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New Products From September 2010. Whole Home Solutions.

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1 New Products From September 2010

2 Whole Home Solutions

3 Our Company and Market  Our mission: Coordinating security, temperature, and lighting for comfort, convenience and safety  We offer the best price/performance ratio in the industry  HAI has more home automation systems in use than any other company- over 100,000 homes.

4 Wireless Driveway Sensor  Senses vehicle movement using Earth’s magnetic field  Requires an HAI 64- Zone Wireless Receiver (45A00-1)

5 Light Switches HLC 500W CFL Dimmers are designed specifically for dimmable CFL bulbs.

6 Home Theater Extender  Placed near A/V equipment to provide control of those devices  Compatible with OmniTouch 10p and 5.7e touchscreens  Power over Ethernet (PoE)  No restriction on the number used in an installation

7 Home Theater Extender  4 IR Emitter Ports  3.5mm  1 IR Learner port  1RS232 port  300-115200 Baud  ASCII or Hex  2 internal relays  2A @ 30VDC  2 Input/Output  Digital or Analog

8 OmniTouch 10Pe  Works with Omni and Lumina controllers with Ethernet port  Ships with default pages installed  Fully customizable  View IP cameras  Internet Explorer Web Browser  IR Control (with HTX)  Built in stand

9 OmniTouch 5.7e  Station to Station intercom  SIP Compatible  Power over Ethernet (PoE)  Come to the booth and check out the new faceplates.

10 8 Port PoE Switch  Complies with IEEE 802.3af  Powers up to 7 OmniTouch 5.7e  15.4 watts per port for devices such as HTX, PoE IP cameras, and PoE access points

11 Automation Studio  Automation Studio is the program that is used to set up Ethernet based OmniTouch touchscreens

12 Automation Studio  Automation Studio is the tool used to configure  OmniTouch 5.7e  OmniTouch 10p  Home Theater Extender  IP Cameras

13 Automation Studio  Automation studio allows you to change the appearance or functionality of any item on the touchscreen  Create custom themes  Add custom backgrounds, floorplans, etc.

14 IP Enabled Entertainment

15 Control Music with Touchscreens

16 The Music Gateway

17 Music Gateway Features  Features three independent stereo channels.  Connects to any Whole Home Audio system including the HiFi by HAI  Plays music from local hard drive or from shared drive on the Local Area Network  Designed to be installed in a structured wiring enclosure.  Utilizes IP-based Touchscreens (OmniTouch 5.7e and 10p)  Plays audio off the built-in hard drive.  Includes HAI’s WL3 software which allows remote access via Internet or mobile device such as an iPhone.  USB port for expanded hard drive capabilities

18 Connections

19 Part Numbers

20 Number ComponentDescription 1Power Input Jack (DC) Connect the supplied AC adapter to this jack to provide power to the Music Gateway 2Power Button Press this button to start (if currently off) or shutdown (if currently on) the Music Gateway 3Ethernet Port Connect a standard network cable to the Ethernet Port and a port on the local network 4Stereo Output Jacks Connect a 3.5mm male stereo patch cable between each stereo output on the Music Gateway and an audio input on Hi-Fi or other audio distribution system Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3

21 Music Gateway Channel 1 Music Gateway Channel 2 Music Gateway Channel 3



24 Press the Browse button to display the available media services… Browse the Media Library

25 Select the desired method to browse the media. For example, if Album was selected, a list of albums will be displayed. At any time, you can press the back button to return to the previous menu.

26 Press the Source button to display the available music sources… Selecting a new Music Source

27 Press the Zone button to display the available music sources … Selecting a New Audio Zone

28 Refer to PDF for Hi-Fi 2


30 C3  The HAI C3 (Cellular Communications Center) is a wireless cellular communicator that allows phone calls to be made over the GSM cellular network using the existing telephones in your home. The HAI C3 can be used when there is no land line in your home or if the land line is temporarily unavailable.

31 IP Devices Local or Remote Access Smart Phone Snaplink Mobile for iPhone  HAI simply lets you or the home owner install an App on the iPhone that offers control over your Omni or Lumina home control system with Ethernet Support.  Available for download at the App Store for all iPhone models(including iPhone 4), iTouch, and iPad.  HAI will also be shipping an iPad specific App later this year

32 Search the App Store Type in: snaplink mobile for iphone

33 Start Screen

34 Setup Add up to three HAI accounts

35 Setup Be sure that your router is setup to allow remote access before you start.

36 Setup Double check to make sure all settings are correct.

37 Add Cameras Select to add a new camera Supports: HAI Camera Server HAI 68A11-1 Axis Panasonic JPEG MJPEG

38 Setup Connecting and downloading

39 Setup Complete Select the account you want to connect to

40 Menu Screen View system summary and navigate to the system you want to make changes to

41 Status Page View overall system status

42 Security Support for multiple areas

43 Lighting Room Level Control

44 Control Select a room or individual unit from the list Use the edit button to hide devices you don’t want on the list.

45 Lighting Set Scenes

46 Lighting Individual control of loads

47 Security View Zone Status

48 Security Bypass and restore zones

49 Buttons Execute a Button Command

50 Temperature View temperature and humidity sensors as well as thermostats

51 Temperature Adjust the Heat or Cool setpoints as well as controling Mode, Fan, and Hold settings

52 Audio Turn Zone On or Off Get Meta Data from any supported source Transport Controls Power/Mute/Change Source

53 Access Control Select readers

54 Access Control Lock or Unlock a door

55 Cameras Touch to view Camera

56 Event Log See latest 10 System Events

57 User Settings Adjust any type of user setting in your Omni or Lumina Controller

58 User Settings Day Of Week

59   To view a recorded version of this or any other webinar go to  Snaplink Mobile for Iphone Keep up with us:

60 Snap-Link for Android



63 Android


65 Training Opportunities  Hands-on training is available at HAI Headquarters in New Orleans, LA  Space is limited so call 1-800-229-7256 x245 for availability

66 What are the next steps? Dealers:  Align yourself with an HAI Distribution Partner  Purchase a system to install in your home or office  Complete training special forms  Meet requirements to be listed on HAI web-site  Get HAI Leads  Become a Five Star Dealer  Sign Up for the HAI Update List to receive e-mail news from HAI  Visit the blog at  Follow us on Twitter @homeauto HAI Resources:  Sales & Marketing: HAI Territory Manager  Tech Support: 800-229-7256  Knowledge Base:  Pricing: Distribution Partner

67 Thanks for Attending! We hope HAI can be a profitable part of your future!

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