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2012 Trial Results Brett Galambos – Waldheim Colleen Murphy - Delmas.

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1 2012 Trial Results Brett Galambos – Waldheim Colleen Murphy - Delmas

2 Waldheim Canola Variety Trial Swath Date: August 23 All varieties EXCEPT Swath Date: August 27 Canterra 1970 Nexera 1012 RR Nexera 1016 RR Seeding rates based on TKW Seeding tool: Seedhawk Total Fertility: 125-25-0-25 Combination of NH3, Alpine, and dry fertilizer

3 Waldheim Canola Variety Trial Yield bu/ac 41.1 bu 43.9 bu 44.4 bu 44.7 bu 45.7 bu 45.9 bu 46.7 bu 46.8 bu 47.3 bu 47.7 bu 48.0 bu 53.8 bu

4 Delmas RR Canola Variety Trial Seeded using Seedmaster Total Fertility: 76-23-0-23 Seeding rates calculated using TKW and targeting 10 plants/sq ft All varieties swathed Sept. 1 except BY 6060 was Sept. 6 Results are from 2 reps Yield bu/ac Pioneer 45H31 Pioneer 45H29 38.51 bu 38.44 bu 38.17 bu 36.55 bu 34.67 bu

5 Waldheim Pea Fungicide Trial Application timing: 10% flower Results are the average of 2 reps Water volume: 12gpa Headline rate: 40 ac/jug Priaxor DS rate: 60 ac/jug Yield bu/ac

6 Delmas Pea Fungicide Trial Application date: July 8 Crop stage: 20% bloom Yield bu/ac

7 Waldheim Canola Fungicide Trial Application timing of all products: 30% bloom Results are average of 2 reps Yield bu/ac

8 Delmas Canola Fungicide Trial Yield bu/ac Application timing of all products: 20% bloom

9 Waldheim Wheat Fungicide Trial Objective: to determine optimum products and timings for cereal fungicides Profitability was calculated by factoring in cost of chemical(s) and using a then current commodity price of $9.00/bu for CPS wheat Profitability on the following chart represents dollars gained over and above the check crop

10 Waldheim Wheat Fungicide Trial

11 Delmas Wheat Fungicide Trial Results are the average of 2 replicated treatments All applications made at flag leaf stage No check Yield bu/ac

12 Waldheim Wheat Seed Treatment Trial Results are the average of 4 reps on 2 different fields Treatments were applied to the seed using a pressurized seed treating system on farm targeting recommended label rates Yield bu/ac

13 Waldheim Glyphosate Timing Trial Results are the average of 3 reps All treatments, including check, received pre-seed burn-off of ¾ rate glyphosate Note: weed pressure was very low throughout the whole field No other herbicide applications were made Each treatment was replicated 3 times, each time using a different salt formulation of glyphosate

14 Waldheim Glyphosate Timing Trial Yield bu/ac

15 All treatments were treated with Cruiser Maxx Cereals Foliar applications of Black Label Cereals, Alpine and Nutriboost were at 2L/ac Foliar applications of Releaf WA, Super C3 and 42phi Ca were at 1L/ac Product application timings Waldheim Nutrient Package Trial

16 Yield bu/ac

17 Applied at 6 leaf stage All treatments were mixed with 1.35L/ac Liberty and 60ac/cs rate Centurion Application timing was later than recommended optimal blackleg control but no blackleg lesions were observed in any replication Therefore, trial measured crop-health benefits of treatments only Received some hail @ 10% bloom Waldheim Early Timing Canola Fungicide Trial

18 Yield bu/ac

19 Total fertility: 93-22-5-5 Sprayed at 10% anthesis High winds broke heads off of wheat in all treatments Main yield limiting factors were damaging wind and excess moisture Waldheim Foliar with Fungicide Trial Yield bu/ac

20 Both products were applied at flag leaf Both soil and tissue tests indicated low levels of potassium No other potassium was added throughout the season LoKomotive was applied at a rate of 2L/ac, Headline at 40ac/jug Potassium believed to be limiting yield but application timing of this trial was too late Borden Foliar K Trial Yield bu/ac

21 THANK YOU to our co-operators Tower Drive Farm Garrett Farms Adam Bugg Bugg Farms Dave & Leo Blais Nachtegaele Farms Riverbend Farms Jim Block Rick Guenther Chad Krikau Greg Orchard Wendland Farms

22 @WendlandAg

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