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Some of the key issues this year including:  Decisions, Dates and Deadlines  CAO Applications/points system/offers  Cost of studying and living at.

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2 Some of the key issues this year including:  Decisions, Dates and Deadlines  CAO Applications/points system/offers  Cost of studying and living at home and away from home  Student Supports:  Grants, Access Schemes, Scholarships, Disability  Other routes: FETAC/QQI Progression Schemes  Other non CAO options


4 To match No. of qualified applicants > No. of course places --> selection system is needed. Selection system used in Irish 3 rd Level Colleges is CAO POINTS SYSTEM

5  Since 2007 there are 3 types of courses students can apply for under the National Qualifications Framework. National Qualifications Framework  These are applied for on 2 separate lists on a single form: Level 6 & 7 CoursesLevel 8 Courses Ordinary Degrees (7) Higher Certificates (6)Honours Degrees (8) Up to 10 Course ChoicesUp to 10 Course Choices  The courses and levels are clearly labelled in the CAO Handbook  N.B. – Care must be taken with courses marked ‘Restricted’.  These ‘restricted’ courses cannot be applied for after February 1st due to extra assessments required.  Check out the CAO website at Guidance Department Presentation Secondary School

6  Points are calculated from ONE sitting of the Leaving Certificate only.  Points total is calculated from SIX best subjects  Entry Requirements (e.g. Pass in Maths and English) can be satisfied over more than one sitting of the Leaving Certificate- with some exceptions –e.g. Medicine

7 GradeHonoursOrdinary A110060 A29050 B18545 B28040 B37535BEST C17030 6 C26525 C36020SUBJECTS D15515 D25010 D3455  Since 2012, bonus points in higher maths –  25 extra points


9  5 th Nov – online CAO application facility opens  1 st February, 2015 [Early Bird Special Offer – Jan 20 th 2015 ] ◦ Closing date for receipt of normal applications  Before/By 15th February, 2015 ◦ Receive Statement of Course Choices  1 st March 2015 Closing date for final completion of online HEAR and DARE applications 1 st April 2015 Closing date for all final HEAR/DARE documentation  1st May, 2015 ◦ Closing date for receipt of late CAO applications  Before/By 31st May, 2015 ◦ Receive Statement of Application Record  From 5 May, 2015 ◦ Change of mind opens -FREE 1st July, 2015 ◦ Latest date for receipt of change of mind form in CAO.  Late August, 2015 ◦ First round of offers will commence on Aug 17 2014: round 1, Aug 26 2014: round 2 ◦ Cost of CAO Application: ◦ Early Bird –25 Euro [on or before Jan 20 th ] ◦ Normal – 40 Euro [by Feb 1 st ] ◦ Students are encouraged to apply soon and avail of the FREE change of mind facility until the end of January [to avoid the last minute panic and computer problems]

10  In August 2015 (17 AUG) the CAO will make offers to students from both lists(level 6/7 and 8)  Students can only accept one offer at a time  Students are still eligible for ALL higher preference offers in later rounds  Students can accept online  If deferring, students must contact the HEI directly in writing  From May to July 1 st students can adjust their course choice lists using the FREE change of mind facility.

11 UK APPLICANTS  For UK applicants (Oct 15 th or Jan 15 th )  Students set up their accounts online and work through the sections  Up to 5 choices maximum [sometimes only 4]  Guidelines have been given regarding writing the personal statement  Ensure you are aware of the courses that must be applied for by Oct 15 th Check out the admissions tests list on the UCAS website for UKCAT, HPAT etc

12  Many colleges offer EU students the opportunity to study at very reasonable prices through the medium of English across many excellent universities  Look at

13  UCAS October 15th 2014(for some courses)  UCAS January 15th 2015(for most courses)  CAO Feb 1st 2015  [Early bird special deal –Jan 20 th ]  PLC applications March 2015  [some accept later applications]  REACH applications March 2015  HEAR and DARE applications Feb/March 1st 2015  Pre exams March 2015  Practical/Oral LC examsMarch/April 2015  HEAR and DARE final documentation April 1 st 2015  LC written exams June 3 rd 2015  Grant applications SUSI June/July 2015  Students have a list of all open days


15 Cost of living for Students living at home Monthly (€)Annual (€) Contribution to Utilities33297 Food65585 Travel1191071 Books & Class Materials55495 Clothes/Medical45405 Mobile32288 Social Life1321188 Student Contribution charge3062750 Total’s7877083

