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PLEIADES RACURS International Conference October 2009.

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1 PLEIADES RACURS International Conference October 2009

2 © Spot Image PLEIADES data, Very High Resolution imagery (VHR) 0.5m color 0.5m pan 2m color

3 © Spot Image PLEIADES, largest swath on the market place PLEIADES 20 x 20 Km 60 x 60 Km SPOT WorldView 17 x 17 Km GeoEye 15 x 15 Km For the same 0.5m GSD

4 © Spot Image PLEIADES Terminal: Standard image products  50 cm B&W 8 or 16 bits  2 m colour 4 bands : B, R, G, NIR 8 or 16 bits  Pan Sharpened 50 cm colour 4 bands : B, R, G, NIR 3 bands in True or False colours 8 or 16 bits  Bundle : 50 cm B&W + 2 m colour bands 8 ou 16 bits  Product level SENSOR  1A level  radiometric corrections  Perfect P and XS registration  Localization accurracy: spec.7m (CE90) ORTHO  Geo-Location accurracy: spec.7m (CE90)

5 © Spot Image PLEIADES 1-A 180° PLEIADES 1-B Twin satellite constellation 1-A: March B: +12 to 18 months

6 © Spot Image PLEIADES constellation: key performances Daily 1,000,000 km² per day Top-level agility 200 km in 11 sec. 800 km in 25 sec. Slew Time

7 © Spot Image PLEIADES constellation: acquisition modes typically 15 targets over 1,000 km Multiple Point Targets High-level agility 20 km Same - pass Large Collection Stereo, Tri-stereo Up to 21,600 km² Or 1 deg² Up to 21,600 km² Or 1 deg² In a single pass

8 © Spot Image PLEIADES image processing: AOI sub-scene production Multiple Point Targets 20 km

9 © Spot Image PLEIADES image processing: Seamless same-day ortho-mosaic product Same- pass Large Collection

10 © Spot Image Illustration over Japan Multiple Target imaging time~20% Same-pass large collection imaging time~40 to 80%

11 © Spot Image PLEIADES: a dual access to data 10% High Priority Data (HPD) for Defense partners: France, Italy, Spain 90% for WW users through Spot Image 350 images/ day ~35 images HPD/ day Access rights Spot Image get access to up to 5 HPD images / day for Pleiades-1A

12 © Spot Image  Routine: Centralized programming loop  Dialogue with Spot Image, as for SPOT  Feasibility study Standard Priority level  Can be upgraded to Priority or Dedicated Priority (so-called DUAL High priority data) 60 days Routine: 72 hours Collection window Collection window Routine Programming mode Dead-Line for request

13 © Spot Image DRS or Customer Order Request Order Confirmation Telemetry downlink 2Ghz networl Collection plan upload Collection direct reception & processing Collection plan Routine: nominal centralized programming loop Routine

14 © Spot Image Routine Priority level Upgrade Standard Dedicated Priority Priority Routine programming priority level upgrade  Upgrade in case of conflict  To Priority: when conflicting with other routine request  To dedicated priority: when conflicting with other priority request... Or when depositing the request  for time-critical or important data

15 © Spot Image  Urgent: 24/7 automatic procedure for deposit  No dialogue with Spot Image, except if requested during working days/hours Up to 4 hours before collection Limited AOI Priority level Dead-Line for Request Collection window Collection window 7 days Urgent: 4 hours Urgent Programming mode

16 © Spot Image Urgent: 24/7 automatic procedure 6:00 UT13:40 UT23:20 UT Ability to take in account Urgent programming up to 4 hours before collection 24/7 access through automatic process with no intervention from Spot Image collection plan update and upload 3 times a day, every 8 hours

17 © Spot Image PLEIADES vs. competitors  Non-US VHR solution  90% of the resource available for Spot Image customers  Field-Proven Services Experience of station customer& station network management Full range of programming services up to direct tasking  Competitive pricing  Twin Constellation performance Top agility P and XS simultaneous collection Largest swath for same

18 © Spot Image PLEIADES vs. competitors: technical assets  Mission A constellation of 2 identical Pleiades satellites ensuring daily revisit of any point of the globe Continuity of service : beyond 2018 Dual mission but…95% of satellite data for worldwide end-users 50% for GE-1, 15-30% for WV1…  Imaging capacity Large imaging capacity: 500,000km2 /day /satellite (roll<30°) Scene size 20 x 20 km with GSD 0.7m vs. 15x15 km with 0.5m for GE or 17 x17 for WV Permanent Pan + XS imaging mode, no « slowdown » Agility: very large mono-pass capacity  Pleiades more agile than GE-1(x2), same as WV Tri-stereo  Services High level of reliability and operationality ( SPOT legacy) Mosaic, pan-sharpened and 3D products as output of standard PHR archiving & processing system 15 20

19 © Spot Image sec 200 km IKONOS 9 sec 200 km WorldView-2  Pleiades and WorldView benefit from Control Moment Gyros (CMGs) that provide an acceleration >10X better than competition 20 sec 200 km GeoEye-1 PLEIADES vs. competitors: Agility Comparison 11 sec 200 km Pleiades No CMGWith CMG

20 © Spot Image Pleaides + Spot 6: a bright EO constellation in orbit…very soon Spot 6 (left) and 2 Pleiades (right) ready to span their wings, phased on the same orbit …with unique advantages: -coherent data collection planning by Spot Image as unique commercial satellite operator -2+1 optical LEO systems having same imaging bands and fully compatible ground image reception and processing -60km swath -2m ground resolution -800km corridor view -20km swath -0.5m ground resolution -800km corridor view

21 © Spot Image PLEIADES 1-A SPOT 6 PLEIADES 1-B 97° 103° SPOT 7 PLEIADES + Spot 6/7 constellation in 2012

22 © Spot Image Contact Thank you !

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