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+ CogAT 7 Cognitive Abilities Test Shakopee Public Schools Please sit in a group that has teachers from each building.

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1 + CogAT 7 Cognitive Abilities Test Shakopee Public Schools Please sit in a group that has teachers from each building

2 + Sign-in

3 + Goals for our CogAT session Quick review of what and why Try some questions How to administer How to analyze results – see sample reports Results How to read reports Sharing with parents – conferences, newsletters, web… Practice a parent-teacher conference Questions

4 + I know what you’re thinking…..

5 + Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Tests learned reasoning abilities… not specific content Reasoning abilities are developed through in-school & out-of-school experiences 3 Sections 1. Verbal 2. Quantitative 3. Nonverbal

6 + Why Administer? Rounds out our assessment system Criterion referenced – MCA testing, standard classroom assessments… “does the student know the grade-level, standards-based material?” Norm referenced – NWEA\MAP… performance is based on a comparison to a normed group. The test adapts\adjusts to how well the student is performing... Essentially no ceiling. Ability based – CogAT requires students to demonstrate their reasoning abilities in each of three areas most closely related to success in school Verbal Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning NonVerbal Reasoning

7 + Interpretation Guide

8 + Why Administer? 3 Primary uses of CogAT scores 1. To help us adapt instruction to the individual needs and abilities of students 2. Provides a measure of cognitive development that captures information not represented in school grades or other achievement measures 3. To identify students whose predicted level of achievement or markedly discrepant from observed achievement levels. a. HP identification…we are missing students. The demographic make- up of our HP programming is out of line with our population in whole. b. I-Team… does performance match predicted achievement? If not, what else can we do?

9 + Current Numbers 6 th Grade Math, Breakdown by Ethnic Group…2014-15 4th Grade HP Breakdown by Ethnic Group….2014-15

10 + Verbal Assesses student ability to use search, retrieval and comparison processes that are essential for Verbal Reasoning Picture Analogies Sentence Completion Picture Classification

11 + Quantitative Assesses student ability to reason about patterns & relations using concepts essential to quantitative thinking. Number Analogies Number Puzzles Number Series

12 + NonVerbal Assesses student ability to reason with more novel questions that use spatial and figural content. Figure Matrices Paper Folding Figure Classification

13 + Logistics Grade 2 only Dates – Assessment Window December 1-19, 2014 Training – October 15 PD day Administration Interpretation and use of results Parent Communication – letter and\or a paragraph or two that can be included in classroom newsletters will be provided. Questions? Dave Orlowsky x5022 or by email Katie Johnson x 5049 – call Katie first with technical questions

14 + Demonstration of Process

15 + It looks like this…. One Teacher Computer “controls” all the student computers in the lab Secure Browser – Icon on desktop Data Manager – link on Shakopee Website

16 + Demonstration of Process 1. Go to lab 2. Setup session on teacher computer (do not use Chrome)– I will do it here – write the session code on the board 3. Students double click secure browser icon…. Or have this done in lab before. 4. Students login using lunch code\ID number and session code – session codes expire each night at midnight 5. Teacher “approves” students for testing 6. Teacher starts and runs the session Teacher stays logged-in as long as class is testing

17 + Administration Test Event – G2 CogAT December 2014 (I create) Test Assignment – which test\level students take (I create) Test Session (you create) – consider this like passing out booklets – so you will “virtually” pass out 4 different booklets (naming convention building-teacher-topic) Getting Started – 1 st trip to lab (JA-Hartman-Getting Started) Verbal – 1 st trip to lab (JA-Hartman-Verbal) Quantitative – 2 nd (JA-Hartman-Quantitative) Non-Verbal – 3 rd (JA-Hartman-NonVerbal)

18 + Estimated times (in hours) Estimated times….oops, minutes

19 + Accommodations – what? how?

20 +

21 + Use of Results

22 + See your copies…. 2 minutes… what do you think? Share with a partner Pretend it is a conference

23 + Class report–share out & questions

24 + Individual report-share & questions

25 + Stanine Chart – guess what it looks like

26 + 1-pager on reading student profile

27 + How do you read the codes….

28 + Reports - interpretation See 2 main resources on Data & Testing website 1. Interpretation Guide 2. Online Interpretation tool

29 + Use of Results – Multiple Purposes

30 + Additional interpretation resources

31 + One thing I learned How do I see myself using the CogAT? One question I still have

32 + THANK YOU! Enjoy the day and long weekend. THANK YOU! Enjoy the day and long weekend.

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