16 Registration Fees approx: €2,750  Students in receipt of a grant will get their registration fees paid and may also receive additional support Cost of Living for Student’s Living away from Home Monthly (€)Annual (€) Rent (National – for Dublin see below) 307**2763 Utilities33297 Food1721548 Travel1191071 Books & Class materials74****666 Clothes/Medical45405 Mobile32288 Social life/Misc1321188 Student Contribution Charge3062750 Total’s122010980


18 1. GRANTS/SUSI Financial 2. H.E.A.R. Scheme Access/financial 3. REACH Programme Access/financial 4. Other Scholarships DEIS/academic/ Financial 5. D.A.R.E. Scheme Access/disability

19  Applications are completed online at SUSI –Student Universal Support Ireland  Check out website for more information So how much do students get? Max Min 5,915305 Most students 3,025 or1,215 Living away (45km+) Living at home


21  This is an access scheme which the following 16 Institutions are involved in:  DCU, DIT, NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway, TCD, UL, UCC, UCD, Marino, Mary I, Mater Dei, St. Angela’s, St. Pats, COI College of Education, NCI, PUM  Targets students who are motivated and have the ability to attend 3 rd level but may lack some of the social or economic supports.  Who is eligible to apply?  Long term unemployed  Low family income – must be within the Irish grants income limits  Little family tradition of progression to 3 rd level  Under represented socio-economic groups  Applications are due in by Feb 1 st 2015 – through the CAO scheme and must be fully complete by March 1 st 2015  ALL FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS must be in by APRIL 1 st 2015  Student Supports:  Financial (1,200 approx)Personal GuidanceOrientation Programme  AcademicSocial SupportsExtra Tuition  Students must get about 90% of the points needed to do the course of choice. A lot of students who are on the HEAR scheme achieved their place with no concession on points.

22  This is part of the supplementary CAO application process.  Forms are completed online with additional information forwarded to the CAO.  The scheme is intended to support students with diagnosed disabilities such as:  Asberger’s Syndrome, Autism, ADD, ADHD, blind, vision impaired, Dyspraxia, mental health condition, neurological conditions, significant ongoing illness, physical disability, specific learning difficulty and others….  The following 12 colleges are part of this scheme:  Athlone IT, DCU, DIT, MATER DEI, NCI, NUIG, NUIM, TCD, UCC, UCD, UL, PUM  Applications due in: FEB 1 st to be fully completed by March 1 st 2015  Additional information due in by: APRIL 1 st 2015  For further information check out:

23  SIPTU – for children of SIPTU members  Reid Scholarship for Kerry Students in Trinity  Sports Scholarships – check with college  Entrance scholarships – awarded to best students  Irish Taxation Institute Scholarship – taxation  Science Foundation Ireland/DELL Scholarship – young women in engineering – engineering degrees – €2000  NUI Equal Opportunities Scheme - €1625  All Ireland Scholarship Scheme – 120 top LC students, open to medical card holders  Details of all schemes on

24  Parents are encouraged to collect in a file all the financial documentation that will be needed.  The following are often requested:  P60 for year ended 2013/4  P21 for year ended 2013/4  Self-employed: copy of accounts ending 2012 and 2013   Social Welfare recipient: statement from local office showing total amounts received for the year ending 2013/4  An original birth cert may also be requested  Grant applications require information from 2014 while HEAR applications require 2013.  If you are doing a HEAR and grant application you will need both sets of documents.

25  Students are encouraged to look at all these schemes and put the time and effort into applying if they feel they are eligible.  HEAR /DARE forms are completed as part of the online CAO process (students NOT the school send them off)  Scholarship applications are usually returned to the college/Institute  Grant forms are completed in the summer online and supporting documents are returned to the SUSI office [ note: they are not returned to school ]

26  In 2014 there are 38 HEI’s offering places to FETAC applicants  Currently 20% of all CAO applicants have a level 5/6 FETAC AWARD (not applying on the basis of LC)  Since 2014 every FETAC Award will be part of the CAS (Common Awards System)  Based on a CREDITS system (max120=400points)  Some courses are ‘linked’ to specific related courses  For more information look up website


28 Leaving Cert FETAC(PLC) Level 5 course Level 6 courseLevel 7Level 7 courseLevel 8Level 6 courseLevel 8 course

29 Websites:           Thank you for your attention  If you have any questions please ask  Feel free to ring me at school on 066 9790924

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