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Oracle Exadata for SAP.

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1 Oracle Exadata for SAP


3 Copyright © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates – 3 –

4 World’s Most Popular Database Oracle Database 11g
#1 in RDBMS market share #1 for enterprise applications #1 for data warehousing #1 for SAP applications #1 for SAP Business Warehouse © 2011 Oracle Corporation

5 Oracle Development for SAP Team Located at SAP HQ in Walldorf, Germany
Long-established working relationship Enables technology transfers between Oracle and SAP Optimization of SAP products for Oracle technology Implementation & testing new Oracle products on SAP Worldwide customer & pilot support Walldorf Palo Alto Tokyo SAP is Oracle’s largest reseller Multi year Partners agreements in place © 2011 Oracle Corporation 5

6 Enabling SAP Applications Years of continuous Oracle innovation
Oracle Exalogic Oracle Exadata Oracle Linux Oracle Database 11g 2011 Automatic Storage Management Real Application Testing 2010 OLTP Compression 2009 Oracle Database Vault Oracle Database 10g 2007 Transparent Data Encryption Read-only table compression 2006 Partitioning 2003 Real Application Clusters Oracle9i Database 1998 First SAP/BW release on Oracle 1992 First SAP/R3 release on Oracle © 2011 Oracle Corporation

7 Why SAP Customers Choose Oracle Highest Quality of Service for Business Users
Best Performance & Scalability Best Deployment Flexibility Best Availability & Reliability Best Support for Very Large DBs Best Database Security Best Database Manageability © 2011 Oracle Corporation

8 SAP Customers Rely on Oracle
© 2011 Oracle Corporation

9 Why Oracle Exadata? © 2011 Oracle Corporation

10 Oracle Exadata Database Machine One architecture for…
Online Transaction Processing Data Warehousing Database Consolidation © 2011 Oracle Corporation 10

11 Oracle Exadata Database Machine One architecture for…
SAP ERP 6.0 SAP Business Warehouse Database Consolidation © 2011 Oracle Corporation 11

12 Extreme Performance Platform Ideal for Consolidating SAP Application Databases
Database Server Pool Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Oracle Real Application Clusters Automatic Storage Management Storage Server Pool Up to 336 TB disk 5 TB flash storage Oracle Exadata Storage Software InfiniBand Network 40 Gb/sec redundant switches © 2011 Oracle Corporation

13 Intelligent Storage Innovations Oracle Exadata Storage Software
Hybrid Columnar Compression1) Efficient compression increases effective storage capacity and increases user data scan bandwidths by a factor of up to 10X Smart Scans Offload query processing Scale-out storage + Uncompressed Smart Flash Cache Accelerates I/Os up to 30x Doubles data scan rate primary backup Benefits Multiply test standby dev’t Compressed 1) Hybrid Columnar Compression can be used after SAP approval © 2011 Oracle Corporation

14 Exadata Smart Flash Cache Fastest Flash with Best Database Integration
Exadata has 5 TB of PCI flash Flash PCI cards avoid disk controller bottlenecks Store up to 15 TB using Advanced compression Intelligently manages flash storage Smart Flash Cache holds hot data Gives speed of flash, cost of disk Exadata flash cache achieves: Over 1.5 million IO/sec from SQL (8K) Sub-millisecond response times © 2011 Oracle Corporation 14

15 InfiniBand I/O Fabric and 10GbE/GbE
Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2 Integrated Compute, I/O, Networking and Storage Shared storage for applications Clustered for HA 40 TB SAS disk 4 TB read cache 72 GB write cache Integrated Storage 40 Gb/sec links 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to datacenter InfiniBand I/O Fabric and 10GbE/GbE 30 x86 compute nodes 360 Xeon cores (2.93 GHz) 2.8 TB DRAM 960 GB SSD Compute Nodes © 2011 Oracle Corporation

