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Introducing India’s first slim, wall-mounted AQUARIUMS WALLERIUMS.

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1 Introducing India’s first slim, wall-mounted AQUARIUMS WALLERIUMS

2 the GenNext, state-of-art aquariums, brightly lit with sparkling clear water and virtually zerO-Maintenance A whole new concept of dressing up your walls and saving your precious floor space.

3 Adorning the Living Room Model W7030

4 Conventional aquariums are old hat Aquariums are a rage everywhere. Fishes promote a great feeling of peace and serenity. Besides, according to Vaastu, Feng Shui etc, having fish on the premises is considered to be positively lucky. So, get a new hat... today!

5 Ideal for. Homes,. Hotels / Restaurants,. Offices / Factories, Clubs / Resorts,. Malls / Showrooms / Shops,. Hospitals / Clinics,. Schools /Colleges etc.. Where do U fit in? BUY it or RENT it- just GET it!

6 Basic Advantages over conventional Table-Top models Does not occupy any floor space. (Save on cost of wall hangings- paintings etc) Ideal for rooms of any size – from the very small to the very large. No visible display of pipes, wires, heaters, etc etc – looks neat and tidy. Fully automatic system. Compact – Walleriums are the Laptops compared to Table Mounted Aquariums which are the Desktops!

7 Features 1. O ne cord and one plug operates the whole aquarium system. 2. All-Glass Tank for sparkling clarity and no-distortion viewing. 3. Mounting on 304 stainless steel, space-saving, light-weight, web-design frame. 4. Mounts on any wall. 5. Can be made as a partition. 6. Easy to relocate. 7. Virtually maintenance-free. 8. SIX off-the-shelf models: Large sizes> (1) 7’x3’ (2) 6’x3’ (3) 5’x3’ Small sizes> (4) 4’x2’6” (5) 3’3”x2’3”h (6) 2’3”x3’3”v. (other sizes/ designs, on request)

8 The Wallerium comes complete with (1)Totally ready for wall mounting (two hours). (2)Multi-media bio-chemical / filtration plus 24x7 power-head water circulation. (3)Under-gravel filter. (4)Easy drainage/ flushing/ water refilling mechanism. (5)Pre-set heater. (6)Special aquarium bright light / LED multi-colour display light. (7)Air pump (aerator). (8)Push button food feeder. (9)Frosted glass background in tank. (10)Commercial plywood frame with sunmica in four basic colours. (11)Basic, but complete tank decoration, (gravel, stones, deco pieces). (12)Manual/ Maintenance Kit

9 Upgrades Available (d) Digital-temperature, display and (heater) control. (g) Weekly programmable auto-fish-feed. (i) Colourful background posters. (j) Marine-ply frame with a choice of formica design. Can customise frame as per your architect’s / interior decorator’s specifications. (k) Complete personalised tank decoration. (**) Auto-power back-up (without battery- use battery of your choice, depending upon model and extent of power outage)

10 In a SHOWROOM, model W7030

11 Another SHOWROOM, model W6030

12 In a CLUB model 5030

13 At HOME model W4026

14 At HOME Model W3323

15 In an OFFICE model W2333

16 At HOME, a compact Dining Room model W5030

17 A plain background. model W7030


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