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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Earth & SpacePhysicalScience ENERGY & LIGHT Geology & Geography Matter & More!ANIMALS.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Earth & SpacePhysicalScience ENERGY & LIGHT Geology & Geography Matter & More!ANIMALS

4 C1-$100 Animals - $100 An animal that eats meat

5 What is a CARNIVORE?

6 C1-$200 ANMALS - $200 A characteristic of an organism that increases its chance of survival in its environment


8 C1-$300 ANIMALS - $300 An organism that feeds on other organisms for food

9 What is: A CONSUMER?

10 C1-$400 ANIMALS - $400 Any organism that feeds or obtains nutrients by breaking down organic matter from dead organisms

11 What is a DECOMPOSER?

12 C1-$500 ANIMALS - $500 To transfer of energy through various stages as a result of feeding patterns of a series of organisms

13 What is a FOOD CHAIN?

14 C2-$100 Earth & Space - $100 an imaginary circle around Earth’s surface located between the poles and a plane perpendicular to its axis of rotation that divides it into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres

15 What is the EQUATOR?

16 C2-$200 Earth & Space - $200 the imaginary line on which an object rotates; an imaginary straight line that runs through a body; a reference to the line in a coordinate system or graph

17 What an AXIS?

18 C2-$300 Earth & Space - $300 a star pattern identified and named as a definite group; usually thought of as forming certain shapes or figures in a specific region of the sky

19 What is a constellation?

20 C2-$400 Earth & Space - $400 the shaking of the ground caused by a sudden release of energy in Earth’s crust

21 What is an EARTHQUAKE?

22 C2-$500 Earth & Space - $500 a large collection of stars, gases, and dust that are part of the universe bound together by gravitational forces

23 What is a GALAXY?

24 C3-$100 Physical Science - $100 a type of simple machine; consists of a rigid bar that pivots about a fulcrum, used to transmit and enhance power or motion

25 What is a lever?

26 C3-$200 Physical Science - $200 a type of simple machine; a slanted surface that makes it easier to move a mass from a lower point to a higher point

27 What is an INCLINED PLANE?

28 C3-$300 Physical Science - $300 having the property of attracting iron and certain other materials by virtue of a surrounding field of force

29 What is magnetic?

30 C3-$400 Physical Science - $400 a type of simple machine; a circular lever, usually a wheel with a groove where a rope can be placed and used to change the direction of a force

31 What is a PULLEY?

32 C3-$500 Physical Science - $500 a type of simple machine; a circular frame or disk revolving around a central axis

33 What is a WHEEL & AXEL?

34 C4-$100 Energy & Light - $100 the energy possessed by a body because of its motion


36 C3-200 Energy & Light - $200 the energy an object has because of its position or structure; stored energy


38 Energy & Light - $300


40 a change of energy from one form to another (e.g., mechanical to electrical, solar to electrical)


42 C3-$400 Energy & Light - $400 a form of energy resulting from the temperature difference between a system and its surroundings

43 What is HEAT?

44 C3-$400 Energy & Light - $400 electromagnetic radiation that lies within the visible range

45 What LIGHT?

46 C3-$500 Energy & Light - $500 a change in the direction of a wave that occurs as it passes from one medium to another of different density

47 What is REFRACTION?

48 C4-$100 Geology & Geography - $100 a type of rock that forms from existing rock because of extreme changes caused by heat, pressure, or chemical environments


50 C4-$200 Geology & Geography - $200 rock formed from layers of sediment that overlay and squeeze together or are chemically combined


52 C4-$300 Geology & Geography - $300 the surface, shape, and composition of a land area

53 What is TOPOGRAPHY?

54 C4-$400 Geology & Geography - $400 the wearing away of Earth’s surface by the breakdown and transportation of rock and soil

55 What is EROSION?

56 C4-$500 Geology & Geography - $500 the natural processes that break down and change rock into soil, sand, and other materials; differs from erosion in that no transportation of those materials takes place

57 What is WEATHERING?

58 C4-$100 Matter & More! - $100 A reaction or a change in a substance produced by chemical means that results in producing a different chemical


60 C4-$200 Matter & More! - $200 the amount of matter an object contains

61 What is MASS?

62 C4-$300 Matter & More! - $300 a measure of the amount of space an object takes up; also the loudness of a sound or signal

63 What is VOLUME?

64 C4-$400 Matter & More! - $400 concentration of matter of an object; number of individuals in the same species that live in a given area; the mass per unit volume of a substance in a given area

65 What is DENSITY?

66 C4-$500 Matter & More! - $500 a solid, liquid, or gas that possesses inertia and is capable of occupying space

67 What is MATTER?

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