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Beyond apps Stephen Pinches Group Product Manager – Emerging Platforms.

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1 beyond apps Stephen Pinches Group Product Manager – Emerging Platforms


3 What do all of these devices have in common?

4 Web is the new app HTML5/CSS3 and SVG = looks, feels and smells like an app. It’s cheaper, faster, easier to update = unless you’re writing computer games, likely to be the most sensible route for mobilising your content and services

5 Build a great webapp Phone screen Mini tabletMaxi tablet Create different layouts Wrap it in a shell Distribute & Monetise Web+apps= write once!


7 Major mobile releases 2004-11 2004 WAP site 2007 Mobile News Reader app 2008 2009 iPhone app 2010 iPad app LBBT x2 Android 7” app 2011 HTML5 app framework. Will be used for small, medium and large apps for Android, RIM, WebOS, and mobile browsers Funds, FTB mobile China/Brazil Confidential Major redesigns, ad integrations, content coverage improvements

8 600,000 downloads on iPad 690,000 downloads on iPhone 1,500+ comments and feature requests from users 40,000 downloads on Android Tablets It’s working for us…

9 Checklist for new products User experience/design: – Do the social, location/gyro, other phone features fundamentally change the best way to deliver this service? – How will it work and what will it look like on a small screen? – How can I simplify the UX? – Is it optimised for touch? Technical: – How do we minimise data overhead and ‘strip out the fat’ so the service is super-fast – 3G latency is a real issue? – If there’s a separate mobile version – how do the redirects work – give users choice of mobile vs desktop – How do we test these services on multiple devices, handsets and networks?

10 Back to the web You’ve got lots of services Prioritise them Get them working in the browsers on small and touchscreens Enhance with HTML5 features such as local caching and improved user interface (think about touchscreens) Build in location, social and other mobile services where it adds value

11 For more information please contact Stephen Pinches – +44 20 7873 Twitter: sjpinches

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