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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Colonial America II Colonial America III Revolutionary War I War IRevolutionary War II Revolutionary War III Colonial.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Colonial America II Colonial America III Revolutionary War I War IRevolutionary War II Revolutionary War III Colonial America I

4 Final Jeopardy Colonial America Men

5 He was one of the revivalists in the Great Awakening who gave many sermons to the masses. His most famous sermon was “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”

6 C1-$100 Colonial America I- $100 It was established by John Smith and was the first permanent English settlement in the New World

7 C1-$200 Colonial America I- $200 John Rolfe saved the economy of Virginia by perfecting the methods of raising and curing this crop

8 C1-$300 Colonial America I- $300 This was the first elected legislature in the colonies and was composed of two representatives in each plantation

9 C1-$400 Colonial America I- $400 This was a system used in Virginia to encourage immigration by giving 50 acres of land t any settle who brought a servant

10 C1-$500 Colonial America I- $500 This was the first attempted settlement of North America by the English. The first two attempts failed and the third settlement disappeared mysteriously before a supply ship could reach the settlers

11 C2-$100 Colonial America II - $100 This act allowed freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland to keep peace between Protestants and Catholics

12 C2-$200 Colonial America II - $200 James Oglethorpe was a prominent humanitarian who led a group of proprietors and settles to this colony which became a haven from criminals

13 C2-$300 Colonial America II - $300 They landed at Plymouth Massachusetts in search of religious freedom

14 C3-$500 Colonial America II - $400

15 C2-$400 Colonial America II - $400 This was an agreement signed by 41 adult males before landing at Plymouth which made all settles consent to be ruled by the majority’s will

16 C2-$500 Colonial America II - $500 The Dutch West India Company tried to attract settlers to the New Netherlands by granting large estates to wealthy men who promised to bring a certain number of tenant farmers

17 C3-$100 Colonial America III- $100 This group was led by John Winthrop to escape religious persecution and eventually settled in Massachusetts

18 C3-$200 Colonial America III- $200 A hysterical witchcraft purge resulted in the deaths of 20 accused citizens

19 C3-$300 Colonial America III- $300 He was banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony In 1635 because he stated that the government had no authority over the personal opinions of individuals

20 C3-$400 Colonial America III- $400 It was the first constitution in the colonies which allowed men to vote for the governor

21 C3-$500 Colonial America III- $500 It was the first college in America and was formed to train local boys for the ministry

22 C4-$100 Revolutionary War I - $100 It referred to the negligence by England of her colonies in America. The colonist did not enforce Parliament’s Acts and began t believe that Parliament had not authority over them

23 C3-200 Revolutionary War I - $200 It lowered the duty on molasses by half, levied a tax on sugar, and forbade the importation of rum

24 C3-$300 Revolutionary War I - $300 It declared that all printed materials must have a revenue stamp which aroused opposition in the colonies

25 C3-$400 Revolutionary War I - $400 Twenty-Seven delegates from the nine colonies drew up a statement protesting the unfairness of the Greenville Acts. This was one of the first united actions of the colonies

26 C3-$500 Revolutionary War I - $500 They were a group of radicals that tarred, feathered, hanged, and ransacked the houses of unpopular officials and stamp agents

27 C4-$100 Revolutionary War II - $100 In March, 1770 60 townspeople cam up to a squad of British troops and a melee eventually broke out where eleven were shot and five were killed

28 C4-$200 Revolutionary War II - $200 These acts closed the port of Boston, sent troops and the British Navy to stop trade from Boston, and ended town meetings

29 C4-$300 Revolutionary War II - $300 Thirteen colonies came together in Philadelphia to raise money and to create an army and a navy. The most important action was to select George Washington as head of the colonial army

30 C4-$400 Revolutionary War II - $400 This was a passionate protest to persuade the masses into joining the patriot’s cause

31 C4-$500 Revolutionary War II - $500 They were people in America who supported King George III during the revolution. They made up about one-fourth of the population and were mainly from the aristocracy

32 C4-$100 Revolutionary War III - $100 He was one of the best colonial generals. In 1780 he turned traitor and plotted the surrender of West Point to the British

33 C4-$200 Revolutionary War III - $200 Colonial radicals formed committees in each town and colony to spread word of any English aggression

34 C4-$300 Revolutionary War III - $300 He was an American statesman and orator who stated “Give me liberty or give me death.”

35 C4-$400 Revolutionary War III - $400 The Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Indians and boarded tea ships and threw the tea into the harbor

36 C4-$500 Revolutionary War III - $500 It was drafted by John Dickinson and was an attempt to keep the colonies within the English Empire. England rejected the offer.

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