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Results of the Year 9 parent homework questionnaire

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1 Results of the Year 9 parent homework questionnaire
Conducted January 2014

2 Questions about setting homework






8 Any other comments or questions about setting homework?
More homework on a regular basis so parents know when and what Teachers could provide printed sheets [to help improve recording of homework] Make more time to write homework into planners Joke more [?] Enforce planner use Send SMS to say that child has got homework Send homework through post Check planners regularly (x2) Use planners more Set more homework Write it in More homework spelling, reading and writing [African mother] Stickers to help them write it in Contact foster mother regarding homework concerns ….is making good progress She does it without me knowing

9 Questions about completing homework?





14 Any other comments about completion of homework in the academy?
Homework given on a Monday should be given more time to complete, not the next day My son never gets homework according to him

15 What are the things that the academy already does to make homework effective?
It is a bit of exercise for my child [extra work?] Explained well (x2) Giving it out more Making it harder Making it clear Sheets Planners (x2) More homework Tracks it Homework clubs Homework detentions (x2) They give it out annually Supportive with homework

16 What could the academy do to improve homework?
Do more homework sheets Make it harder Put more questions on Books Better access for parents To check all time student homework Inform parents when they don’t do it Books for subjects Make sure the whole class hands in homework not just a few pupils More homework Make sure it is written into planners More time to complete Booklets so don’t lose sheets

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