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America’s Force of Decisive Action Strategic Sourcing (SS) Initiatives Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Procurement)

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1 America’s Force of Decisive Action Strategic Sourcing (SS) Initiatives Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Procurement)

2 Active SS Initiatives 1.Defense Language Interpretation and Translation Enterprise Services (DLITE) 2.Warfighter Field Operation Customer Support FOCUS (WFF) 3.U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command Expedited Professional and Engineering Support Services (AMCOM EXPRESS) 4.Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARIC) 5.Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCOE 6.Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE) 7.Sustainment Center of Excellent (SCoE) 8.Domestic Express (DoD DOMEX BPA) 9.Enhanced Army Global Logistics Enterprise (EAGLE) 10.Army Direct Care Medical Services Generation II (ADCMS-G2) 11.Behavioral Health/TBI Providers-Europe 12.Reference Lab Services 13.Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS), Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Hardware (ITES 2H) 14.Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS), Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - Services (ITES 2S) 15.CHESS (ITS Small Business) 16.Next Generation Wireless (NexGen) 17.Multifunctional Devices 18.Enterprise Licenses Agreement (ELA) 19.Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) 20.Scientific Services Program (SSP)

3 Active SS Initiatives 21.Army Research Laboratory (ARL III) 22.Total Engineering and Integration Services III (TEIS III) 23.BioFire Defense 24.Medical Countermeasure Advance Development and Manufacturing Capability (MCM ADM) 25.Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDE) 26.Navy Medicine Omnibus III 27.Small Unmanned Aircraft System Products and Parts (SUAS) 28.Software and Systems Engineering – Next Generation (SSES-NexGen) 29.Global Tactical Advanced Communication Systems (GTACS)

4 Back-Up SS Descriptives

5 Active by Command PortfolioInitiativeCommand/AgencyDescription Knowledge Based Services DLITEINSCOMForeign language support of services and capabilities to meet ongoing new and/or changing requirements of the INSCOM Knowledge Based Services AMCOM ExpressAMCOMProgrammatic services to AMCOM, Army PEOs, Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM), and other Army/DoD organizations Knowledge Based Services ARIC MATOCTRADOCSupport services for the Army’s ARCIC (Army Capabilities Integration Center) Knowledge Based Services MCOETRADOCMission-related support services across 7 task areas for the MCoE Knowledge Based Services FCoETRADOCInstructor and training in support of Program of Instruction and Tactical Related Applications Program Knowledge Based Services SCoETRADOCInstructor and training support to Ordnance, Quartermaster, Transportation schools Knowledge Based Services DoD DOMEX BPASDDC/TRANSCOMDomestic express delivery services for the United States DoD Knowledge Based Services CECOM R2-3GGSAProvides rapid access to products/svs to R&D, upgrade, install, fabricate, test, operate, maintain and support new and existing platforms, systems, subsystems. Logistics Management CBRNEAMC Logistics Management EAGLEAMCSupports global Army logistics in the areas of supply, maintenance and transportation 5

6 Active by Command PortfolioInitiativeCommandDescription Electronics & Communications CHESS (ITES 2S)PEO EISProvides full range of IT services and solutions to the federal government Electronics & Communications CHESS (SB)PEO EISFull range of IT support services and solutions Electronics & Communications CHESS (ITES-2H)PEO EISPurchase or lease of IT hardware solutions Electronics & Communications NexGePEO EISExternal wireless services and devices Electronics & Communications MFDPEO EISPurchase and lease of MFC equipment, accessories, maintenance… Electronics & Communications ELAPEO EISAdobe Acrobat Professional licenses, upgrades to existing licenses and maintenance Knowledge Based Services HR SolutionsPEO EISProvides administrative and support services to Soldiers and their Families Knowledge Based Services WFFPEO STRIWorldwide integrated operations, maintenance, sustainment, instruction, and other training support services for training devices, simulators, simulations, Combat Training Centers, and Ranges MedicalADCMS IIMEDCOMRegional contracts for physicians, nurses, and ancillary personnel 6

7 Active by Command PortfolioInitiativeCommandDescription Logistics Management LOGCAPAMCProvides service capabilities to meet externally driven operational requirements for rapid contingency augmentation support. MedicalBehavior HealthMEDCOMThroughout Europe, Health Care is provided for the treatment of behavioral health and traumatic brain injury patients. MedicalReference LabMEDCOMClinical laboratory services to DoD CONUS and OCONUS Engineering and Technical Scientific Services Program ACC-APGMechanism that enables all federal govt organizations to obtain scientific/technical services needed to accomplish organizational goals and mission objectives. Engineering and TechnicalARL III ACC-APGFurnish personnel, facilities, equip and supplies to perform svs including studies, tech investigations, R&D, experimentation, logistics support for item and systems supporting upgrade and modernization. Engineering and TechnicalTEIS III ACC-APGSupports full life cycle of Information Systems and Engineering Command to include planning, design, development, engineering, implementation, procurement, logistics, evaluation, test, sustainment, and ancillary services. Engineering and Technical BioFire DiagnosticsACC-APGProvides Army and FDA with cleared diagnostic platform and related development of FDA cleared FDB Biological Warfare Agent in vitro diagnostic assays. 7

8 Active by Command PortfolioInitiativeCommandDescription Engineering and Technical MCM ADMACC-APGEnables development of medical countermeasures to protect and treat military populations against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear attacks and outbreaks of naturally occurring emerging and genetically engineered infectious diseases. Engineering and Technical NSRDECACC-APGResearch, development, systems engineering, and services with a unique human-centric focus. Engineering and Technical Navy Omnibus IIIACC-APGProvides personnel and process infrastructure to assist Navy Medicine’s mission to conduct R&D. Engineering and Technical SUASACC-APGManufacturing, testing, packaging, marking, storage and shipping services. Engineering and Technical SSES NexGenACC-APGProvides software and systems engineering, and technical services in support of the Software Engineering Center. Electronics and Communication GTACSACC-APGDesign, development, acquisition, production, deployment, operation, maintenance and associated svs for PEO Control and Communications-Tactical systems hardware. 8

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