16 Standardized Configuration Deploy in days not months
All Database Machines are the same Delivered tested and ready-to-run Highly optimized Highly supportable No unique configuration issues Runs existing OLTP and DW applications Over 30 years of Oracle Database capabilities Leverages Oracle ecosystem Skills, knowledge base, people, partners Ready- to-Run © 2011 Oracle Corporation

17 Consolidating Databases on Exadata
SAP ERP CRM HR SAP BW Data Mart Supply Chain Serves as farm/cloud for databases Lowers costs Extreme performance for complex mix of OLTP, DW, batch & reporting workloads Increases utilization Automated I/O and CPU resource management isolates workloads Reduces management © 2011 Oracle Corporation

18 Workload Resource Management For mixed Workloads and Multi-Databases
SAP ERP CRM HR SAP BW Data Mart Supply Chain Ensure databases get correct amount of I/O and CPU resources ERP: % of resources BW: 67% of resources Ensure ERP tasks get correct resources Interactive gets priority before Batch Ensure BW tasks get correct resources Reporting: 70% of resources ETL: % of resources © 2011 Oracle Corporation

19 SAP Customer Case Study
Business Background European B-2-B stationery and office supply retailer Operates in 30+ countries 30% growth expected within next 4 years Challenges Long-running invoicing batch run times Cost and effort to administer large number of SAP databases New B-2-B process couldn‘t be supported on current system © 2011 Oracle Corporation

20 Customer’s Requirements
Goals Expose “real“ SAP workloads to an Exadata environment Measure performance increase (throughput & response times) Show how Oracle technology can help minimize the impact of hardware and software failures for the business Conditions Use standardized Oracle Exadata configuration No manual tuning or configuration changes All tests administered by customer's staff © 2011 Oracle Corporation

21 Conducting Proof of Concept at Oracle Solution Centre in UK
Preparation Installation of the entire IT infrastructure for SAP Upgrade 6.5 TB data from Oracle Database 10g to Exadata Generate simulation of online users in a web shop Generate batch job load for invoicing Execution Environment Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Half-Rack 5 x Sun Blade 6270 M2 running Solaris10 for Application Tier All tests administered by customer's staff © 2011 Oracle Corporation

22 Results from Proof of Concept “Faster performance out-of-the-box”
Online User Activity Simulated over 6,000 concurrent users Response times of ~0.9s with 17% CPU utilization across 4 nodes Unable to “saturate“ system Batch Job Results Simulated over 900 batch jobs running in parallel Reduced batch run times by 2/3rds (11:30 to 3:45 hours) Only 2 Database Server nodes used for batch jobs © 2011 Oracle Corporation

23 Complete Family Of Database Machines From quarter-rack to multi-rack configurations
Oracle Exadata X2-2 2 to 8 (12 core) database nodes Oracle Exadata X2-8 2 (64 core) database nodes Quarter Half Full, Multi-Rack Field Upgradeable Full-Rack Multi-Rack © 2011 Oracle Corporation 23

24 Exadata Storage Expansion Rack Big Data for less
Pre-built storage-only rack Connects to anyExadata Database Machine For applications that need more space but not more compute On-disk backups (27 TB/hour) Historical or archive data File data, LOBs, XML data, documents Images, and other large unstructured data Attractive pricing ( ~ $7,000 per TB ) © 2011 Oracle Corporation

25 Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata Easiest Path to Extreme Performance
SAP ERP Data SOA SAP BW Data Custom App. SAP ERP App. E20 IDM InfiniBand SOA Dehydration Java EE App. Data Ware- house Data Mart SAP BW App. Exalogic Exadata Application Tier Database Tier © 2011 Oracle Corporation

26 Oracle Exadata for SAP A major leap in performance, capacity and value
Redundant, secure, scale-out architecture Eliminate systems integration trial-and-error Run existing SAP databases unchanged Utilize existing personnel, skills, Oracle licenses Improve performance of SAP applications Consolidate platforms, databases, power and cooling © 2011 Oracle Corporation

For More Information © 2011 Oracle Corporation


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