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Puppets with an Attitude Laboratory Welcome to the.

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1 Puppets with an Attitude Laboratory Welcome to the

2 The Problem: Many people take life too seriously. All work and no play. How boooooooring!

3 The Mission: Build a gal robot and a guy robot that can teach humans how to dance and sing and celebrate the fruits of hard work.

4 An important Build-It-Yourself trick … Build the parts of your solution first. If you glue them all together as you go along, your model will be rigid. It may be difficult to move in interesting ways and it may be difficult to modify or fix. Modular Construction Design

5 Modular Construction 1) Head 2) Torso top 3) Torso bottom 4) Arms 5) Legs Design

6 Assignments 1) Eyes 2) Nose 3) Mouth 4) Hair 5) Arms 6) Legs 7) Body 8) Outfit 9) Gear Train Design 1) Write Song 2) Record Song 3) Edit Program 4) Integrate 5) Present

7 Eyes and Face Start by drawing some BIG eyes. The eyes are very important! They can tell a lot about the soul of your critter. Many artists will often exaggerate the size of eyes. One measure of the quality of a photograph is how well the photographer has focused on the eyes. Development

8 Eyes and Face If you think you’re a hot shot and you want to take it to the next level, you could try making some soulful eyes from your premium quality junk. These eyes are made from: guitar picks bottle caps wire fishing floats plastic spoons Development

9 Eyes and Face More heads from premium quality junk. nuts, bottle caps, beads, spoons, hair clips, corks, sea shells Development

10 Hair Try wire, string, feathers or paper. Development

11 Body Use light materials so the motor can move the puppet effortlessly. plastic bottle, sponge, paper roll, small can Development

12 2.5” x2 Hands and Feet Development

13 Hands and Feet x2 You’ll need two hands and two feet. Development

14 Hands and Feet 12” pipe cleaner or rope Development

15 Hands and Feet Glue the pipe cleaners or rope between the hands/feet and small elliptical pieces, or use tape. 12” pipe cleaner or rope Development

16 Puppet Support Parts and Tools 18” x 2” x 1” pine wood 9” x 6” x 1” pine wood 5” x 3” x 1” pine wood Black carpet thread Coat hanger wire 1.5” sheet rock screws Geared motor Development

17 Puppet Support Development Motor Mount Coat hanger wire must be connected to arms on the motor shaft so that they go up and down when the motor turns.

18 Puppet Support Development The wire from the motor arm must be threaded through … loops in flexible wire arms. Connect puppet parts to the wire that goes up and down with thin, flexible wire so you can adjust the length quickly. Stringing the Puppet

19 Scratch Program Development You must edit this program so your robot responds to human talk in the following way: Human says, “Ho - la” Robot says, “Hola, Bailas conmigo.” Human says, “EYEEEEEE!” Robot says, “EYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Hombre!” You must also add code so that the background starts black and changes to white when a sound is detected. This background color will trigger the light sensor that controls the motor.

20 Integration Development Puppet Motor Controller Scratch Program

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