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3 INTERPHASE Interphase makes up 75% of a cells life. It is consumed of three parts: G1, S, G2.

4 INTERPHASE G1 G1 is the first part in Interphase. It is what the cell does on it’s day to day basis. This is a period if cell growth and activity.

5 INTERPHASE S On receiving a signal to reproduce, the cell enters S for DNA synthesis and duplication. Everything in the cell is duplicated in S.

6 INTERPHASE G2 Cell enters the G2 for preparation for cell division. This is where it gets interesting….

7 MITOSIS First thing first, Mitosis makes up 25% of the cells life. Humans have 46 chromosomes, in total or 23 pairs. Chromosomes come in Pairs or sets. One set comes from mom (23 chromosomes) and one set comes from dad (23 chromosomes)

8 MITOSIS SOME GENERAL INFO Before mitosis chromosomes is a supercoiled DNA molecule with protein. They consist of two sister chromatids. They are held together by centromere. Each sister chromatids has potential to become their own chromosomes. The chromatids are located in the Nucleolus

9 THE MANY STEPS TO MITOSIS First there is Prophase Then there is Metaphase Next there is Anaphase Furthermore there is Telophase Then finally there is Cytokinesis

10 MITOSIS - PROPHASE They get rid of (they fade away) the nuclear membrane, the Nucleolus, chromosomes condense, centrioles start to move, spindle fibers start to form. All of this melts away but will come back later.

11 MITOSIS - METAPHASE Spindle Fibers cross cell from end to end. Chromosomes align in middle and attach to spindle.

12 MITOSIS - ANAPHASE Spindle Fibers start to split and pull apart the chromosomes toward opposite ends of the cell.

13 MITOSIS – TELOPHASE The cell starts to split apart Nuclear membrane reforms Nucleolus comes back

14 MITOSIS – CYTOKINESIS In animal cells, pinching of the membrane in the middle leads to 2 new cells In plant cells, cell plate forms in middle forming 2 new rectangular cells. All in all, this creates 2 new identical daughter cells

15 AND THAT IS THE END OF MITOSIS!!!! We are now done with the 5 stages of Mitosis!!! Congratulations!!! Please note that the drawings of cells are not real and they are not to scale nor are they identical but you get the picture.

16 NOW LETS LOOK AT MEIOSIS Meiosis is a type of cell division that results in four daughter cells. Lets begin….

17 HERE ARE THE STEPS So, pretty much it is the same thing as Mitosis, the only difference is that the sister chromosomes are maternally derived and the other is paternally derived.

18 MEIOSIS Then the maternal and the paternal chromosomes intertwine, this is called Chiasmata. But they do not divide.

19 MEIOSIS Then they pull apart and make to cells but don’t come apart completely. Then they same thing over again and make 4 cells. The chromosomes divide this time, becoming independent. Thus forming four cells.

20 MEIOSIS Then they finally split and we have 4 sister cells. Yippee.

21 MITOSIS AND MEIOSIS I worked on this project for almost three hours and I poured my heart into it. So hopefully my heart cells are reproducing right now because I am about to run out and die. But I hope you enjoyed it and learned so much that you will never look at a cell the same way again. Thank you. The End


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