropriate to name it Notre Dame in Her honor. From humble beginnings in the landmark FACOMA building, the school started with a class for each of the four years in high school. The year 1948 saw the first graduates of NDI.

8 NDI HISTORY CONTINUED Due to increasing enrollment the school relocated to a farmland at the footslope of a mountain east of town. In 1956 the school relocated to its present site to accommodate an ever growing student body. This new building, however, did not last beyond 30 years when the devastating earthquake of 1990 reduced the building as well as our centuries-old church and rector to rubble.



11 NDI HISTORY CONTINUED Through the joint herculean efforts of the Diocesan Office, teachers, parents, alumni and townspeople, the school got off the ground. A one story building with limited funding was constructed in 1993 to house the teachers and students The building lasted until 2004 when a new 3 story building was constructed.


13 The present building of NDI was completed in 2005 with the initiative of then Bishop Antonio Tobias. It is a far cry from its humble origins. However, it still falls short of the needs of the ever- increasing student population. Makeshift classrooms continue to be used, laboratory equipment and facilities for the science subjects are desperately needed, the library shelves need to be filled.

14 THE PRESENT In addition, it is such a waste to see deserving but needy students quit school with their potential unrealized, thus the need for scholarship grants. Undeniably, outside resources from individuals and organizations play a significant part in fulfilling theschool’s obligations and needs

15 THE PRESENT A rough estimate of graduates from 1948 to 2008 would be about 7,000 scattered all over the world with a sizable number in the US. During the last 5 years, the freshman enrollment increased from 83 in 2004 to 128 in 2008. The graduates increased from 64 to 128 for the same period. The present staff consists of 17 teachers, 2 with Master’s degree. In addition, the school has 2 other support staff.

16 THE FUTURE With access to more and better facilities, the potential of the present as well as future generations of students will be hugely improved and offers them a chance to be more prepared to become useful and progressive members of society, for the world and country in general, and for our beloved town in particular.

17 WHY WE ARE NEEDED Like the founders of our beloved Alma Mater in those dark days after the war, we are privileged to have this opportunity to put our heads together and to continue what they had started during the most trying times when they, themselves, had few resources. but had a dream that benefited each and every one of us, as alumni: an educational institution that nurtured us and helped pave the way to what we are today.

18 INTERIM OFFICERS (2008-2009) President : Maximo R. De Vera Ph: 623-435-7390 E-mail: Secretary: Alfonso D. Calub Ph: 281-344-0146 E-mail: Treasurer: Alicia C. Ebuen Ph: 510-799-4319 E-mail:

19 For the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Other Documents: : Visit: THANK YOU

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