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Organ Donation Simulation Multiprofessional and multidisciplinary training.

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1 Organ Donation Simulation Multiprofessional and multidisciplinary training

2 Pilot training day at UHW Regional lead for simulation training in EM Good idea of available resources and access to facilities Understanding of how simulation can be applied to train multiprofessional groups Modelled closely on Dale Gardiner’s Simulation Day; shown to be successful

3 Programme Introduction to simulation: rules of engagement process of debriefing familiarisation with simMan Scenario 1:SAH – consent in the EU Family members played by actors Delegates undertake their own roles Donor family perspective presentation from father of donor/patient story Presentation from WAG Human transplantation act Implementation of the act Scenario 2:SAH – transfer to ITU/ brain stem tests

4 Delegates Emergency Unit 4 nursing staff 2 doctors ITU 4 nursing staff 1 ITU trainee Observers WAG x2 Faculty EU consultant ITU Consultant x2 GP communication trainer SN:OD x2 Technical support Actors 2 x2

5 Feedback :overwhelming positive A+E nurse“Excellent day and effective to witness the roles of all specialists involved in the process.” A+E Dr “The course was very good, important as the scenarios went from the arrival in EU to the moment of death, going through all steps” ITU Nurse “Excellent course, good to be involved in the scenarios as opposed to just observing, very moving to hear from a relative of an organ donor. Observer “All excellent – just to reiterate that non- clinicians will also find this course valuable

6 Rough costs Food Simulation rooms£300-£400/day Actors £80/session total£320 No costs for faculty the overall costs are reasonably small. Need to consider how to meet this – probably donor reimbursement money at the UHW Could charge delegates from outside the UHW

7 Next steps – points for discussion.. Next course 13 th October Need to have more medical ITU/anaesthetic delegates Draw out one scenario for the day Allow time for different workshop Donor optimisation for ITU More communication teaching for A+E Wales wide? Finances?

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