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IXP Landscape in Ireland RIPE 66 Baile Átha Cliath 16 May 2013.

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1 IXP Landscape in Ireland RIPE 66 Baile Átha Cliath 16 May 2013

2 IXPs in Ireland CNIX – regional exchange in Munster INEX – Dublin based ‘island of Ireland’ exchange Belfast – local interest in an IXP in the North of Ireland


4 Cork Neutral Internet Exchange (CNIX) Exchange started in 2008 Ran on a neutral, not-for-profit basis Two drivers for its creation –Peering local traffic / reducing latency and transit needs for members –Purchasing syndicate for backhaul to Dublin Members peer local traffic

5 Solving the Backhaul Challenge Backhaul within Ireland has traditionally been expensive Backhaul made joining INEX cost prohibitive for some smaller companies Their solution – a bandwidth buying syndicate Better prices from higher capacity and more choice Peering 20% or so locally Traffic aggregated under one AS locally in Cork –Comes to Dublin for peering at INEX or onward intl transit –CNIX is the only INEX member

6 Local Exchange for Local Needs Many discussions on best approach/solutions INEX committing to the backhaul would have been a risk for INEX and therefore its members –Connecting the two was also not appropriate Local knowledge of the market and needs is key Decision to support local efforts rather than an INEX PoP INEX assisted with developments –Our time, MoU, Articles and other materials made available –Welcome their team to INEX meetings –Even giving CRO approval of name

7 Contacts for CNIX Bob Grantham + 353 87 668 1692

8 Belfast


10 Overview Five PoPs around Dublin –Brocade TurboIron for 10G core –Brocade FES-X for 10/100/1000 access layer 3 dark fibre rings connecting all PoPs –MRV WDM transmission equipment Island of Ireland exchange Currently 76 members Recently announced our Reseller programme

11 Go Big or Go Home 4 Members in 1996  17 in early 2005 Little reserves to invest to facilitate growth Approached the inward investment agency – IDA Secured loan funding of max €1.25m Generous 18 year repayment term Invested in: –Second PoP and dark fibre ring –Upgrading equipment –Additional team members

12 Injection for Growth Final loan repayment made in August 2012 Fully repaid 10 years ahead of schedule Only €600,000 of total loan facility was drawn down Expanding membership now funds developments Relationship with IDA opened the door to several foreign direct investment companies.

13 Maintaining Focus Just peering – no lobbying/regulatory work Continuing to build out the world-class infrastructure Innovation – making peering easier for members Developing the community for members / IXP industry Keeping overheads low –Investing in a great network, not a fancy office –Increasing PoPs not staff numbers Giving more to members for less –Increasing members and routes –Reducing port and membership charges –No necessity to build-up large cash reserves

14 Graph Alert

15 Reducing Costs to Members

16 Innovating Open Source Provisioning System Designed and developed entirely in-house at INEX Both Member and INEX Management team facing My Peering Manager - member facing –Simplifies peering requests/management for Members –Displays overview of peering relationships/matrix Sflow member to member traffic graphs Made available to other IXPs –Licensed under the GPL Already active or being considered by a number of IXPs

17 Ireland and Technology Dublin - The Tech Cluster

18 What Makes Ireland Different? 12.5%

19 For comparison corporation tax in other EU countries: –UK 22% –Netherlands 25% –Germany 29.55% –France33.33% –Belgium33.99% –EU Average 22.74% The IDA provides grant assistance in some cases: –Employment, R&D, training, capital investment We speak English and have a friendly corporate environment

20 200 IDA Supported ICT businesses here in Ireland Directly employing over 35,000 people Many more ICT companies here that are not IDA clients Recruiting talent is an issue in many countries –Ireland’s addressing that with the new fast tracked ‘Tech visa’ –Gives priorities to visa requests from IDA client companies Growing our own as well –High % of students studying Engineering at 3 rd level Real support for technology companies in Ireland –Even with our weather!

21 Fibre is Good For Us

22 Ireland’s Not Moving

23 Fibre is Good For Us Sea Fiber Networks (2012) –CeltixConnect adds 72 pairs from Dublin to Holyhead, UK –131km length means that it can be lit using commodity WDM –Good onward connectivity to the rest of the UK, Europe Geo (2012) –Two diverse cable paths –Clonshaugh to Holyhead, Lusk to Deeside. –Follows path of UK-Ireland electricity interconnection I.e. three separate fibre paths laid and lit in the last 12 months

24 Fibre is Good For Us Two routes to the US via Hibernia Atlantic –One via the south coast and one via the North coast Emerald Networks (2014) –Promising lowest latency routes from North America –Planned 40Tb capacity –Iceland spur included and future branch to Portugal Arctic Fibre - (2016) –Cable via North West passage from Japan and US West Coast –Low latency route now showing a branch to Cork

25 Fibre is Good For Us Hibernia (2014?) –Possible branch to Cork on the Halifax to London –TE Subcom now in place as partner following Hauwei displacement Sea Fibre Networks – Cork to France (funding phase) Apollo – also a potential

26 People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it George Bernard Shaw

27 Go Raibh Maith Agaibh go Léir @comepeerwithme

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