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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 1852StrugglesWhigsPlacesPeople This N’ That.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 1852StrugglesWhigsPlacesPeople This N’ That

4 C1-$100 This N’ That This N’ That - $100 In the 1840s, the view that God had ordained the growth of an American nation stretching across North America was called Manifest Destiny

5 C1-$200 This N’ That This N’ That - $200 What dilemma did the statehood of California cause? Unbalanced Congress

6 C1-$300 This N’ That This N’ That - $300 What was the big problem between Texas and Congress? Congress gave the eastern part of Texas to New Mexico

7 C1-$400 This N’ That This N’ That - $400 Most American leaders believed that the only way to keep the new Pacific Coast territories from breaking away from United States control was to construct A transcontinental railroad

8 C1-$500 This N’ That This N’ That - $500 The only member of President Tyler’s Whig cabinet who did not resign in protest over his policies was ___ Daniel Webster

9 C2-$100 1852 - $100 Democratic candidate, “The Fainting General” Franklin Pierce

10 C2-$200 1852 - $200 Whig candidate, “Old Fuss and Feathers”? Winfield Scott

11 C2-$300 1852 - $300 Under Pierce, the U.S. opened Japan to trade. Who did this? Commodore Matthew Perry

12 C2-$400 1852 - $400 Who negotiated the final purchase of Mexican land from General Santa Anna? James Gadsden

13 C2-$500 1852 - $500 The Kansas-Nebraska Act of Stephen Douglas, seemed like a good idea, but it ran afoul of this? Missouri Compromise of 1820

14 C3-$100 Struggles Struggles - $100 This treaty ended the Mexican- American War? Treat of Guadalupe Hildalgo

15 C3-$200 Struggles Struggles - $200 What did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo provide for? Texas and California and everything in between ceded to the U.S. from Mexico

16 C3-$300 Struggles Struggles - $300 This Act prohibited slavery in any territory acquired un the treaty of G-H? Wilmot Proviso

17 C3-$400 Struggles Struggles - $400 What did the political parties try to ignore in the 1848 presidential election? The issue of slavery

18 C3-$500 Struggles Struggles - $500 In 1848 candidate Cass’ platform was to allow each territory to decide about slavery. The term for this idea is? Popular Sovereignty

19 C4-$100 Whigs - $100 Who ran against Cass (Dem) in 1848? Zachary Taylor, the Hero of Buena Vista

20 C3-200 Whigs - $200 What political party was formed, mostly of Whigs, who were ardently anti-slavery? Free Soil Party

21 C3-$300 Whigs - $300 Why did Taylor win the election of 1848? He was a Southerner from Louisiana. Van Buren (Free Soil) Took votes away from Cass in New York giving the state to Taylor.

22 C3-$400 Whigs - $400 How many elections did the Whigs win in their 20 year existence? 2

23 C3-$500 Whigs - $500 What party was formed to “replace” the Whigs upon their demise? Republican

24 C4-$100 Places - $100 The British-American dispute over the border of ____ was solved by a compromise that gave each side some territory. Maine

25 C4-$200 Places - $200 ____was annexed to the United States as a result of President Tyler’s desire to help his troubled administration Texas

26 C4-$300 Places - $300 The primary group that was instrumental in strengthening and saving American claims to ____ were American missionaries to the Indians. Oregon

27 C4-$400 Places - $400 The largest single addition to American territory was ____ The Mexican Secession

28 C4-$500 Places - $500 In his quest for ____, President James K. Polk first advocated buying the area from Mexico California

29 C4-$100 People - $100 Who was the American Commander in charge of California during the Mexican War? John C. Frémont

30 C4-$200 People - $200 In the presidential election of 1844, the Whig candidate, ____, favored postponing the annexation of Texas Henry Clay

31 C4-$300 People - $300 During the Mexican War, the Polk administration was called upon several times to respond to “spot” resolutions indicating where American blood had been shed to provoke the war. The resolutions were frequently introduced by Abraham Lincoln

32 C4-$400 People - $400 _______’s plan to protect the South and slavery involved the election of two presidents, one from the North and one from the South John C. Calhoun’s

33 C4-$500 People - $500 ____’s famed Seventh of March speech in 1850 resulted in a shift toward compromise in the North. Daniel Webster’s

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