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Persistence and Datastore

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1 Persistence and Datastore

2 Discussion Outline Generalize Datastore API to Support:
Existing Datastore (Data Tree) Alternative Datastores Application Aware Datastore (Hash, Alternative Trees, etc) Database-Backed (Relational, NoSQL) Persisting Non-Modeled Data Potential Persistence Implementation With Hibernate (ORM/OGM)

3 Why Support Databases? Core Projects Need It (AAA) Outside of MD-SAL
Potentially Large Datasets to Persist Long-Term Storage and Querying Alternative Datastores Not All Data Should Be Both In Memory and Persisted in Data Trees e.g. Persist Alert/Audit Logs Additional Datastore Benefits from DBs and Frameworks (Caching, Distribution, Query Language, Indexing, etc.)

4 Open Questions Should All APPs Have to Model (Yang) Data to Persist?
What Is a Common API for All ODL Datastores? Performance? (In and Outside of MD-SAL)

5 Hibernate (ORM/OGM) Mapping Library (Object  Relational/NoSQL DBs)
Pluggable Databases (JDBC) Data Validation (Built-In & Custom) Query Support (HQL, SQL, Criteria Query) Transactions (JTA) Session (Batching) Monitoring / Logging / Statistics Optional Features: Caching (L1/L2 – Query Level) Search (Lucene)

6 Hibernate (ORM/OGM)

7 Q&A

8 Resources Contacts: Mark Mozolewski

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